Blur Farming Season 2: How To Farm Insane Points!

    Blur’s season one airdrop took us all by storm. It was huge to the point that some received millions of dollars worth of tokens. Just like that. They became millionaires overnight. Blur didn’t stop there. Instead, it doubled all bids and announced that there will be a season 2 airdrop. And thus, the farming points’ war began. Here’s how you can top blur farming season 2! 

    Basics of Blur Farming Season 2

    The basic rule of blur farming season 2 is “the more you bid the more you earn.”  Blur noted that this airdrop is for traders who place bids on Blur and will be the largest Blur airdrop (around 1-2x the size of Airdrop 2). 

    First, How Do You Bid on Blur?

    Blur bidding works by depositing ETH from your wallet into your own bidding pool on the platform. And, you can directly bid with ETH. After connecting your wallet to Blur, you can choose the amount you wish to deposit in your bidding pool.

    Blur bidding pool

    You can also withdraw ETH from your pool. Once you have ETH in your bidding pool, you can place unlimited bids for free. Your balance can be used to bid on multiple collections at once. And, you can cancel your bids or withdraw anytime without paying any gas or additional fees.

    But, you can’t just randomly bid and hope for the best. You must understand what gets you the most points and what they take into consideration. 

    How Are Points Calculated in Blur Farming Season 2?

    There are a few things that Blur takes into account when you place your bids:

    • Price of the bid
    • Number of bids
    • Collection’s floor price
    • Collection’s weight (% of 1D volume)
    • The time bid is active
    • Distance from the floor price
    • Probability of your bid getting accepted at the price you set 

    So, you need to understand how to optimally utilize the above parameters. 

    • The closer your bid is to the floor price is better.
    • The more likely your bid is to get accepted, the more likely you are to get higher points (highest-risk bid).
    • Bidding on active collections (per the 24H volume) gets you more points.
    • The longer your bid is active, the more points you receive. And, when your bid is accepted, it stops earning points. 

    Note that you don’t get additional points based on your trading volume. This is to discourage wash trading. Wait, but there are loyalty points too. 

    Does Loyalty Matter?

    In Blur farming season 2, loyalty points don’t affect the number of care packages you get. It just affects your luck with the type of care packages you get. Basically, the higher your loyalty, the more likely you are to get super rare care packages containing more $BLUR tokens

    Blur care packages

    Loyalty means how much you list on other marketplaces besides Blur. You can list on other marketplaces and still earn high loyalty points. But, it just depends on how you list. Meaning, your score goes up if you list for the same price, or cheaper on Blur than other marketplaces.

    • Let’s say you list for 0.05 on Blur, and 0.1 on another marketplace. This pushes your score upwards. 
    • But, if you list on Blur for 0.1, and on another for 0.05, your score goes down. 
    • And if you bid on both for the same price, your score goes up. 

    You can even use Blur’s advanced listing tools to list across all marketplaces in one go.

    How Do You Know Your Points?

    So, I’m doing all of that but how do I know it’s working? You simply click on the “airdrop” tab on Blur’s website. It’ll show you your bidding points, listing points, and listing loyalty. 

    Blur farming season 2 points

    There’s also a 24H roll-up leaderboard that grants different boosts up to 2.5x for the top 100 bidders in the 24h time period. You can also see where you stand on the leaderboard. Currently, machibigbrother.eth is topping the leaderboard. 

    Rolling 24h Leaderboard

    Blur Farming Season 2 Strategy: Earn The Most Points

    Now, I’ll be sharing with you a strategy that will get you a lot of points. But, I want to preface this by saying this is based on NFT trader, investor, and collector Ronnie Dcky, and YouTuber NFT Nate’s content and experience. 

    Deposit ETH In Your Bidding Pool for Blur Farming Season 2

    First, start by depositing ETH in your bidding pool. 2 ETH is a good amount to have because you can make good bids. 

    Pick Collections Based on 1D Volume and the Latest Activity

    Second, check the collections’ 1D volume. And, only bid on collections that have 50ETH+ in volume. This ensures the collection is active and would earn you more points. 

    Blur farming season 2 check collections' 1D volume

    Then, check collections’ floor prices and pick the one you can bid on based on how much you have in your pool. Next, you want to see the activity within the collection.

    Again, the highest-risk bids get you on top of the board. But, we don’t want to be losing money. So, click on the collection you want and check its activity board on the right. 

    activity on blur collections

    As you can see above, for otherdeed, there are sales within seconds. This means bids are quickly getting accepted so it’s not the safest option to bid. You can risk losing your money. 

    A good example is Pudgy Penguins. There are sales in the last 30 minutes but they’re not every other second. So, not a lot of bids are getting accepted. Safe sign. 

    Pudgy Penguins blur farming season 2

    Check the Latest Bids and Bid Closest to Floor Price

    Again, we want to bid closest to the floor price to get the most points. But, we also want to see the total number of bids (as previously mentioned).  Continuing with the example of pudgy Penguins, the floor price is 4.48 ETH.

    Pudgy Penguins bids

    Placing a bid of 4.47 is a smart move. Because:

    • It’s close to the floor price
    • You are among 14 others so the risk for your bid to get accepted is low
    • There are not a lot of people placing the bid so it’s a good amount

    Keep an Eye on your Bids in Blur Farming Season 2

    The longer we bid, the more points we get. But, we also don’t want our bids to get accepted. So, the key thing here is to keep track of your bids. See your latest bids, Check the activity for collections you bid on. And, if you see that there is a lot of activity and sales, cancel your bids. 

    Again, canceling your bids does not require you any fee to pay or gas. And, the points you got for bidding stay. Some suggest that the safest option is to bid for one day. No matter how long you want to bid, follow up with all your bids not to lose your money. 

    Degen Mints 

    Another example mentioned by Ronnie is the case of degen mints. He gave an example of a collection that has 200ETH in one volume. Bidding on this collection means more points because more risk because you would be bidding below the floor price. 

    However, Ronnie mentioned that this is best if you think the floor is about to break up. Meaning:

    • If the floor is at 0.028 ETH
    • Bids are at 0.02 ETH
    • If you think volume is there, and the floor price is going to break, place a bid at 0.03 ETH

    This requires knowledge and experience in volume trading so be aware.

    Final Notes on Blur Farming Season 2

    Lastly, always bid on collections you’re actually interested in. And, place bids you would take because you never know what happens. Moreover. this airdrop, per Blur, doesn’t intend on encouraging wash trading or fake listing. Therefore, those who do engage in such activities will not be part of the rewards. However, Blur farming season 2 has inevitably caused wash trading and an insane spike in gas prices. Read about it here


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