Blur Marketplace on Mobile: Dope or Nope?

    Do you know it’s only been 5 months since the Blur marketplace launched, and already they managed to set the NFT space on fire? Wait, is this why their brand color is Orange?! Anyway, here we go again with another flamboyant Blur-related announcement: the blur marketplace on mobile is officially a real thing now. 

    OpenSea has been in the game since 2017 and is the first NFT marketplace ever, and they even released their mobile app version in late 2021. Blur came to the scene in October 2022 and wants to dominate. They have no chill.

    Is this what it takes to knock out OpenSea?
    OR Is it legit because “all is fair in love and war”? (Why is it a war anyway?)
    Will Blur on mobile feature crown Blur as the champion of NFT trading? 

    Let’s try to figure it out.

    Blur Marketplace On Mobile Features

    Two days ago, on March 13, Blur announced its Blur marketplace on mobile feature via Twitter:

    The functionality of this feature is a bit limited, however, they did claim that “more mobile functionality is coming SOON”. So probably the announcement was to hype people up and let them test out the waters with this new mobile thing.

    To be clear, Blur did not release an application for its marketplace, they just provided mobile browser support. To use Blur on mobile all you have to do is go to your web browser and type “”. Also, make sure you installed the Metamask app to sync your wallet.

    This keeps us guessing their choice, is it because OpenSea has a mobile app already? OR is it because Apple has made it a living hell with their NFT restrictions? The basic feature of Blur’s mobile accessibility is being able to explore and purchase NFTs on the platform. That’s it. The goal is accessibility, and obviously, anything that becomes available on our ever-so-attached-to-our-skin mobile phone garners mass adoption. Simple equation.

    Community Reactions 

    The community was clearly very pleased with the Blur marketplace on mobile announcement, as they were eagerly waiting for this feature. Despite many reporting some bug issues and interface problems with the Blur experience on mobile, the announcement was met with open arms from the market. Below is a chart from Coingecko showing the fluctuation in BLUR token’s value over the past week: 

    blur price chart

    • March 12 → Blur token was worth $0.45
    • March 13 → Day of the announcement, the token got a little bit higher at $0.54
    • March 14 → Dramatic spike up till reaching $0.728.  PROOF reported it to be a 33% increase.
    • March 15 → Token at $0.63 with a 3% decrease from its ATH.

    Seems like Blur users got another pump of cash in their pockets. Here are some excited sentiments from the community over the Blur marketplace on mobile announcement:



    Some skepticism also happened: 

    The Verdict: Blur Is Dope?

    According to the increase in Blur’s token value and the general excitement of Blur users, it seems like this blur marketplace on mobile update is only putting Blur at the forefront. 

    Actually, the whole Blur marketplace existence is debatable, especially its bloodthirst to beat OpenSea. Blur is going way out of its way to prove it’s the number one platform for trading NFTs. To a point where it’s suspected of wash trading and spiking gas wars

    However, it seems to faze no one and despite some passionate hate towards Blur’s actions, they don’t seem to be shutting down anytime soon. 


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