[Early Links] Air Jordan 1 Royal Blue: The Latest Member of the Royal Fam

    Although it’s an athletic and leisure pair of sneakers, the Air Jordan 1 silhouette always had that air of classy aura. It probably has something to do with “His Airness” himself, or maybe the fact that you can dress them up with a suit! So a new Air Jordan 1 Royal Blue is all we need to treat ourselves during the quarantine.

    Meanwhile, don’t forget to keep the upcoming Travis Scott Nike Air Max 270 release on your radar!

    The Fresh Prince of Air Jordan!Air Jordan 1 royal blue ad

    The new Air Jordan 1 Royal Blue is definitely not the first one in line. In fact, the OG dates back to 1985! The kicks actually have their own story, without them making it to the NBA. The Air Jordan 1 Royal Blue was actually on one of the first-ever Air Jordan posters! The OG Jordan 1 Royal Blue was retroed in 2001, 2013, and 2017. All of them scored at least 2x their original retail price on the resale market!

    The upcoming 2020 Air Jordan 1 Royal Blue keeps the royal toebox and the same color palette. However, the side panel and collar don the inverted look. And this reminds us of the very popular collaboration: the Air Jordan 1  Retro Fragment! This pair actually resells for an average of $2,962, and that’s not even the friends and family version.

    Release Details

    Air Jordan 1 Royal Blue

    Release Date: May 9, 2020
    Style Code: 555088-041
    Retail Price: $170
    Avg. Resale Value: $443

    The Retail price seems to have become the normal pricing for the Air Jordan 1 High silhouette. Jordan 1 Royal Blue is no different, but it’s a pretty reasonable price for such a resale value! As always though, this value might change. But judging from its royal siblings, the kicks are going to be a success! 

    Air Jordan 1 Royal Blue Pair

    Cop the Air Jordan 1 Royal Blue

    So, if you’ve got your eye on the upcoming Air Jordan 1 Royal Blue, you should probably get AIO Bot V2 ASAP. Because you barely have time to get to know the ins and outs of the bot. But don’t worry too much, AIO Bot is one of the easiest bots to use and also one of the most affordable. And if you already have AIO Bot, make sure you’re running the latest version to enjoy your renewed License key.


    Where to Buy

    Finally, if you’re looking to buy the Air Jordan 1 Royals online for retail price, we’ve got all you need! The sneaker bot, Proxies and servers, and the list of early links to give you a head start!



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