5 Best Glue for Shoes to Heal Your Broken Soles

    The same way there are hair and skincare routines, you as a sneakerhead must have your shoe care routine.  One for each pair of valuable kicks you own. You don’t clean a white sneaker the way you clean a black one. And you definitely don’t wipe your sneaker’s uppers the way you’d scrub the hell out of the soles! But sometimes, on very bad days, your shoe care steps turn into a desperate try to save your kicks. On these days you must carry the best glue for shoes on you!

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    What Can You Fix with Shoe Glue?

    So, accidents happen. And they tend to happen on big days, or when we’re flexing our favorites pair of footwear. But as much as we’d love to keep those Yeezys or Louboutins alive, life doesn’t always go as we plan. But fortunately, shoe glue exists! And against what it might sound like, you can use it on almost any kind of footwear you have. Sneakers, boots, Crocs, slides, stilettos, sandals, you name it, a good glue for shoes can fix it.

    So don’t toss that precious baby just yet. We have a list of the best glues for shoes you can use to salvage your most beloved pairs. 

    5 Best Brands of Glue for ShoesShoe goo glue for shoes

    1. Shoe Goo

    As the name suggests, Shoe Goo is made to be shoe-specific. It is one of the highest-rated products and considered to be one of the absolute best kinds of glue for shoes on the market.

    It works on all kinds of footwear and conveniently dries clear to leave no trace of any unfortunate events. Shoe Goo maintains a certain level of flexibility even after drying up to allow you to move freely in your good as new shoes.



    gorilla glue for shoes

    2. Gorilla Glue

    The name of this shoe glue made it to the headlines a while back. But for all the wrong reasons. But that doesn’t change the fact that it is one of the best gules for shoes to help breathe life back into your soles!

    Gorilla Glue is one of the most versatile glues out there. It is waterproof, heat resistant, and dirs up in just 10 seconds. Fast enough to save your party! It works really well on harder materials like wood and metal, so no matter what kind of footwear you just lost, you’’ be able to bring it back. This shoe glue also dries clear, for a seamless healing process!



    3. Shoe-Fix Shoe Glueshoe fix glue

    Another very powerful glue for shoes. Not a fix-it-all kind of a product, but one made especially to mend broken soles.

    Shoe-Fix Shoe Glue works very well on any shoe material. And we just love the fact that it dries fast and clear and that it’s waterproof, giving your shoes a bit more strength where it hurts the most.



    4. Gear Aid Shoe RepairGear aid glue for shoes

    Depending on how bad the accident was, you will possibly need to use one type of glue rather than another. And for really bigger repair projects like reattaching soles or toe caps, Gear Aid Shoe Repair Glue will come in handy.

    This product bonds to leather, neoprene, rubber, suede, and canvas shoes. So it is a good choice for sneakers, work, and hiking boots.



    5. Super GlueScotch super glue

    I think the first product that comes to mind when hell breaks loose is Super Glue. The most renowned glue for shoes and the most versatile adhesive globally. It offers the quickest fix to your soles and heels and works well on most materials and surfaces around the house.

    Other than gluing things together, these glues for shoes have one more thing in common. They’re not supposed to touch the skin! And always make sure you keep them out of the reach of children.


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