Artist Jackson Pollock’s Paint-Stained Floor Immortalized As NFTs

    The Jackson Pollock Studio collaborated with the digital art platform ‘Iconic’ and just launched an NFT collection titled “Beyond the Edge: The Jackson Pollock Studio Collection.” Let’s get into the newest NFT art on the blockchain!

    The late Jackson Pollock is a ground-breaking American artist known for his unique abstract expressionist work. Not to mention the fact that he developed one of the most radical abstract styles in the history of modern art.

    In detail, he detached lines from color, redefined the categories of drawing and painting, and found new means to describe pictorial space. So, when this new Jackson Pollock NFT collection came out, it created a major buzz in the Art world.

    Let’s jump right in!

    The Discovery of Jackson Pollock’s Studio Floor

    From 1946 to 1952, Pollock laid his canvases on the floor, and over time, the floor captured unintentional works of art in the form of paint splashes and drips.

    And in 1953, Pollock winterized his studio floor, effectively preserving the paint splatters and drips. Helen Harrison, the Director of the Pollock-Krasner Study Center (which includes both Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner’s house and studio), recalls the moment in the 1980s when they discovered the studio floor. 

    She said: “As the tar paper was peeled back and the masonite squares were removed, more and more of this wonderful documentation came to light and pretty soon the whole floor was uncovered, revealing this amazing artifact,” 

    Harrison called it an “archaeological revelation”. And when conservators realized the significance of this discovery in understanding Pollock’s creative process, they uncovered the masonite treatment. 

    Jackson Pollock NFTs

    The collection features four NFTs of cropped sections from the floor of Jackson Pollock’s studio. And it’s worth mentioning that the profits from the NFT sales will support the preservation of the Pollock-Krasner Study Center.

    Jackson Pollock Collection

    To create the NFTs, Iconic Studio utilized AI tools to stitch hundreds of high-definition photos together, resulting in an 800-gigabyte file that was so massive it broke several computer graphic cards. 

    Each NFT comes in 125 editions with a physical print. Additionally, owning one of these NFTs grants access to other collections that Iconic developed in collaboration with the Pollock Studio.

    Money Made From Sales of The Collection

    The initial Jackson Pollock NFT collection quickly raised $100,000 from collectors who held Iconic’s Art Pass membership.

    The rest of the NFTs went on sale a day later. In detail, they were sold for $1.5K (0.5 Ether) for Art Pass holders and $1.8K (0.8 Ether) for non-members. 

    Fifty percent of the primary sale profits and 5% of secondary sales will be directed towards funding the preservation efforts of the Study Center.

    Future Releases

    Looking ahead, there are plans for future collaborations with the Studio, including an NFT collection by Jackson Pollock-inspired digital artists and an Ordinals version of the collection on Bitcoin instead of Ethereum.

    In detail, the second drop will involve Bitcoin Ordinals, named Pollock Ordinals, planned for an August launch. Not to mention a third drop in collaborations with three digital artists, with a release date slated for mid-August.  And wait for it! 

    The first artist was revealed to be the iconic Lucrece via a tweet.

    It’s worth noting that the studio floor itself is a unique attraction. Basically, fans and visitors can observe and walk over it, providing an incredible experience.

    However, this also necessitates ongoing preservation efforts to maintain its delicate state and ensure that visitors can continue to enjoy this experience.

    As always, stay tuned for more!


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