Azuki NFT Collection & How It Became One of the Best-Selling Projects

    The world of non-fungible tokens is often very viscous and quite competitive. Especially with the surge of NFT projects launching every single day! All of which makes it very hard for a particular project to stand out. However, the Azuki NFT collection really proved to be something definitely worth the hype! 

    When a project comes with uniqueness, high-quality- a tight-knit community, originality, and vision; you can’t resist the temptation to join. And so, this collection of hand-drawn digital samurais, smoking cigarettes, and surfing skateboards definitely has all the appeal. Plus, we can’t forget about their adorable companions, the Azuki Beanz!

    So, there’s definitely a lot going on for the Azuki NFT collection. This is why we’re here to cover the entire collection and give you an in-depth look into the project! Here’s all that you need to know!

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    Collection Website:
    Twitter Profile: @AzukiOfficial
    Instagram: @azuki
    OpenSea Floor Price: 10.6 ETH
    Etherscan Address: AZUKI

    What Is Azuki NFT?

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    Azuki NFT is a digital brand of non-fungible tokens with a collection of 10,000 avatars. They’ve got a Los Angeles-based group of artists that released the collection on January 12, 2022. These avatars feature unique anime-themed characters with extreme streetwear vibes to them! They come with different traits like hair, background, clothes, accessories, and more!

    Azuki launched their collection on the Ethereum blockchain available on OpenSea and Rarible. Chiru Labs released this project with Zagabond – one of the 4 anonymous co-founders – leading the way! They were also supported by Steamboy – aka Arnold Tsang.

    According to CryptoSlam NFT collection rankings by sales volume, Azuki NFT ranks at position 8. It has $776,942,058 worth of Ethereum in sales! They currently have a floor price of 10.6 ETH on the OpenSea NFT marketplace!

    Azuki Beanz

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    Then, on April 19th of the same year, Azuki launched their Azuki Beanz NFTs – little non-fungible bean companions. It was a collection of 19,950 characters you could pair with your Azuki or buy on its own! It was a combination of 12 beans called: Toshi, Gus, Tao, Link, Johnny G, Penny, Ash, Pip, Ed, Frida, Sun, and Kami! You can also buy these little creatures on OpenSea and Rarible with a floor price of 1.222.

    Being a part of the Azuki NFT family gives you exclusive access to the Garden, live events, activities, NFT airdrops, and more. They also come with physical collectibles and 3D avatars that you can use in The Sandbox and Decentraland!


    Azuki NFT Future

    So, the Azuki NFT is one of those collections that seem to hit the spot when investing in NFTs. However, it wasn’t always smooth sailing for the non-fungible collection! In fact, there was a time when many people in the NFT community believed that the entire project was a rug pull! Although they didn’t show any of the usual red flags!

    Boombox 2 - ChainWitcher

    This was all because of a statement that Zagabond published talking about his previous and abandoned NFT projects. He was trying to give input on his growth and learning process. But, it backfired! People suddenly became so afraid that he would abandon the Azuki NFY project too! This was a slip of the tongue that cost them around 100 MILLION dollars without it ever being an actual scam! 

    But, they didn’t let that dampen their venture in moving forward. They have a solid NFT roadmap that explains – in detail – what they intend to do in the future. You can read it in full here. But, to give you the shorter version of the story, their roadmap includes:
    – Developing GameFi and enhancing user experience
    – Developing DAOs
    – Develop BEAN tokens for Azuki-verse
    – Add fractionalization NFT to divide Azuki #40 into pieces


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