2019 Air Jordan Sneakers That Would’ve Made You More Money Than Yeezys!

    2019 was a really big year for the sneaker industry in terms of sneaker drops! We can’t ignore the fact that a lot of the new Air Jordan sneakers were a hit though. A lot of sneakerheads also consider them must-haves! However, Air Jordan sneakers have definitely made a very good impression for the year!

    2019 Air Jordan Sneakers FTW!

    Today, we’re here to talk about resale: Are Yeezys still the best kicks that could make you easy money in resale?
    Well, no. Although we can’t brush them off as useless sources of income, we must admit that some 2019 Air Jordan sneakers were a jackpot hit! Let’s take a look at the best 6 Air Jordan sneakers that can make you some good cash if you have them.
    Disclaimer: We excluded all the PEs, SEs and F&Fs of the Air Jordan sneakers to be fair to everyone!

    Air Jordan 5 Retro Trophy Room Ice Blueair jordan sneakers aj5 trophy room

    Marcus Jordan, Mj’s youngest child, founded this Trophy Room store to commemorate his father’s achievements from his point of view! Although His Airness was doubtful when the store was just an idea, he became proud of what Marcus did. In 2019, three years after its opening, TR collaborated with Jordan Brand and released the AJ5 Trophy Room in two colorways. The red colorway was an f&f exclusive, while the Ice Blue colorway went to retail! The Ice Blue AJ5 became one of the coolest 2019 Air Jordan sneakers and retailed for $200.

    Avg. Resale Values:

    StockX: $750
    GOAT: $1,600
    Flight Club: $1,500

    Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Retro Lowair jordan sneakers aj1 low travis

    Some people are comparing the rapper’s sneakers to Yeezys in terms of value and popularity. Should they though? Anyway, the AJ1 Low is a really attractive silhouette, but Travis brought a new type of cool to it! What retailed for $130 scores crazy resale values!

    Avg. Resale Values:

    StockX: $764
    GOAT: $883
    Flight Club: $1,400

    Air Jordan 6 Retro Travis Scottair jordan sneakers aj6 travis

    The 2019 sneaker sensation. Nike postponed the release of the AJ6 more than once, and that drew the sneaker community crazy. This craze reflected on the resale value of the olive green kicks that retailed for $250. We personally think they’re one of the best looking Air Jordan sneakers of 2019 too.

    Avg. Resale Value:

    StockX: $806
    Flight Club:

    Air Jordan 6 Retro Doernbecher 15th AnniversaryAir Jordan 6 Retro Doernbecher 15th Anniversary

    One of the Doernbecher favorites! Back in 2009, Jordan Dark’s design took the world by storm. These Air Jordan sneakers were such a hit that Nike decided to re-release it in 2019, on the Doernbecher Freestyle collection’s 15th anniversary.

    Avg. Resale Value:

    StockX: $926
    GOAT: $1,120
    Flight Club: $1,176

    Air Jordan 1 Retro High Travis Scottair jordan sneakers aj1 high travis

    The sneaker of all 2019 Air Jordan sneakers! Cactus Jack left his print on the Air Jordan 1 High. And apparently, this print is worth a lot. It’s one of the most popular 2019 sneakers and it was an instant success with its reverse swoosh and color! Although $175 for a pair is $15 higher than your average AJ1, it’s totally worth it. Why? Because you can resell it for almost 10x its original price!

    Avg. Resale Value:

    StockX: $1,113
    GOAT: $1,507
    Flight Club: $1,752


    Although it was a year full of cool drops, some managed to leave their marks more than others! That’s why we can’t wait for what 2020 has in store for us! But you should consider yourself almost out of the competition if you still don’t own a bot yet. Don’t worry though, AIO bot got you covered!
    And don’t forget to keep checking our blog for the latest sneaker updates!


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