Binance Launch New AI NFT Generator “Bicasso”

    In today’s news, crypto exchange Binance released the AI NFT generator Bicasso. Whether this is a clever play on words or a cliche is not our topic today… At the moment, the AI NFT generator is making major headlines for hitting 10K mints in JUST 2.5 hours.

    If you ask me what AI is, I’ll assume that you’ve been living in a cave and under a rock somewhere for the last decade… 

    The artificial intelligence bandwagon has been running at full speed in the past year, and it paved the way for many different models.

    From OpenAI releasing Chatgpt and dALLE-E to many others. And now, we can add Bicasso to the list.

    Clearly, this AI tech revolution can alter the NFT world in many ways. 

    This includes:

    • Personalizing NFTs based on individual preferences.
    • Creating unique NFTs that were previously impossible to create.
    • Authenticating NFTs to prevent digital scams and forgeries.
    • Predicting NFT market trends for more informed decision-making.

    Little by little, Binance is attempting to achieve that through their up-and-coming Bicasso. Let’s dive in. 

    What is Bicasso?

    Bicasso is an AI tool that allows users to easily create customized digital art and turn them into NFTs in just a few clicks. 

    Basically, you can paint your image by typing in a few prompts. Sounds great, right?

    In detail, The platform uses GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks) to generate one-of-a-kind images that can be minted as NFTs on Binance’s native BNB Blockchain.

    Moreover,  it allows you to choose various parameters for your artwork, such as color palettes, brush strokes, and shapes, to create a unique piece of art.

    Bicasso Tutorial

    Not to mention that this platform provides transparency by allowing users to view the AI-generated process of their artwork and track the creation process.

    Finally, these NFTs can then be bought, sold, or traded on various NFT marketplaces.

    The Release

    Yesterday, Bicasso was launched on Binance’s NFT platform in its free limited Beta trial to test the waters. 

    And what set the Web3 crowds ablaze is that it managed to reach a cap of 10,000 NFT mints in just 2.5 hours after launch. 

    According to initial mint data, 9,909 owners created at least one NFT. However, the images were all part of the pilot and so are not available for resale.

    There were some hiccups with the server along the way, and the team addressed them immediately… Binance CEO CZ tweeted the following: 

    “Our team is currently working to increase the server’s abilities to reduce errors and to make the minting process smoother.”

    It’s worth mentioning that if you didn’t get to try the 1st test run, you can sign up for the waitlist for Bicasso full version.

    So, will you be trying it?

    Users Showcase Their Bicasso Images


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