Azuki Hilumia: Find The Easter Eggs in Azuki’s New Land

    Azuki, the infamous anime-inspired collection, is starting 2023 on a solid foot. Its floor price pumped 3.5 ETH FOUR Days into the new year. And now, it celebrated its one-year anniversary by announcing Azuki Hilumia. It’s a virtual land reflecting the crossroads of the garden. Unique, gorgeous, and elevated, the virtual land has got our hearts. And, it’s SUPER detailed. So, let’s unpack this world together.

    What’s Azuki Hilumia?

    Azuki Hilumia is a metaverse city built by the community for the community. It is the physical representation of the project’s past, present, and future. It gives Azuki holders the opportunity to explore the efforts and progress of the project in a tangible way. 

    Moreover, the world is very detailed with a few easter eggs here and there. There’s so much going on in this world, we have to unpack. 

    Hill Hall

    Azuki Hill Hall

    • Greenhouse Complex with amazing details
    • Heart of new ideas and experiments
    • Founded by a mysterious group of dreamers

    It’s described as the “epicenter” of new things. And, whatever its founders are working on next “is always a mystery”. So, this might be the birthplace of the upcoming projects of Azuki. 

    Azuki Hilumia’s DoJang

    Azuki Hilumia

    • Is Engulfed in secrecy 
    • Its ninjas are spread across the garden but we don’t know why

    DoJang refers to Azuki holders who have the “Ninja Patch” in their collector profile. On the website, it says that “Most recently, some Azuki reported that they saw some of the Dojang’s ninjas headed for the deep desert, but to what nefarious purpose, we can only speculate.”

    This might be implying that we’re going to see more things including Azuki’s ninja patches. 



    • Azuki Hilumia’s favorite toy store
    • Started as a little stand that sold red and blue bean plushies 
    • Works slowly but drops high-quality products  

    Therefore, this could indicate that Azuki might be releasing toys soon.  

    Moda: Azuki Hilumia’s Art Hub


    • Displays artists’ new works in rotating exhibits
    • Rule for picking art: Dope art only.

    This could be Azuki Hilumia’s new hub for sharing the community’s art. Moda further enforces Azuki’s way of supporting its people.

    Ember Square

    Azuki Hilumia Ember Square

    • Center of Azuki’s Hilumia’s Land
    • Describes as “featuring the newest designs and styles of the garden”

    Could this be Azuki’s merch store?

    56 Fitness: Azuki Hilumia’s Gym

    56 Fitness

    • Everyone works hard and supports one another
    • Described as “the strongest community is the one that grows together”

    This could be linked to holders’ whose collectors profile include the “NGL” bade that the description says “advocate for the strongest community you’ve ever seen”.

    Azuki Hilumia’s 9 Lives Arcade

    Azuki Hilumia 9 Lives Arcade

    • Described as Azuki Hilumia’s 9 Lives “arcade bridges fans of old classics and enthusiasts of modern gaming”
    • Hints to a big tournament or even 

    Could this mean Azuki is going to venture into the gaming world? Host a gaming tournament or gaming tokens?

    Extra Easter Eggs in Azuki Hilumia’s World

    Azuki Hilumia is gorgeous with a hint of nostalgia for anime. But, we haven’t covered all the details yet. There are a few more things to see. 

    Azuki Hilumia Worlds

    Golden Skate Park: Paying homage to Azuki’s gold skateboards. Could this mean more is coming from that launch?

    Love Island: Hommage to Azuki’s love island collection where 64 Azuki battled to win. 

    Furthermore, if you click on the house next to the Love Island compound, you get an “under construction” sign. Maybe indicating a Love Island 2.0? 

    Garden Express: Where you can drop a note if you have any ideas. 

    Additionally, a red bean coffee poster. And lastly, the research for Yuki continues

    Easter Eggs

    What Does The Community Think About Azuki Hilumia?

    The community is absolutely loving the Azuki Hilumia world. The announcement hyped everyone up. Some were supporting and others were diving head-in with threads trying to figure out the world’s implications. 


    So, Azuki has blown us away once again with insane attention to detail. Azuki Hilumia is laying the ground map for Azuki’s past, present, and future. Were you able to catch all the details we mentioned? Let us know. But, continuing with the 2023 NFT mayhem, check the crypto punk that sold for 2 ETH!


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