Bodega Nike Dunk High: Bringing Back Legends and Myths

    When we think of sneaker domination in 2020, we automatically think about Nike Dunks. This year was pretty fruitful in terms of collaborations, re-releases, and range expansions. Some of the best releases this year were Concepts’ Nike Turdunkens and the Chunky Dunky! But the line of amazing releases doesn’t end here as we saw with Sean Cliver’s festive Dunks. So after raising the bar pretty high, Nike should keep the momentum going… and they did! The new Bodega Nike Dunk high brings legends, nostalgia, and sports together. Read on to find out everything you need to know about this drop right here!

    A Short Bodega History

    Back in 2006, the sneaker industry was still in the not-so-very-popular phase. However, Bodega managed to put Boston on the streetwear map for all the fans nearby. Although it didn’t pull any marketing stunts like Kanye West and didn’t even put up any ads, the store became popular by word of mouth! So from sneakerhead to sneakerhead, the store made it up the cool list. In fact, it’s such a cool place it actually made it to Nike’s Tier 0 within two years of its opening! To those unfamiliar with the term, Nike’s Tier 0 means that you made it as a sneaker store. All the exclusive releases and special collabs? You can find them in these stores!

     Bodega Nike Dunk High 2020

    Moreover, Bodega previously partnered up with different brands on sneaker releases. Some of these brands are Converse, Reebok, Adidas, and more. So it’s only fitting for Nike to join the line of collaborators in the coolest way possible!

    Bodega Nike Dunk High “Legend”

    Ever had that feeling of a distant childhood memory that a certain smell or feeling triggered? Well, the new Bodega Nike Dunk is exactly that. Moreover, it’s acting as a bridge between basketball and baseball fans thanks to the new makeup! This colorway somehow gives off an odd Travis Scott vibe without even trying. After all, eccentric kicks are his field of expertise.

    Bodega Nike Dunk Crew

    The kicks feature a mix of leather, rawhide, and suede in sail, brown, and a slightly darker brown. What’s interesting though is the excellent detailing throughout the kicks. The rawhide stitching and colors give the illusion of the baseball mitt! This is cool, considering Dunks are first and foremost basketball kicks. The Bodega motif is burned into the side panel, with a tortoise shell jewel swoosh on the other side. The choice of swoosh color was simple: the store wanted it to be different! Finally, the new Bodega Nike Dunk is a tribute to the local talents who are “legends” in their own way.

    Bodega Nike Dunk high Legend

    Release Date: 12/28/2020 (Bodega) – 12/30/2020 (Nike SNKRS)
    Style Code: CZ8125-200
    Retail Price: $120
    Avg. Resale Value: $691

    So it’s worth mentioning that this release is a Quickstrike on a first-come, first-served basis. Moreover, a small number of pairs will include rawhide laces in addition to the regular black laces. However, you won’t find them in the standard packaging!

    Get AIO Bot and Own the Legends!

    The new Bodega Nike Dunk is proving to be controversial for some sneakerheads. But we’re sure they’re gonna be a success later on, especially with the nostalgic vibe they have. That’s why you’ll need a pretty good sneaker bot. And AIO Bot V2 is here to save you the hassle of buying off the resale market. Or even missing on the chance to cash out on a hype drop like this. And if you’re looking to maximize your chance at a W, here’s a list of the best Nike bots. After all, trying to catch the SNKRS release is always a good idea! Now that you know everything you need to know, make sure to check out our blog for the latest sneaker news.


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