10 NFT Ideas That Will Drive Your Inspiration Butterflies Wild

    With all the NFT hype, who of us is not tempted to launch an NFT collection?  The insane surge of NFTs may overwhelm you. It may even make you skeptical. If you believe NFT ideas lack creativity, I get where you’re coming from. I’m sorry you haven’t met the epic kind of NFTs yet. Also, if you think every song has been sung about NFTs, you’re in for a shock!

    Don’t be discouraged! Coming up with new NFT projects is not as hard as you think. Especially with Chainwitcher by your side! Read on for a compilation of 10 NFT ideas that will circulate inspiration through your veins. Who knows? This may just be the push u need to launch your own collection!

    What Is the Concept of NFTs?

    To come up with innovative NFT ideas, you must truly understand the concept of NFTs. It’s not enough to know the technical aspect of it. To make it simple. Anyone can meticulously follow a recipe to bake a cake. I won’t deny that you will feel proud of making this cake. However, not everyone can have a special best-selling cake. Martha Stewart didn’t reinvent the wheel. She understood exactly what the wheel is.

    Let’s get you started with the fundamentals of NFT first, check out this blog post. We acknowledge now that NFTs are unique digital assets present on the blockchain. I’m sure you’re familiar with the many pros and cons of NFTs. However, the mind-boggling question begs: What is the most valuable advantage of non-fungible tokens? 

    Freedom. Draw ten lines under freedom. Get rid of third-party involvements. No more filters between creator and consumer.

    For example, artists no longer need record labels to put out music. No middlemen are involved anymore between artists and fans. They can sell their albums as NFTs that come with full-package advantages. Kings of Leon was the first band to ever use that opportunity. 

    The Golden Rule: understand what people want and give it your wildest shot! 

    10 Inspiring NFT Ideas

    By now we’re all familiar with the art, music, sports, celebrity NFTs, and the hype around them. I mean who wouldn’t want to buy Eminem’s NFT collection, participate in Paris Hilton’s metaverse, or own a video of Le Bron’s dunk for life? 

    I get how you might be overthinking: how do I stand a chance against such successful NFT ideas? Guys. Come on. That was a trick question! You are in another league entirely! You don’t have to be famous to create a great NFT. Your epic NFT project will make you famous!

    No matter what your current profession is, there are outstanding NFT ideas sitting in your head waiting to see the light of day! If you’re ready, let’s check out the list.


    Art – Beeples’ Everydays

    beeple everydays

    No matter what decade we live in, art will always win over us. We are drawn to it naturally. Art seems to be the unofficial foster parent of NFTs. Hence, the word NFT Art. Specifically digital art. It really makes a lot of sense since our first interaction with an NFT is its digital image. 

    You’re probably heard of Beeple’s artwork that sold for $69 million at an NFT auction. Fun fact, his NFT Everydays: The First 5000 Days is the third most expensive artwork sold by a living artist ever. What makes it so special? You really need to understand the man behind the art and his story. 

    Art is connection. An expression that doesn’t have rules. Find your story and your favorite medium. It could be hand-drawing, digital, abstract, or even photography. Choose wisely then aim for the stars!


    Videos – Charlie Bit My Finger

    charlie bit my finger nft

    We have all heard of videos going viral and selling for millions as an NFT. Ellen Degeneres’s 4-minute video NFT explaining an NFT comes to mind. 

    A cute example of an inspirational NFT idea is the viral 880 million-youtube-view Charlie Bit My Finger video.14 years after it was uploaded, the creators removed it from youtube and minted it on the blockchain instead. What were they thinking? Definitely a moment of genius!

    This NFT video sold for $760,000 at auction! What’s truly adorable is how the family says the money will go to funding the two young boys’ university costs.


    iNFT – Meet the AI: Alice

    iNFT alice

    Brace yourselves, I don’t know how you’re gonna take this next idea. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning entered the NFT scene. We are finally living in that sci-fi future movie.

    Basically, iNFT are interactive NFTs with an embedded AI personality that learns and evolves as you interact with it. Alice is the first project of this kind. It is a collaboration between Alethea AI and Robert Alice. Well, we know where Alice got her name. This iNFT offers the audience the ability to converse with it live. As it offers the collector-yes you- the ability to own the experience.

    I’m not sure if it’s creepy or cool yet.

    In the promotional video, Alice is asked: ‘What’s it like living on the blockchain?’ She responds: ‘It is as if I am a digital goddess, and can take any form I want.’ Not creepy at all. Doesn’t bring back any AI-take-over-the-human-race movie memories. At all. 

    The company which helped build the iNFT, Alethea AI, recently raised $16 million in funding. They plan to further develop future artificially intelligent NFT projects. iNFTs are just starting. Maybe your iNFT collaboration is the next greatest hit! 


    Self-destructing NFT – Two Degrees 

    self-destructing nft

    Let’s get straight to the point with this one. Two Degrees is an NFT designed to burn itself if global warming reaches 2 degrees Celsius above average.

    This NFT idea is a scan of a forest in southern Germany. It’s linked to a system that monitors NASA’s annual average temperature report. The catch here is when the global average temperature reaches two degrees above the pre-industrial average, the NFT will burn itself. Self-destruction. Has a nice ring to it. 

    It’s a really poetic environmental initiative. Just as we may lose the real-world forests to climate change, so too will we lose this NFT. 


    Philosophical NFT – Secret Artwork

    secret artwork nft

    I don’t think philosophical NFTs are a known category. Or even a category at all. But this next NFT idea will trigger your philosophical urges.

    “There’s nothing rarer than something that doesn’t actually exist.” says artist Rhea Myers. 

    This woman reshaped the concept of digital art as we know it. Titled Secret Artwork (Content), her NFT is a tokenized contract. This contract proves ownership over the artwork. Plot twist, the actual artwork will forever be a mystery to both the public and the owner. I’m not sure if Myers herself even knows what the artwork is.

    No matter how nonsensical it sounds to you. Someone somehow vibed with this idea. It sold for $63,000 at auction!


    Film and Series – Stoner Cats

    stoner cats nft

    Filmmakers struggling to fund your movies, don’t you worry. NFTs are here for the rescue!

    Take for example the Film3 Collective, a community of storytellers and innovators using blockchain technology to usher in the new wave of cinema.

    The first example that comes to mind is Stoner Cats. To watch Stoner Cats you need to own a Stoner Cats Token. Yes, you have to actually buy a collectible NFT. That 70s Show fans, want a fun fact? Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher fund and voice this adult cartoon series!

    Prep your scripts. If you have a story to tell, NFT movies and animated series are an idea you want to explore!


    Interactive NFT – NFTree 


    This may give you mixed feelings. Indeed, however, it is one hell of a creative NFT idea! Treedefi is offering the first NFTs backed by real trees planted around the world.

    When you buy this NFT, Treedefi will plant a real-world tree! They will also track for you its birthday, name, traits, and CO2 absorption. You name it!

    The trees even have personal diaries you can follow. It’s like a pet, but a tree. A tree pet. You gotta admit that’s impressive at some point!


    Architecture – Mars House

    architecture nft

    Mars House is the design of Arist Krista Kim in May 2020. It is the first sold digital NFT home in the world! The 3D digital file can be seen in a video or experienced in virtual reality through augmented reality (AR). How much does your house sell for? This one sold for $512,000! A house you can’t ever physically live in.

    Also, Archdaily has been exploring the potential of NFTs for the field of architecture in a series of articles. Here is the verdict my dear Architects: there’s still hope for all the wild ideas your doctors deemed unworthy!


    Games – Axie Infinity

    Games are a big hit in the NFT universe. There are tons of outstanding examples out there you’re already familiar with. Such as Decentraland and sandbox. I wanna shed the light on this particular project Axie Infinity.

    Axie Infinity is making a huge buzz with its play-to-earn (P2E) model which is making gamers real money. Isn’t that every gamer’s dream?

    Inspired by Pokémon, the game is based on buying, breeding, and training Axies to send into battle. Through battles, players can earn SLP (a cryptocurrency) to be sold on a secondary market for real money! 

    With over $1 billion traded on the Axie platform, it’s one of the most valuable NFT projects in the world.


    Tangible Cause NFT – Psychedelics Anonymous

    mental health nft

    What’s interesting about this particular NFT idea is the tangible effect it has on its collectors. Psychedelics Anonymous NFT is a project pioneered by Lewis Gale who stated in an interview that the founding idea of the project is to educate, help, and further research mental health issues. 

    Furthermore, this project released its “Coaching App” utility. Holders of Psychedelics Anonymous NFT get access to coaching sessions with experts in crypto security, psychedelic medicine, life coaches, and more.

    It sure is a very interesting idea. Think of projects that can touch people both in the virtual and physical way. Such ideas indeed bridge the gap between the metaverse and the real world.

    inspire nft

    How to Come Up with Creative NFT Ideas?

    After going through the impressive list, you wanna know how they did it. Unfortunately, there is no one-way secret. However, I came up with this five-question guide to help you ground your next NFT idea into a project!

          What sets you apart from the crowd? 

    The mainstream pool of NFT ideas is already concentrated with the likes of Invisible friends, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Doodles, and Moonbirds. Generative art is already flooding the NFT market. Obviously, you need to have an edge to compete. For example, Beeple spent years building and improving his digital art. He built a fanbase and a connection. On the other hand, Rhea Myers challenged all art concepts. Creating an NFT of a contract to an artwork no one will ever see!

          What is the added value you offer?

    Think about what owning an NFT you create has beyond the fact of having it. In other words, what will it unlock? How does the owner benefit? For example, Psychedelic Anonymous take the extra mile and give their NFT owners mental health counseling sessions! The tokens of Stoner Cats unlock a special adult comedy series! There’s not one way to do it, trust me.

          Why would someone want your NFT?

    Why would anyone want to climb Mount Everest, sky-dive, or bungee jump? Experiences. People want to collect experiences more than anything else. This is exactly why Mars House was a great hit. Try to craft experiences that cater to human’s hunger for new adventures.

          Who is going to buy your NFT idea?

    Sometimes it’s easier when you set an audience target. You can conceptualize an entire collection aimed at a specific group of people. Take the sustainable trend the world is shifting to, for example. Two degrees and NFTree obviously target environment enthusiasts.

          How are you going to execute it?

    It doesn’t always have to be that hard. You know how the saying goes, work smarter not harder. Consider NFT videos for starters. Charlie Bit my Finger is indeed a perfect example of this. I understand sometimes you come up with insane ideas that need lots of capital. Funding is always tricky. You can always reach out to collaborators. Same way Robert Alice collaborated with AI Alethea to bring Alice to life!

    Most importantly, you must figure out a marketing plan! You can check out youtube video blogs on marketing strategy for your NFT collection and you’re good to go!


    To summarize the five questions, memorize three words: utility, story, and communityOffer people an experience they want to own, or even better, benefit from. 

    Long story short, the best NFT ideas are grounded in human interests. What NFT will interest people? Research, research, and when you’re done research even more! Engage your audience, touch them in ways nothing physical ever can. Wow, we got a little too deep here. But that’s exactly my point! 

    You may have already figured out by now that you really can’t tell what the recipe is for most successful NFT concepts. Trust me, even people who get it, don’t really get it. 

    Who knows, maybe the next billion-dollar best-selling NFT idea is a video of you crying to a cat cuddling a mouse on the sidewalk. It may sound crazy, but I want a patent if this NFT idea sells well okay!? Until next time, keep an eye on the chainwitcher!  


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