How to Use Proxies to Buy Sneakers in Bulk From the Same Website!

    The most important part of any successful sneaker cop is perfecting the art of copping multiples! Learning how to buy sneakers in bulk – from the same website – is even more important than the entire cop. Especially if you want to be a sneaker reseller and start making some money.

    But, keep in mind that this guide teaches you how to cop sneakers in bulk USING PROXIES. This also means that you’ll be using a sneaker bot for the job. If that doesn’t sound like your jam, you can always go for the less efficient route, and do it manually. It’s harder and takes a lot more effort, but it could work – if you do it right! If you’re curious about doing that, all you have to do is to click on the button below. See how it works here!

    But, if you do wanna take the easier, more efficient, and more guaranteed route; keep reading! We’ll take you on the step-by-step guide on how to buy sneakers in bulk using a sneaker bot and proxies. And, don’t worry – botting is actually pretty easy! Let’s get right into it!

    Using Proxies!

    How to Buy Sneakers in Bulk II - ANB Blog

    So, we’re going to make this very simple and straightforward. Technically we’re going to teach you how to buy sneakers in bulk in just a few simple steps. Buying multiple sneakers manually does require a lot of alternating and testing. But, this method is a lot easier. The main character of this tutorial though is PROXIES. And so, that is where we begin!

    But, just to preface and make sense of this all, you have to understand the big deal. Why does this need a guide in the first place? Well, in short, online sneaker websites like to level the playing field with their golden rule – one pair per customer. One lousy pair! You can flex it, but you definitely can not make money off of one pair! So, here’s our loophole.

    Copping Multiple Shoes III - ANB BlogTHE SNEAKER BOT

    First, the most important element of learning how to buy sneakers in bulk is – obviously – a sneaker bot. So, unless you have about 50 different Chrome profiles with 50 different email addresses, it’s not gonna work. Plus, you have to take into consideration the inhuman bot speed. You ain’t got that, fam. Therefore, if you’re serious about learning how to cop in bulk, you’re gonna need a sneaker bot. 

    You can add as many proxies to it as you want without the added hassle. And, you’ll have an edge! Learn more about how bots work here. But, in the meantime, you can check our updated 2022 list of the BEST sneaker bots in the game. Find the one that suits you the most, and begin the journey!

    ANB Learn-more

    PS – you can always rent a server too to make your sneaker bot even faster! Make your copping experience run without a hitch!

    How to Buy Sneakers in Bulk I - ANB BlogTHE PROXIES

    Second, what are proxies? Proxies are different IP addresses that you can use – as your own – so you can appear as multiple different people. AKA the key to learning how to buy sneakers in bulk! Let’s put it this way – to sneaker websites – 10, 50, or 100 proxies appear like 10, 50, or 100 people. And, each proxy will appear to be in a different location. This ultimately makes the “one pair per customer” rule useless. 

    Benefits of Using Proxies:
    – You protect your own IP address from joining the blacklist
    – If the website suspects anything, they will block the proxy not you
    – You will trick the websites into thinking multiple people are sending out requests

    Proxies come in three different kinds – residential, datacenter, and ISP proxies. Each type of proxy has its own features, but they all generally work in the same way. It all comes down to the anti-bot security on the website, speed, and reliability. Keep reading to find out which proxies to use!


    Also, to truly learn how to buy sneakers in bulk, you have to understand what you’re up against. Know your online enemy! Not really an enemy, but you get what we mean. Knowing the sneaker website you’re going to cop sneakers from makes a difference in your proxy choice. The following list includes all the different types of sneaker websites that host all the hyped releases. Click on any of the links below to get more information about them.

    Copping Multiple Shoes II - ANB BlogSneaker Websites Hosting Releases:
    Yeezy Supply
    Shopify Sites
    Nike SNKRS

    And so, now that you understand everything related to the websites you’re copping, you have to find the right proxies. Some proxies are more suitable on Footsites, others work better on Shopify sites; and so on. Therefore, once you figure out the site (or sites) you’re copping, click here to find suitable proxies. 


    Finally, the final thing would be to mash them all together! Put the elements all together and watch the magic! In essence, all you have to do is run your sneaker bot, feed it the proxies, and begin the cop. You can learn all about setting up your bot here.

    Just make sure that you get to the sneaker release in time, and have a proper bot on your side! And, you can buy sneakers in bulk like there’s no tomorrow!


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