Meet The Bored Ape Whale Franklin Who Owns 67 Apes!

    Bored Ape Yacht Club and its derivative projects are all undeniably blue-chip collections. Even people who know nothing about NFTs, know BAYC. And, its current floor price stands at 78 ETH (approx $108,968.73 per the ETH rate now) on OpenSea. So, to own one is definitely note-worthy. Imagine owning 67! This is the current number that the bored ape whale Franklin owns. Insane. So, who is he and how the hell is he buying this many apes?

    Who is The Bored Ape Whale Franklin?

    The minute you hear someone owns 67 apes, you immediately wanna know who. The Bored Ape Whale Franklin is none other than Franklin Caldwell. He’s known as @franklinisbored on Twitter with 147.2K followers. 

    He’s a structural engineer at Peraton and was an intern at NASA for four months in 2020. He even met former US president Barack Obama in 2015 when Obama was doing his presidential campaign. 

    Franklin with Obama

    So, What Got Him Into NFTs and Crypto?

    The bored ape whale Franklin, first joined the crypto space in 2020. He was stuck at home, as we all were during COVID-19. First, he started betting on different sports and earning cryptocurrency as a result, mainly Bitcoin. And, he was also making good money at his previous job then through employer referrals.

    Basically, he had a wide range of networking. He’d refer people to the job and they’d give him rewards. He then invested most of this money into crypto and stock. 

    Franklin Cadwell LinkdIn

    Later that year, Franklin joined Twitter in order to watch the market. He started doing market predictions through a website, and got paid in Bitcoin as a return. However, they transferred the Bitcoin into fiat directly. So he’d stake the money in fiat thus not benefitting from the cryptocurrencies boom in 2020. 

    When Did the Bored Ape Whale Franklin Get Into NFTs?

    The Bored Ape whale Franklin has joined the NFT world in the beginning of 2021. He was interested in sports so he started investing in projects in this area. The most prominent project that he invested in, then, was NBA Top Shot. He lost a lot of money but did say that it was merely for educational purposes.

    NBA Top Shot

    When Did He First Lean About Bored Apes?

    When the BAYC project started, a lot of people in the NBA Top Shot Twitter started changing their PFPs into Apes. That was when the bored ape whale Franklin started his now infamous bored ape collection.

    In may 2021, he firstly minted 3 BAYCs 6603, 6604, and 6605. Then, bought his fourth one for 1.2 ETH. He immediately bought 30 apes on secondary marketplaces. So, he got in at the very beginning of the golden era of BAYC. 

    Bored Ape Whale Franklin Apes 6603, 6604, 6605

    How Does The Bored Ape Whale Franklin Buy His Apes?

    Well, bored ape whale Franklin doesn’t just buy and forget. He’s actually very active. He buys, sells, bags profit or loses, then again. His tactics involves buying bored apes and flipping them. He even made 50 ETH profit from flipping NFTs once. 

    And, he’s very open about the movies he makes on Twitter. He constantly posts tweets and threads about his latest purchases. 

    He also tweets about him buying or selling NFTs from other collections such as Sappy Seals. The whale even specifies the amount of profit he made.

    Furthermore, he also tweets about his losses.

    And, he posts bored apes for sale. 

    What’s Next For Bored Ape Whale Franklin?

    Bored Ape Whale Franklin NFT

    Bored Ape Whale Franklin currently has 67 apes. His portfolio value is 437.22 ETH (around $610K per the ETH rate at the time of writing) per NFTGO. But, he’s not stopping here. His goal is to own as many bored apes as possible. 

    One can say he’s on the right track. And, he’s obviously managed to make a name for himself on the crypto Twitter. He can literally cause a collection’s floor to skyrocket if he announces he’s buying it. How? Simply because who wouldn’t buy a project when a WHALE is joining? 

    This is the power that crypto whales and NFT influencers, in general, hold in the space. This is why if you want to be part of this ecosystem, you must follow these individuals. To help you out, check the top NFT influencers.


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