7 Top Youngest NFT Millionaires

    If you thought the NFT universe is only for veteran crypto enthusiasts and established artists, think again. Young people are not afraid to experiment and dive into new waters. And we’ve seen that clearly with the rise of NFTs. To the point where some of the most successful NFT artists, are too young to drive!
    But, what’s the secret behind the million-dollar success of these young artists? Who are the Top Youngest NFT Millionaires? And could you be the next prodigy?

    Keep on reading as we discover the amazing world of rare NFTs and the brilliant minds behind some of the most popular projects. You might be surprised to see how young people are navigating the complex waters of NFTs. Making millions of dollars along the way.NFT-Money

    The world of NFTs is expanding, and while so many renowned artists are not willing to associate their name with the new and popular crypto craze younger generations are unstoppable.

    This short list of the youngest NFT millionaires is amazing. Consider it an source of inspiration or your cue to start off in this highly profitable industry.

    Youngest NFT Millionaires

    Nyla Hayes

    Nyla Hays is one of the most famous NFT artists that has been interested in art since she was four, and with the help of her family began exploring digital art when she was nine. The iconic first collection of Long Neckies was released in 2021 and since then Nyla has made over 960 ETH or $3.4 million on OpenSea.
    Nyla NFT official twitter

    This creative artist was named the first artist in residence by Times, two times Future 50 award winner, and 2022 NFT100 Honoree.

    There are a few additional collections on OpenSea by Nyla. And they all feature the recognizable long-neck style that she loves. Considering this creative digital artist is only 13 years old we can expect so much more in the future.

    For now, you can explore the famous Long Neckie Ladies, Long Neckie Fellas, Feelings, and Originals, with many more collections on OpenSea.
    Nyla collection on open sea


    Benyamin is one of the young and self-made artists on our list that wanted to test out the NFT world by creating a simple and adorable Weird Whales digital collection. Benyamin was only 12 years old when he started exploring the NFT universe in his home in London, but soon became a sensation of a millionaire overnight.
    Benyamin NFT official twitter

    The Weird Whales collection was launched in 2021 and it has 3,350 pieces.

    This pixelated art generated over 1,837 ETH or $5 million at one point via OpenSea. But, this was only the beginning for the inspiring young creator.

    He’s now an iconic figure in the NFT community. His collections have appeared in The New York Times, Business Insider, CNBC, and many more news outlets.

    He is also the youngest spokesperson at Pembroke College, Oxford University.
    weird whales NFT opensea UI

    Justin Bodnar

    Justin Bodnar, as jstngraphics, is a 3D and Digital Artist that specializes in whimsical and dreamy landscape sceneries. This 18-year-old is one of the most successful and experienced digital artists on our list and one of the best NFT sensations in 2021.
    Justin NFT official twitter

    Justin mints most of his work on SuperRare but he is very active on all social media channels. His whimsical NFTs have earned him over $500,000 and this young and creative artist is not slowing down.

    Jaiden Stipp

    Jaiden Stipp, also known as Jasti is one of the youngest NFT millionaires in the world. Although his parents were skeptical at first they soon began to fully support Jaiden’s passion for art and crypto.
    Jasti NFT official twitter

    Jasti’s first piece called Forever Colored sold for 20ETH soon after minting on SuperRare and this talented artist became a sensation all over the world. Although he’s just 16, he is a very passionate artist with a bright future in the NFT universe.

    Jasti is one of those artists who suddenly decided to put their talent to good use and try to make something completely new in the NFT community. Considering this is still a new and unexplored metaverse, everyone has a chance to become well-known artists these days.

    Victor Langlois

    To say that Victor Langlois or FEWOCiOUS is different would be an understatement because this 19-year-old artist from Las Vegas changed the way we look at NFTs. It’s one of the most inspirational stories where childhood trauma was transformed into relatable art pieces and later sold as NFTs on all major platforms.
    FEWOCIOU Twitter

    Known for artistic, colorful, and identity-focused work Victor Langlois earned over $26 million on NFTs alone and he even had pieces sold at auction via Christie’s and Sotheby’s. This revolutionary approach to digital art attracted a lot of attention and buzz. So Victor took the chance to expand to the metaverse.

    FewoWorld is a new NFT project where “paint” owners get to participate in the specialized and artistic metaverse, with different perks and options. The platform even has unique characters planned in the near future, so this metaverse could compete with some well-established ones such as SandBox or Decentraland.
    web3 banner

    Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali

    Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali, an Indonesian computer science student, transformed and sold approximately 1,000 selfie photos into NFTs. Taking a different approach to art and NFTs ensured this creative and young potential becomes a world sensation overnight.

    Even though the artist intended to do something completely different with the daily photos, the NFT concept came to him and he chose to sell the selfies separately on OpenSea. According to sources, the complete “Yazuli Every Day” collection is worth “374 ETH,” or $1.2 million.
    ghazali official twitter

    Erin Beesley

    Erin Beesley, a 15-year-old from North Carolina, uses coding to make NFTs. She was interested in art since she was a toddler, but it was the popular CryptoKitties that made her look into the magical world of NFTs.

    The generative art of the adolescent has sold for as much as 75 ETH, or $269,000. And her earnings are just going up. Her artwork may be found on SuperRare.
    Erin bee official twitter


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