The Best 2021 Jordan Releases for this Year – So Far

This year is slightly different from others. Well, other than Covid, we mean strictly shoe-related. We’re always used to having OG and classic colorways on top. But in 2021, new drops are the ones who are dominating the hype. Only halfway through, and we are head over heels for these 2021 Jordan Releases.

Who is Going to Make it to Our Top 2021 Jordan Releases List?

Collabs are everywhere this year, and we just love that. Starting off with the Trophy Room Jordan 1, we just knew this year was gonna be special. From OGs to Travis Scott collaborations, 2021 has already given us drops that satisfied our sneakerhead needs.

As we reach the middle of 2021, here are the Top 6 2021 Jordan Releases from the first 6 months of the year.

6. Air Jordan 1 High ‘University Blue’

Jordan 1s are popular today more than any other time in their 36-year history. And the Jordan 1 University Blue is a pair made for everyone. Why? Well, first of all, the color blocking of this shoe is a timeless classic, just like the ‘85 Chicago 1s.

The pair dropped on March 6 for the usual $170. And today, the pair is reselling for $437. A Jordan that dropped just four months ago and is already reselling for more than double retail. Without a doubt, this shoe is gonna make it to the Top 2021 Jordan Releases! And as with most OG Jordan colorways, we expect this value to skyrocket in no time.

5. Air Jordan 6 ‘Carmine’


Regardless of what happened to these pairs during production, these Jordan 6s still made it to the Top 6 Jordans. In case you haven’t heard, we’re gonna sum the story up for you. A batch of these sneakers got affected by a paint issue on the midsoles. The shoe that was supposed to arrive with a white sole came in pink. But this issue didn’t entirely ruin this Carmine release. But it could’ve been better to be honest.

This release was an awaited one because it’s the first time this original colorway returns with Nike Air branding on the back. This is, to date, the best version of the red and white “Carmine” Air Jordan 6 from 1991. Way better than the 2008 pair which was part of the “Countdown Pack”. And so, we are ranking this AJ6 as number 5.

4. Air Jordan 5 ‘Raging Bull’


Now this was one hot pair. This red suede version of the Jordan 5 “Raging Bull” pack is one of the coolest drops from MJ’s fifth signature sneaker. The bold color and style are just something else. And the fact that this pair came solo without another pair as a sneaker-combo was kinda a relief.  Even though this ain’t the most wearable shoe, cause of the popping red hue that’s all over, this was still one awesome return. It definitely deserves the celebration.

3. Air Jordan 1 “Neutral Grey”


You guessed right. There’s no way you’re getting just ONE Jordan 1 on this list. That’s impossible, fam. The “Neutral Grey” Air Jordan 1 is one of the few 1985 OGs that haven’t been retroed  yet – until this one. It kinda looks like the Silver Jordan 1, but minus the shine. The “Hi ’85” designation refers to the silhouette having a higher and more traditional collar. It basically means that this is what the pair would’ve looked like back in the ’80s. This clean pair is constructed from premium leather and fine suede and comes with the classic Air Jordan hangtag. Although this was a very awaited come-back, it kinda disappointed many since it isn’t an exact copy of the original colorway. But let’s just hope it ages as gracefully.

2. Air Jordan 3 “Rust Pink”


This one is for the ladies. The Rust Pink Jordan 3 was a women’s drop (Duh!). The pair reminded us so much of the Aleali May’s Air Jordan 6 “Millennial Pink” from 2019. It features a pink nubuck base layer and off-white overlays that include the midsole, outsole, tongue, laces, and sock liner. Brighter pops of orange complemented this pair with an elephant-like texture print on the front mudguard and another towards the heel.

This retailed for $190 when it dropped back in late May and is reselling for $239, today. That’s fair enough for a pink pair, fam. Copping this one in bulk would’ve been a good idea for your pockets.

1. Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6 ‘British Khaki’


This one was wayyy too easy. We’re so obsessed with this pair, that we just know at the end of this year, it’ll still make it to the list of Top 2021 Jordan Releases. It’s the one and only British Khaki. This drop was to die for. It was teased over and over and over again before it released. This shoe is something you’d kinda expect from Travis Scott, especially with all that Earth tone. The pair came dressed in sand-tone suede and canvas materials and highlighted with neon orange cues here and there. Although it’s an AJ6, but the shoe is so fashionable that you need to look twice to make sure it’s an actual Jordan. It literally ticks all the 2021 shoe-trend boxed: Neutral color, check. Cargo-style kicks, check. Popping highlights, check. Glow-in-the-dark details, check. What else do you need, fam?

The “British Khaki” was one sick drop, and its hype is something you will always remember over the years. This dope Jordan released on the 30th of April for $250 bucks. The pair is currently reselling for $554 on StockX, and we assure you that it’s going to flame up as time passes. The Air Jordan 6 ‘British Khaki’ is one for the books. That’s for sure!

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