Air Jordan 1 x Dior Sneakers: How To Fly In Luxury!

    It was one heck of a year for Jordan Brand! Their list of successful releases and collaborations is endless. However, Air Jordan 1 had a lot of important collabs like Travis Scott, CLOT, Comme Des Garçons and many more.. So a good year for Jordan kicks is an understatement. And now, Jordan Brand is kicking the 2020 with many interesting releases.The stars of these releases are, you know it, the Air Jordan 1 x Dior sneakers.

    AJ1 x Dior Sneakers: How Did THAT Happen?

    The AJ1 x Dior sneakers rumors first surfaced last month all over the sneaker community. However, the rumors turned out to be a reality when Nike officially announced the partnership with Maison Dior. The aim of this collab is to join sportswear and luxury fashion in one place with the end result being the will-be-iconic Air Dior sneakers.

    This collab also happens to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Air Jordan!

    AJ1 Dior sneakers
    AJ1 x Dior Sneakers: The Features.

    The legendary Air Jordan 1 silhouette is back as always, with a twist. The wings logo is altered to feature “Air Dior” on them instead of “Air Jordan”. Both giants’ logos are mashed up into what’s a Dior branded swoosh!

    As for the materials and colorway, Maison Dior opted for their famous leather and grey color. The outsoles are translucent blue that feature Dior on the right sole and the “Air Dior” wings on the left one.

    AJ1 Dior sneakers swoosh


    Release Deets: What Do We Know? 

    According to Nike, the Dior sneakers will be available in Dior stores globally in April 2020. However, there is no official retail price to date although rumors say that the Dior sneakers will retail for $2,000. We just have to wait and see how true this rumor is.

    As for resale, it’s obvious that the Air Dior sneakers will be on the list of most expensive sneakers of 2020 with a current average resale value of $8,163

    So, what do we think of these luxury sneakers? Do we like it? Do we hate it? Will it be a cop or drop for you? People on twitter certainly did not keep their opinions to themselves.

    Although it created a controversial reaction along with the Adidas Prada sneakers, the Dior sneakers will without a doubt be worth the hassle. If you can get your hands on them and flip them, you’ll have a small fortune in no time! So you better stop saving fam. But if you don’t manage to get it, it’s okay, maybe you should save up until the rest of the “Air Dior” collection gets out.

    AJ1 Dior sneakers on foot


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