2 Weirdest NFTs in 2022: SO BIZARRE, You Need to See !!

    The world of non-fungible tokens never fails to amaze us. Just when YOU THINK you have a grip on what an NFT is, the letters N F T stop making sense! That’s the mind-puzzling charm. Especially when NFT collections are dropping on us like apocalyptic meteorites! By the way, October definitely witnesses epic upcoming NFT drops, so do check them out. Heads up, this is the weirdest article you will ever read. We picked two of the weirdest NFTs that dropped in 2022. Oh, we’re so looking forward to your reactions! 

    The Weirdest NFTs, Ever!  

    This article is exclusively highlighting two of the weirdest NFTs. Why? Why not! They need to exist in an article alone. Echo in the back of your mind. Make you question logic and reality. Hang on as we scoop the stats and backstories of Lana Del Taco and Used Toilets

    Lana Del Taco and Lana Del Rey rhyme right?
    Used Toilets … it’s even worse than what your brain is imagining right now.

    Weird NFT #1: Lana Del Taco 

    lana del taco opensea

    The Backstory

    Weird is an understatement when talking about this NFT collection. How it came into existence is just… unusual. I’ll explain it as clear as possible in the following steps:

    Step 1: A Twitter fan account posts pictures about Lana Del Rey being spotted in Malibu. Gotta point out she’s glowing with that weight gain! 

    weird nft lana del taco

    Step 2: Many comments went on. Haters, bullies, admirers, the usual internet drama. One tweet stood out. It was by the crypto-famous Trader Mayne. He wrote “ looking like Lana Del Taco”.

    weird mayne reply tweet

    Step 3: Someone had no chill. Quickly seized the opportunity. Frog trolls launched Lana Del Taco NFTs. This is their first tweet on Sep 7 in reply to Trader Mayne. Note that this happened only three days after. The speed!

    weird tweet reply to mayne

    Step 4: Why tacos? Why not burgers? God Knows! My wildest guess is that the Alt Queen singer has been associated with taco memes on the internet for a while. Specifically since her paparazzi photoshoot in front of Taco Bell back in 2012.

    taco bell lana del rey

    Maybe also because she was spotted in late December 2020 in front of Hugo’s Tacos. Can we notice how they used the exact clothes and hairstyle she was wearing? SO WEIRD.

    Rumors on Lana Labs

    The creators behind one of the weirdest NFTs are Lana Labs. In their voice record tweets, they keep mentioning that they are a company “backed by some of the brightest minds in this space”. They also claim to be an “incubator, accelerator, and developmental partner for web3 applications”. On September 10 they posted this picture, announcing their team comprising of the lead developer, lead marketer, and designer.

    team lana labs

    Also, isn’t it vague how they announced this collection in reply to Trader Mayne? Is he also possibly behind the project? It’s just so damn weird. 

    Oh, and did you notice the similar brand name Lana Labs has to Yuga Labs? Flashback, Yuga Labs are the masterminds behind the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs. The team didn’t suffice to just imitate the brand name, they even included ape variations into Lana Del Taco! Taco Ape from the collection sold 21 days ago for $1,418! I mean something is obviously going on with this collection, it’s kinda doing well. Check out the collections’ sales at nft-stats.

    Here’s a rundown of the basics:

    • Lana Del Taco is an NFT collection of 5,675 Tokens
    • The total sales volume is $536.04
    • The average price of one Lana Del Taco NFT is $5.4
    • There are 983 Lana Del Taco owners

    Many thought Lana Del Tacos collection is a scam. Even the name sounds scammy. However, people gave it a shot. Mainly because of the FREE mint. Now Lana Labs definitely have the weirdest NFT marketing strategy. But I have to give it to these guys. They are SO FAST! It almost feels like they had this collection under their sleeves!

    weird ape nft lana del taco

    The Weird Timeline

    When I say Lana Labs move fast , I’m not even exaggerating. Check it for yourself:

    • Sep 4: They tweeted for the first time teasing the NFT art.
    • Sep 8: They announced that Lana Del Rey is the inspiration. Which is kinda rude, even for a joke. Even if it’s coming from admiration, it’s the weirdest form of showing love.
    • Sep 10: They dropped the collection’s teaser trailer. Of course, the trailer featured the Lana Del Rey x Taco memes. That day was eventful as they also mentioned the existence of “tacoverse”, tokens, and revealed the faces of Lana Labs.
    • Sep 12: They further teased their metaverse game. Oh and Lana Del Rey for some weird marketing reason.
    • Sep 13: The collection was sold out upon mint on a Taco Tuesday!
    • As they started ranking up on charts, they dropped tease memes. Gotta admit, they are hilarious! Here are some memes featuring the famous NFT collections Azuki and BAYC. They could even sell these as NFT memes one day. Just saying.

    BAYC meme tease


    Azuki weird meme

    • Sep 15: Lana Labs announced the “burn your Lana Del Tacos” option. Also, I don’t know how they got the copyrights to use Lana Del Rey’s world-famous Summertime Sadness for their announcement video. 
    • Sep 17: The team further explained the decision to burn or stake Lana del taco. Of course in another animated video, which btw at this point starts to grow on you. I don’t understand how or what, but it’s definitely good in the weirdest way. SEE? SO WEIRD!

    Their last tweet was on Sep 22. Then, they just vanished in silence. Do you think it’s a rug pull? Will we hear back from them? What about their metaverse game? The website link won’t open. Soo shady.


    Weird NFT #2: Used Toilets 

    used toilets

    used toilets opensea

    • Floor Price: 0.01 ETH
    • Supply: 5,555
    • Twitter: 104.2 K
    • OpenSea: usedtoiletswtf

    Believe it or not, there’s not much to say about Used Toilets. As the name implies, they’re literally 5,555 NFTs of used toilets. This is even more than the weirdest NFT collection. It’s the gnarliest one ever. There is literally no goal for it. Just one big joke. They’re so hilarious with their captions on every NFT. Check out their OpenSea bio:

    used toilets opensea bio

    The even weirder thing is how much people are hyped over it! This collection sold out in 2 minutes! Maybe because they offered FREE mint. I mean obviously, no one was gonna pay for it. OR would they? At this point, I can’t predict anything.

    sold out used toilets tweet

    According to NFT-stats, the total sales volume for Used Toilets is $3k.This weird NFT collection surprisingly has an average price of $9.6. Who would pay a minimum of$9.6 to own a toilet of shit? Direct your question to the 2,403 owners.

    collabs with used toilets nft

    They also toyed around with famous NFT collections like Doodles, Cool Cats, MoonBirds, and more! We don’t know much yet about those claimed collabs, but they sure had fun with them. Probably in a loving joke kinda way.

    coolcats nft meme

    Weird is the Hype

    Guys, it’s official. Weird is the hype. It totally makes sense that the weirdest NFT collections are free at the mint. Maybe it’s a smart NFT investment. However, you should always choose and research wisely what NFT you want to invest in! We totally have you covered on this point with this guide. Hope it wasn’t too uncomfortably weird. Rather a fun kind of weird. Tell us your reactions in the comments!


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