77-Bit NFT: A Trip In The Multiverse

    It is no secret that anime art lures one in. The unique 2D animations are a fan favorite everywhere around the world and it has also hit the NFT world. I mean who hasn’t watched at least one anime series in their life? Well, good news to the art style fans now they can enjoy this art and own an NFT in that same style. 77-Bit NFT collection is not just your normal NFT collection. It also allows the holder to use their NFT avatar in their MMORPG multiverse. Let’s dig in. 

    77-Bit NFT Collection

    77-Bit NFT is the other side of reality. The collection was created in April 2022 and has a total of 7777 NFTs. The PFPs collection lives on the Ethereum Blockchain. Moreover, it represents an interoperable ecosystem of games, manga series, exclusive products, live events, and much more.

     Travel through the 77-Bit multiverse portals to play immersive games, chat and hang out, using your NFT as your avatar. Collect, exchange, and own rare items. Adventure, level up, and fight. 

    According to NFTGO, the collection’s statistics are as follows: 

    • Floor Price: 0.181 ETH ($329.01)
    • Market Cap: 8,816.55 ETH ($22,069,753.35)
    • 24H Volume: 6.5 ETH ($11,886.79)

    The Manga

    The 77-Bit NFT collection actually offers an exclusive manga. Set in a post-apocalyptic dystopian future, with an aesthetic inspired by the cyberpunk and synth-wave movements of the 1980s. 77-Bit tells a story that bridges the gap between physical and digital. 

    77-Bit NFT: The Latest Update

    Lately, the 77-Bit NFT collection has been hyping it up for their latest ‘Dark net’ which is the first version of their dungeons. Users and NFT holders have been Leveling up like crazy in anticipation of this feature. 

    Furthermore, the 77-Bit team is very active on Discord and Twitter as they let their community contribute to decisions to better the player experience. 77-Bit Discord

    Anime-Style NFT Collections

    The anime wave has been hitting the world by storm lately. It is true that the Japanese 2D art series is a fan favorite everywhere around the world. And is loved by both young and old. Anime fans have ventured into the NFT world and any marketing genius would advise that creating an anime-style NFT collection will be sold fast. Like 77-Bit NFT collection, there are other popular collections that also use this art style. And some of these collections include:

    Final Statement

    Lastly, like many NFT projects, the 77-Bit NFT collection is venturing beyond the NFT spectrum. By setting foot in the gaming industry and even going beyond that to release its very own manga based on that very game and on the attention-grabbing art. Furthermore, the collection is proving its worth with the striking numbers it has been hitting in the market. But the question remains, is this collection worth the investment? And if so will you join the MMORPG gang? 


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