Web3 Couldn’t Care less About The New Assassin’s Creed NFT

    Assassin’s Creed NFT Smart collectibles are coming to Web3. This collaboration between Ubisoft and Integral Reality Labs will consist of  NFT access cards built on Ethereum’s scaling blockchain, Polygon. 

    But before we get into the Assassin’s Creed NFT… If you live under a rock somewhere in the Caribbean and have no clue what I’m talking about, let me get you up to speed on this cult-favorite video game. 

    In a nutshell, Assassin’s Creed is a viral video game series developed by Ubisoft. And the franchise’s plot focuses on a fictional conflict between the Assassins, a secret order fighting for peace and free will, and the Templars, who seek control and domination. 

    The games typically feature a mix of historical settings and science-fiction elements, allowing players to explore various time periods and locations. Now, this franchise is catapulting into Web3. 

    Will it be hit or miss? Read the full article to learn more!

    Assasin’s Creed NFT

    In detail, each digital Soul NFT will allow the holder to customize a one-of-a-kind 3D-printed figurine collectible based on the hit franchise as well.

    Assassin's Creed Digital Collectibles

    There are several tiers of the NFT with varying price ranges. Basically, these allow the holders to customize their figurines with various clothes, weapons, and stances. 

    Holding this phygital collectible gives you the power to collect and evolve a personalized Assassin’s Creed experience. 

    What’s so special about these Assassin’s Creed digital collectibles? 

    They will provide unique Interactions through the IRL companion App to the NFTs. Basically, you can interact with your Assassin and engage in a rewarding collector experience.

    Complete achievements, level up, and follow recipes to forge even more unique Smart Collectibles! And we know that this isn’t gonna be everyone’s cup of tea. On the other hand, the possibilities will fascinate gamers at heart!


    • Minting an Assassin’s Creed NFT here!
    • Choose rarity: More trait means more customization (Poses, Armor, and Weapon).
    • Forge your Digital Collectible.
    • Next, the team creates and ships you a 3D-printed physical version of your figure.
    • Each Smart Collectible houses an embedded chip that can be scanned in the IRL app.

    Release Date? 

    Official mint begins today, May 16th!

    Where can you buy the Assassin’s Creed NFT? 

    Coming soon right 


    Not yet released!

    Check Out The Project’s Community!

    -Official Website


    Assassin’s Creed NFT: Hit or Miss?

    Honestly, there’s no obvious hype surrounding this release. Maybe some minor buzz from the Creed community itself but nothing too major. Is the NFT community dead?

    Is this another miss like the Game of Thrones release (But with better graphics)? Probably. Honestly, Web3 is so over these tacky phygital releases. Guess what? The NFT doesn’t even do anything in-game.

    The Web3 community demands generational wealth, not sorry attempts for money grabs. It’s about time a franchise comes up with a solid thought-out plan to penetrate the HIGHLY oversaturated market.

    Basically, you can barely find anyone talking about this on social. But from what we gathered, these are the mixed reviews:


    About Ubisoft 

    Established in 1986, Ubisoft is a French-made software development and video game publisher. Back then, their first game ‘Zombi’ sold 5,000 copies by January 1987.

    In detail, Ubisoft’s dedication to creating ENGAGING and INNOVATIVE games has earned them a significant presence in the gaming industry, and they continue to be influential in shaping the landscape of interactive entertainment.

    And with so many hits up its sleeve like Far Cry, Just Dance, Watch Dogs and OF COURSE the fan favorite Assasin’s Creed, we can count on them to deliver top-notch quality.  

    About Integral Reality Labs

    Integral Reality Labs was established in 2021 as an entertainment co-reality platform that bridges the digital and analog technology gap. 

    In detail, its goal is to capture the emerging trends in the physical/digital world from NFTs, metadata, 3D printing, and gaming. Discord: 2.8K Members.


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