The 10 Best AI Image Generators 

    AI  has multiple uses, and many people use it to do many creative tasks. One of the trending tasks is image generation. Now that image generation is becoming more popular, many tech companies are racing to create the best AI image generator. If you have an idea for a book or want to make your personalized mood board, check out some of these AI image generators. Check out this list of the 10 best AI image generators. 

    10 Best AI Image Generators

    There are multiple AI image generators out in the market. Its unique features and great results define each. Here is a list of the 10 best AI image generators:

    1- DALL.E 2

    DALL.E 2 ai image generator

    This AI image generator was created in 2022 by OpenAI, the family company of the famous ChatGPT chatbot. DALL.E 2  was the first AI-powered image generator to create exciting images, which quickly spread and became viral and widely used worldwide. 

    This AI tool creates realistic images from given text prompts. It can create images in different styles as it can zoom on an image more than the original with a unique feature called Outpainting. It also has an exciting feature where it can replace things in the photo when given a certain prompt. 


    • $0.016 / 256×256 image 
    • $0.020 / 1024×1024 image
    • $0.018 / 512×512 image
    • $15/115 prompts 

    2- MidJourney


    Midjourney is an AI image generator that operates on Discord. It was released in July 2022, and users consider it one of the greatest image generators as it provides visually appealing images. The images are vibrant, coherent, and with better textures and colors. Users are able to alter photographs and upscale them to a higher degree. 

    Midjourney also produces some of the most realistic outputs; it contains a ‘Describe’ feature that allows users to verbalize images. 

    Open the Discord homepage and go to Channels and Roles -Browse Channels-Newcomer Rooms-Newbie. Moreover, in the message section, type whatever you want or need. Then, the bot will send you 4 images in 60 seconds. 


    • Basic Plan: $10/month
    • Standard Plan: $30/month
    • Pro Plan: $60/month

    3- Jasper Art

    jasper art

    The creators of the famous AI tool Jasper also created the AI art generator, Jasper Art. This application allows users to generate images from multiple art forms and moods using AI image-generation prompts and whatever marketing content is required. 


    • Business Plan: Custom pricing
    • Teams: $99/month, billed yearly, + a free 7-day trial
    • Creator Plan: $39/month, billed yearly, + a free 7-day trial

    4- Starry AI

    starry ai

    Starry AI is one of the best text-to-picture AI image generators in the market. This AI generator has a special tool that creates more personalized images than any other AI image generator.  Starry AI offers several styles of AI art that a user can choose from, such as Hydra, Fantasy, Synthwave Argo, and more. 


    • Free, 5 credits/day
    • $15.99/40 credits
    • Starter: $11.99/month 200 generations/ month with 50 credits 
    • Pro: $37.99/month 3000 generations/month with 750 credits 
    • Unlimited Pro Max: $79.99/month 8000 generations/month with 2000 credits

    5- Dream By Wombo

    dream by wombo ai image generator

    Dream By Wombo is a mobile AI art generator application. It creates an endless amount of AI graphics with no feature limitations through text and prompt inputs. Users can find some general advice on this art generator and the correct way to use it to generate AI art that corresponds to their needs. 

    It also features a built-in community of users and artists that channel the same energy and can offer some creative help. The Dream by Wombo aesthetic tends to be vivid and fantasy-themed.


    • Free: 3 artworks/day
    • Premium: $9.99/month 
    • Lifetime: $169.99 (one-time payment) 

    6- Night Cafe

    night cafe ai image generator

    Night Cafe is one of the best text-to-picture generators that creates genuine, creative visuals from just simple prompts. Night Cafe has a very beginner-friendly interphase. Moreover, it is equipped with a community support chatroom where members of the cafe help each other out with any inquiries. 

    Once you are done with your creation, you will receive an email with the AI art you created along with a unique feature where you can buy a print of your art!


    • Free upon sign up, free 8 creations with pro features
    • Pro: $5.99/month 

    7- Synthesys X

    synthesys x ai image generator

    Synthesys X offers a unique feature where you can create a different version of your images. This AI image generator is available as a Chrome extension making it easier to access and use over any existing image. Another nice feature of this generator is that you can claim the copyright for the photographs you create which allows you to openly share your work with everyone.  


    • Free: 50 images/month
    • Premium: $12/month 500 images/month 
    • Premium:$99/year (billed annually) 

    8- Adobe FireFly

    adobe firefly

    Adobe has been integrating AI tools into its multiple apps for over 15 years. This year the company released a full text-to-image generator. The program is still in beta but fully functional for you to try. The beta version is available on the web for you to try for free, which you can try on the web or through Adobe Express. All you need to do is sign up. You can try the Photoshop beta feature, but you need to be a Creative Cloud subscriber. 

    Adobe Firefly has multiple features to explore, including a text-to-image feature. Which is used to generate any picture you want using a few phrases, and the AI will present you with four options to choose from. 

    Another feature is the generative fill feature; this one uses a brush to remove any unwanted objects or even to paint new ones. Another feature is the text effects feature, where you can generate text in any shape you want. For example, you can use the toast font or any font to write your preferred phrases. 


    • Free: Beta version
    • $19.99/month ( part of creative cloud photography plan) 

    9- Deep Dream Generator

    deep dream generator

    The Deep Dream Generator is a Google product with a GitHub source. It produces realistic images which have the appearance of being from a different world. One of the interesting use cases of this generator is creating filler designs for game backgrounds. 


    • Free: 10 creations/day 
    • Pro: $19/month 

    10- Deep AI

    deep ai

    One of the open-source AI image generators is Deep AI. This generator allows users to create an infinite amount of images with multiple choices. The unique feature of Deep AI is that it harbors both a chatbot and an image generator in the same place. In the image generator feature, we are presented with limited free options and other options that are available via the full version. 


    • Free: Limited customization 
    • Pro: $4.99/month 


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