The 7 Best AI Chatbots To Use

    The world of AI is vast, and with time, many forms of Artificial intelligence have emerged. One of the most common AI forms is chatbots. Now, many chatbots are available for people to use, and these chatbots come in various forms and for multiple uses. Here is a list of the 7 best AI chatbots out there. Let’s dig in. 

    The 7 Best AI Chatbots



    One of the best AI chatbots is ChatGPT. This AI Chatbot went viral in late 2022, gaining the interest of many users worldwide in a few days. OpenAI ChatGPT is an AI response generator that has two models: OpenAI GPT-3 and GPT-4. There are two versions of ChatGPT, one free and the other, ChatGPT Plus, 

    This app is relatively easy to use, yet it is a very impressive software that can communicate with users and provide different types of content. You can start a conversation by typing the prompt of your choice at the bottom of the screen. 

    A new entry is created on the left-side menu as the answer returns. This way you will be able to keep all the threads separate when you return to them later. 


    • Flexible 
    • Answers are provided in a conversational tone
    • Has a vast database of information


    • There may be some factual errors 
    • The Information is available only until September 2021


    • Free version 
    • ChatGPTPlus Version ($20/month)

    Jasper Chat

    jasper chat

    Jasper is an AI content creation hub. It provides AI templates for all kinds of content types such as YouTube video scripts, blog posts, LinkedIn profiles, about page copy, and many more. Now, Jasper launched its own Jasper Chat

    Jasper utilizes natural language processing (NLP) for the response it provides and it also has a feature where it checks the texts for grammar and plagiarism. Another feature is that it can summarize the texts and suggest follow-up articles on related topics. 


    • Has more than 50 templates available for use
    • You can check for plagiarism 
    • Suggests similar or follow-up articles


    • It has limited contextual understanding
    • Cannot answer complex questions quickly


    • 7-day free trial
    • Creator ($49/month)
    • Teams ($125/month)


    chatspot best ai chatbots

    ChatSpot is an AI chat by HubSpot. The ChatSpot AI is connected to your HubSpot data, so it can provide the necessary information whenever you need it. With the connection to your HubSpot data, you can also:

    • Create, update, and add new tasks to any contact
    • Run reports
    • Research companies and leads 
    • See analytics data for your HubSpot sites
    • Do keyword research


    • Reports and analyzes data
    • Keyword research features


    • Still in the testing phase 
    • Slower than some of the best AI chatbots 


    • Free to use

    Character AI

    character ai

    For a more fun twist for AI, you can use Character AI. By using Character AI you will be able to create a character, that can be a real-life celebrity or a fictional character, and talk to them using the chatroom. 

    This is one of the best AI chatbots to have fun and talk to some of your favorite people like Elon Musk or Harry Potter. It is possible to create characters of your own with a list of attributes


    • Conversational AI
    • The ability to create an AI character
    • Supports text-to-speech
    • Easy to navigate


    • Still in the beta phase
    • Characters can make things up


    • Free version
    • Plus Plan ($9/month)

    Zapier AI Chatbot

    zapier ai

    Through the Zapier free AI Chatbot tool you will be able to create custom AI-powered chatbots using the power of GPT. Chatbot creation is easy, you have to give it a name, a greeting (which is optional), and a prompt placeholder letting the users know what to do, and then the directive.  

    Through the directive, you will provide information telling the chatbot who it is, what it knows, and how it should answer. 

    In the Zapier Chatbot, you can customize the look of your bot and you can train the bot to handle specific documents so it will be able to answer questions related to said document.

    Zapier also offers pre-made templates like the ZapChat bot. Here is a full guide on how to create one of the best AI Chatbots out there.


    • Easy to use for beginners 
    • Constant updates are making the chatbot always up to date. 


    • If you want to edit the chatbot you may need to re-create the entire chatbot from scratch
    • The tasks may be a bit pricey depending on how many you require


    • Free, 100 tasks/month
    • Starter: $19.99/month, billed annually, 750 tasks/month
    • Starter: $39/month, billed annually, 1.5k tasks/month
    • Professional: $49/month, billed annually, 2k tasks/month
    • Team: $69/month, billed annually, 2k tasks/month (unlimited users)



    One of the most interesting AI chatbots is Elomia. Elomia is one of the chatbots that you can chat with when you need help talking about some problems. This chatbot is a virtual therapist made to support people who have anxiety, depression, loneliness, and other mental health issues. 

    This Chatbot app also gathers recommendations for exercises to assist people in their mental health and emotional journey. 


    • Anonymous
    • Offers mental health and emotional exercises 
    • Helps identify the main psychological problems and finds solutions and support


    • Not recommended to use it instead of seeking professional medical treatment 


    • 3-day free trial
    • Plan $8.99/month 


    medwhat best ai chatbots

    MedWhat is one of the best AI chatbots and the most innovative. This chatbot is used as a personal medical assistant, it provides medical consulting and decreases human error to improve the health conditions of the user. 

    Behind this AI chatbot app is a team of doctors, data scientists, and medical researchers behind its origins. It offers relevant information based on the user’s health records to reduce the human factor.


    • Helps doctors and healthcare providers
    • Available for consultations 24/7
    • Keeps up to date with new medication available and provides more accurate advice


    • People might think of replacing doctors with this bot 
    • May provide inaccurate information


    • Free to use


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