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On hyped releases, sneaker sites only allow on item per person and try to stop bots from having such dramatic advantages over other users. To do this they check your IP address, but by using sneaker proxies, you can appear to have many IP addresses hence avoiding bans and order cancellations.

Created specifically to maximize your copping power on limited edition sneaker releases on Footsites.


  • Optimized for Most Sites
  • Dedicated Residentials
  • Supports Footsites
  • 30 Days Expiry
These proxies are specialized in copping Sneakers in General. They have worldwide Locations and Low Ban rates.


  • Optimized for Sneaker Releases
  • Dedicated Residentials
  • Bandwidth Base
  • 30 Days Expiry
Defy infamous Supreme sellout times with Supreme proxies located near Supreme sites for maximum efficiency.


  • Optimized for Supreme releases
  • Dedicated Supreme Proxies
  • Supports Supreme US
  • One Month
ANB Beta DCs
These Proxies are our AIO Proxies, they support most sites and they will fit around the month!


  • Optimized for General Releases
  • LA or Buffalo
  • Dedicated DC Proxies
  • One Month
what are sneaker proxies

What Are Shoe Proxies For?

When trying to cop on hyped Yeezy footwear, Supreme apparel, Jordan Brand, NMDs, and more limited releases, sites will always try to make sure you only buy one pair and that you don’t use sneaker bots to get an unfair advantage.
how they work

Understanding Shoe Proxies

Shoe proxies are the most important element to add to your sneaker bot. Shoe proxies help enhance your sneaker bot’s copping power, along with increasing your copping chance. If you ever think about copping multiple pairs and starting your reselling business, you better stock up on shoe proxies.

Why Sneakers Proxies are Necessary

Why are shoe proxies vital?

On hyped sneaker releases, you usually get a single chance at copping the kicks you desire. And if you attempt more than once, you’ll get banned. So, the more chances you need, the more shoe proxies you have to buy. Every request, or attempt at buying, should be paired with a different shoe proxy. This makes it look like the normal case where many sneakerheads are trying to cop at once, instead of showing the site that you’re trying to cop multiple times.
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What makes shoe proxies different from normal proxies?

Shoe proxies are specifically crafted to work perfectly on sneaker sites. In addition, shoe proxies servers have the advantage of physical proximity. Shoe proxies eliminate any geographical constraints keeping you away from your sneakers. Their servers are optimally located close to sneaker server sites, making your communication a lot faster, and your copping chances much higher.

We don't recommend any proxy providers, but if you don't prefer using AIO Bot proxies here's a list of others: HypebeastProxies, YeezyProxies, YeezyServers