5 Celebrity NFT Projects That Are Actually Impressive

    The charm of these little non-fungible tokens is contagious. Let me give it to you frankly. Whether you like them or not, NFTs have earned the admiration of billions. You don’t believe me? Then why did NFT sales hit $25 billion in the year 2021? Yea, OBVIOUSLY this insane boom is cooling down. If you’re a numbers person and NFT stats geek, then this link is for you. Anyway, let’s focus on today’s tea. This charm has infected high-profile celebrities. They are not only investing in NFTs but also making their own Celebrity NFT projects!

    Tag along as I promise you will be amazed! You’ll know which celebrities launched NFTs that are actually worth the buzz. Now I don’t promise you will get how or why they are selling for tons of money. Don’t worry. I don’t think anyone gets it.

    What Are Celebrity NFT Projects?

    Blockchain technology has opened unlimited thriving opportunities for NFTs. You can make an NFT collection with pretty much any theme. If you’re curious, check out our NFT scoop on the Music and Sports Industries. We know by now that NFTs are exclusive digital assets that hold their own value. Celebrity NFTs are pretty much the same. Except for the simple fact of famous people creating, launching, or promoting them. That’s all.

    Why Are Celebrities Making NFTs?

    Why is anyone making NFTs anyway? Long story short, it’s a form of expression that makes a lot of money fast. A lot.Really fast. Like how? For example, Ellen Degeneres’s NFT explaining NFT with a bad cat drawing sold for over $33,000. Well, she did generously donate the proceeds to a food-relief organization, but you definitely got my point.

    Some celebrities like Ellen, donate all -or most- of their NFT earnings to charities or social projects. Others use the digital art platform to connect with their fans and further their cultural impact. For example, Snoop Dogg dropped his Journey With the Dogg Collection to share on a deeper level with his fans. The collection depicts digital art that defines the earlier stages of his career.

    With social media and influencers, you are no stranger to famous -or random – people making statements through their digital platforms. Similarly, celebrities see the light in the NFT universe and create NFT projects with a cause or statement. To make it clear, let’s take the model Emily Ratajkowski as an example. She auctioned an NFT of her standing in front of an appropriated photo of herself. She titled it “ buying myself back”. With this power move, she said loud and clear that models have the right to profit from their own photos. Oh, did I mention that it sold for $175,000?!

    5 Impressive Celebrity NFTs 

    Now, let’s cut the chase. This is the section you’ve been waiting for. Here are the deets of the five most captivating and successful Celebrity NFT projects out there.

    Johnny Depp – Never Fear Truth

    johnny depp nft

    There is no argument that Depp is a phenomenal actor. He has proven himself as a jack of all trades dabbing into music and art successfully. But hands down he’s one hell of a smart businessman. To launch his own NFT collection after winning his trial against ex-wife Amber Heard is a legit boss move. Not only did he title it “Never Fear Truth”, but the cherry on top goes to him donating ALL $800 k profits to charity! His collection is made up of hand-drawn portraits by Depp himself. They are then animated as a generative form of art. It’s admirable how he draws inspiration from his well-known friends and heroes. Through Depp’s strokes, you can feel how each image is an intimate character reflection from his eyes. It’s an inspiring emotional journey. Johnny Depp can paint. Like really paint. Check it out if you don’t believe me.

    Kate moss – Moments in Time

    kate moss nft

    It’s no surprise that fashion icon Kate Moss jumped on the craze of the trendy NFTs. She released Moments in Time collection. The exclusive three videos show personal sides of her life “Walk with Kate”, “Drive with Kate”, and most famous “Sleep with Kate”. Sleep with Kate sold for 5.1699 ETH. It’s literally a short clip of her sleeping. She made $8,301.62 in her sleep. How much do u make in your wake? Let that sink in. What was she thinking? In her own words, she explains: “Art for me has always been about the moment. Time is the thing that there is never enough of and that waits for no one. I’m intrigued by who will want to own a moment of mine.” Obviously many fought over owning Kate’s moments as she grossed a total of $17,000We have to note though that she did donate a portion of the sales towards Gurls Talk charity. 

    Paris Hilton – Planet Paris

    paris hilton nft

    Queen of pretty much anything she claims reign of, Paris Hilton has collaborated with designer Blake Kathryn to launch her first collection of NFTs Planet Paris. A very successful series of three unique pieces sprung from Paris’s soul. If you ever wondered what universe Paris Hilton would live in, it’s depicted in “Hummingbird in my metaverse”, “Legendary  Love”, and “Iconic Crypto Queen”. The collection made total sales of over $1.11 million. She cemented herself as crypto queen launching further projects in her own metaverse. Of course, she did not forget to donate to a charity with her Cryptograph of Munchkin NFT. Celebrity NFT project sales donations are like a thing now. Obviously.

    Ozzy Osbourne – CryptoBatz

    cryptobatza nft

    This is something else entirely. The prince of darkness himself created the coolest pixelated bats in the NFT universe, CryptoBatz. It’s also ironically weird because they are so damn cute! CryptoBatz is a set of 9,666 pixel-art bats created by Sutter Systems in collaboration with Ozzy Osbourne. Remember that time Ozzy bit a bat on stage? He really went all the way to memorialize this moment in his NFT collection! Each bat has the ability to “bite” an NFT from one of the project’s partner collections BAYC, CRYPTOADZ, SUPDUCKS, ALIEN FRENS, and CYBERKONGZ. The outcome? An eerie-looking hybrid MutantBat that takes traits from both the biter and the victim NFT. The fun does stop here with this collection, they even created their own metaverse, the MetaCave. If I got you hyped enough, you can check out everything on their Twitter

    Mike Tyson – The Mike Tyson NFT Collection

    mike tyson nft

    The greatest heavyweight boxers of all time joined in on the NFT craze. Oh, and the baddest man on the planet doesn’t always wins big! The Mike Tyson NFT Collection is somewhat an attempt to eternalize his legacy. The story of his life is told in a series of animated graphic illustrations by Cory Van Lew. The boxer’s journey in life is categorized into three NFT titles: The Lifetime Collection, The Knockout Series, and The Baddest Man on the Planet. The graphics give us comic book flashbacks in the most alive way, with touches of pop colors here and there.  It’s truly remarkable and every die-hard fan jumped to own pieces of this collection. It’s obviously a huge success as it hit all-time sales of 5,365 ETH according to Opensea stats. At the time of writing, this is equivalent to 9 million dollars! Very smart move, and well deserved.

    NFTs are a breakthrough, and this is cemented as a fact. Everyone is jumping on this rollercoaster despite all the risks! What does it tell you? It’s certainly worth it. I know celebrities may have the advantage of fame for the success of their NFTs. However, don’t let that faze you. You can become a celebrity with your one-of-a-kind NFT concept! Don’t know where to start? Check out the cost to create NFTs first and then scoop inspiring NFT ideas to get the creative process flowing! As always, the chainwitcher got your back!


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