For everyone whose into NFTs, Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) is a household name. Even for people with little interest in NFTs, this project must also sound familiar. This iconic project was founded by four people in Miami, Florida in April 2021. And now, it is on top of the NFT world. But, how did the BAYC price history fluctuate throughout the years? Were the trends always volatile or relatively stable?

    Before we get into our history lesson, let’s talk about the significance of these digital assets. Although everybody wants to talk about the top-scoring NFT collections, are they aware of what these NFTs really symbolize in the digital space?

    The full global network of people involved in the crypto world understands that NFTs are passage-way access tickets into exclusive communities. That’s basically the purpose of these popular trademarked NFTs. Similarly, it’s a well-known fact that if you are a BAYC owner, you are practically NFT royalty. 

    So, without further ado, let’s take a deeper dive into the history of this OG collection!

    BAYC Price History Summary 

    In case you’re in a hurry, here’s a short summary of what we’ll be going over in this article.

    BAYC Price History


    However, if you have the time, check out the whole story below!

    BAYC Price History in 2021

    BAYC in 2021

    On April 30, 2021, a star under the guise of silly Ape JPEGs was born in the NFT world. And the ride was insanely wild! Let’s cover all the facts you need to know about the BAYC during that period of time!

    This project initially sold 10K of these apes for .08 ETH apiece, which at current Ethereum prices is almost $150. Not many people were familiar with the BAYC name yet. Who would’ve thought that this Ape JPEG would reap such insane generational wealth?

    Not to mention that Yuga Labs has also created a spin-off collection of BAYC called Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) in August 2021. This second-ever expansion made within the BAYC ecosystem without a doubt onboarded more collectors.

    The rollercoaster only went up in 2021, with the BAYC floor price reaching an outrageous 60 ETH, making NFT history and carving its name in the blockchain forever.

    • All-time low floor price: 0.08 ETH 
    • All-time high floor price: 60 ETH

    BAYC in 2022

    Price History in Q1

    BAYC in Q1 2022

    It’s true what many financial analysts and advisors said, making a profit with NFTs in 2022  was not gonna be as easy as in 2021. However, BAYC owners were definitely not the target audience. They were on a rollercoaster that was only going up my friend.

    The floor price for a Bored Ape steadfastly increased to reach an outrageous 119 ETH in February 2022. And people were freaking out, partly because they already missed the money train.

    Not to mention that the company behind Bored Apes announced its major move to consolidate the NFT space, acquiring CryptoPunks and Meebits from Larva Labs. This put three of the most lucrative NFT collections under the Yuga Labs roof…

    But, lo and behold the dramatic dip in March 2022. Collectors were quick to dump their Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs as the BAYC floor price tumbled below 70 ETH…

    Why did this happen? According to a Bloomberg report at the time, the average sales prices of NFTs took a plunge and took down the popular collections’ floor prices with it. From an all-time high of nearly $6,900 at the beginning of January to less than $2,000.

    On a positive note, it did recover by the end of Q1 marking nearly 110 ETH just as Yuga announced launching its native Apecoin on the Ethereum blockchain and the airdrop where people made INSANE money during the glorious NFT bull run.

    • All-time low floor price: 60 ETH 
    • All-time high floor price: 119 ETH

    Price History in Q2

    BAYC in Q2 2022

    BAYC were leading the way in the second quarter of 2022 according to their price history from CoinGecko data; the floor price climbed as high as 155 ETH. Why? Well because of the Otherside of course. In detail, this metaverse broke all records for sales of virtual lands at the time of the demo presentation

    But then, it went downhill. Why? Well, crypto market capitalization had fallen from $3 trillion in November 2021 to $881 billion in 2022. When stablecoin Terra collapsed, it wiped out almost half a trillion USD from the cryptocurrency markets. This was the first market crash.

    The Bored Ape Yacht Club floor price dropped to 70 ETH. And all NFTs went down on the same day that all cryptocurrencies dropped. Simply put, investors started to lose interest after the Q2 2022 crypto market contagion. Who could blame them? 

    By the end of Q2, Apefest 2022 took place from June 20 to June 23.

    • All-time low floor price: 70 ETH 
    • All-time high floor price: 155 ETH

    BAYC Price History in Q3

    BAYC in Q3 2022

    There was a steady increase to nearly 100 ETH in the BAYC FP at the beginning of Q3. But the NFT industry was still under the dark clutch of the recent crash.

    • All-time low floor price: 68 ETH 
    • All-time high floor price: 100 ETH

    Price History in Q4

    BAYC in Q4 2022

    Although BAYC got its own Apecoin marketplace in Q4 of 2022,  the last quarter of 2022 wasn’t rainbows and butterflies for the OG clan. All the markets crashed (2nd Crash) after the FTX hellfire broke out, and nothing was looking good in the NFT world…  

    Yuga Labs was named in a California class action lawsuit pertaining to undisclosed celebrity endorsements on December 9. In other words, lawsuits were filed, A-list celebrities were taken to court, controversies were put under the microscope, and everything was slowly falling apart. 

    You must vividly remember Justin Bieber’s once million-dollar-worth ape that dramatically dropped in value. Now worth mere thousands…  

    The FP dipped dramatically in mid-November to less than $100K for the first time since 2021! And Cryptopunks managed to surpass BAYC’s fp for that brief November period!

    But despite the gloomy bear market, the BAYC price history legacy was maintained with the highest floor price among NFT projects for nearly the whole year; And finished the year at a 69 ETH fp.

    At the end of 2022, BAYC cleverly announced the Trial of Jimmy The Monkey synonymously with the ongoing IRL trials. Once again, a win for Yuga Labs… 

    • All-time low floor price: 50 ETH 
    • All-time high floor price: 80 ETH

    BAYC in 2023

    BAYC in 2023

    A lot has happened during Q1 of 2023 regarding BAYC’s price history. The co-founder stepped down and BAYC announced their top-grossing game “Dookey Dash” which spiked up sales at the beginning of 2023, and the fp pumped up by 12 ETH. Not to mention the infamous Key that sold for an insane 1000 ETH. And the saga continued with BAYC’s Toad mode… 

    However, this didn’t last long… Basically, the times are rough, and the bull is nowhere to be seen. Regarding price history, BAYC is at its lowest in the last 2 years at the moment. As is the floor price of MANY bluechip projects. At the moment, BAYC sits at an extremely low floor price of 50.8 ETH sparking the flame of alarm and concern in many investors.

    Most recently in the Web3 scam saga, Bored Ape NFT Whale Franklin left Web3 when over 2000 ETH stolen were stolen from him.  All in all, the year hasn’t been great for multiple blue chips. This gives rise to a whole new debate on whether OG NFT collections are fading or not… 

    • All-time low floor price: 50.8 ETH 
    • All-time high floor price: 84 ETH

    Should you invest in BAYC & Yuga Labs going forward?

    Looking back at the extremely volatile trends in the BAYC price history recap, I can’t in good faith tell you to blindly invest in this crazy market.

    Look, if you have a shit ton of money that you’re desperately wanting to spend and fully willing to gamble with, I’d immediately tell you to invest in the Yuga Labs ecosystem.

    But, truth be told, NFTs and BAYC specifically remain extremely risky investments. Basically, they have a significant potential for both downside and upside.

    Weigh your options, and invest wisely! May the odds be ever in your favor…


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