A Hard Working Man NFT: Billy Cyrus And Snoop Dogg’s Collection

    Billy Cyrus and Snoop Dogg are dropping it like it’s hot joining the metaverse. The music icons just announced the new A Hard Working Man NFT collection dedicated to the real hustlers. It provides the foundation of a community full of benefits and a unique metaverse lifestyle. Let’s go on this old town road and find out if they really worked hard for this!

    What is the “A Hard Working Man” NFT ?

    The Avila Brothers, renowned music stars and Grammy-winning producers, alongside rap legend Snoop Dogg and iconic country singer Billy Cyrus, are releasing 9,999 unique NFTs inspired by their hit single

    It is also in partnership with animal concerts, and cointelegraph. The collection, having dozens of outfits and hundreds of traits, reflects the couple working hard jobs such as miners, construction workers, farmers, etc. 

    Snoop Dogg NFT

    The cool thing about this collection is that it aims to create a community-centric ecosystem fully dedicated to providing web3 experiences. They’re giving every member of the community a voice that they’ll listen to! 

    So far, they have: 

    A Hard Working Man NFT Utility

    Animal Concerts, the metaverse entertainment company behind this project, is giving holders a unique experience through live events and gamification. Furthermore, a hard working man NFT is divided into three unique tiered drops released on different dates. This means triple the rewards, triple the redeemables, triple the chances of winning and triple the community-focused efforts from the team! They’ll first launch tier 3 with the other tiers following behind. 

    Billy Ray Cyrus


    • Exclusive parties
    • Live concert tickets
    • Metaverse experiences
    • Party with Snoop Dogg live at an exclusive event
    • Virtual events
    • Gaming packages
    • Gift cards
    • Flights, hotels and more 


    • An exclusive metaverse event with Snoop and Billy Ray
    • Live shows, metaverse parties, and more!
    • Party with Snoop Dogg live at an exclusive event
    • Flyaway packages
    • Access to unreleased AHWM content
    • Premier event ticket access and giveaways
    • Metaverse gear giveaway
    • Access to Tier 3 perks


    • Next-level in person experiences
    • Party with Snoop Dogg live at an exclusive event
    • Never-before-seen AHWM content
    • Exclusive access to unreleased music
    • Metaverse gear giveaway
    • Once-in-a-lifetime flyaway packages
    • Access to Tier 2 and Tier 3 perks
    • Special perks and exclusive benefits

    A Hard Working Man NFT is clearly going beyond the usual redeemables and showering their community with flyaway packages, tickets to exclusive concerts, and merch. Moreover, this project is aiming to soon launch access to in-real-life events including concerts, comedy shows, crypto conferences, celebrity golf, and more. They’re putting their blood, sweat and tears (and money!) into this and it’s showing. 

    A Hard Working Man NFT Roadmap 

    Snoop Dogg

    Their roadmap is divided into three phases: pre-drop, launch and post-drop. The first phase, where the project is currently at, is launching their websites and socials. Moreover, they’re going on podcasts and being interviewed for articles to put a hard working man in the spotlight.

    Furthermore, they’ll be doing cross promotion and collaborations with the NFT community. As well as, community contests and giveaways. And, they’ll be providing exclusive allowlist opportunities to connect hard working communities and will be offering promotions until drop date. 

    Afterwards, phase two is the launch of a hard working man NFT collection. And, to keep the party going post-launch, holders will get access to Animal Concerts metaverse concerts. They’ll also get access to exclusive AHWM content, rare giveaway opportunities and exclusive entry into the Animal Concerts ecosystem. 

    Where can you buy AHWM?

    A Hard Working Man Collection

    Since the collection didn’t drop yet, you can’t purchase any NFTs. However, this is actually good news. If you’ve been in the NFT world for a while, you know getting early access and buying before the collection drops is crucial. 

    So, for now, you can sign up to their allowlist. You’ll get 37,439 points for joining and they’ll be quests to complete and earn more points. The more points you have, the better your ranking is on the “a hard working man” NFT global leaderboard. Animal Concerts will also be giving away free NFTs, allowlist spots and much more to those who have the most points.  


    On that note, all I have to say is that the a hard working man nft collection does reflect hard work. However, will this hard work pay off or is it gonna flop? My guess is that it’ll perform well giving the perks and the music icons behind it. Good thing you’re in on it early. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter not to miss any NFT collection drops and crypto news! 


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