How to Buy Yeezys from overseas: The Ultimate Guide

    Buy Yeezys From Overseas

    Are you living on the other side of the world? That Yeezy-less, completely ignored side? Or that side which gets only a handful of pairs, and a whole lot of Ls? Then, you must have experienced some really bad panic attacks on every Yeezy release. You may ask, “How will I ever be able to buy Yeezys?” Well, this guide might just be the one for you.

    With the undying hype of Yeezys, rocking a pair on your feet never seemed more appealing. And with some crazy resellers listing their cops for unreasonable prices, you’d prefer to buy Yeezys at retail. But how can you do that when you live a few continents away, in the middle of nowhere, in an underprivileged, Yeezy-less country?

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    Yeezy Release Preparations

    Buy Yeezys overseas guide

    Before you get involved in any Yeezy release, there are some general tips and tricks that could help you on any hyped sneaker release. So if you intend to buy Yeezys, make sure you read what’s below, thoroughly.

    Forwarding Addresses

    First and foremost, you will need parcel forwarding companies. These companies provide you with an address let’s say in the US or somewhere in Europe where you can have your orders delivered to. So if you want to buy Yeezys from YeezySupply you’ll have them sent to your US forwarding address.

    Planning on buying more than one item? Some of the companies provide free storage for a period of time. Then when all your orders are ready you give them a heads up and your orders will be shipped to you.

    Sometimes Yeezys drop on sneaker sites that provide international shipping. That could sometimes save you quite time and money. They could cost less than forwarding companies. But the problem is, you don’t always get to be so lucky. So, if having the Yeezys shipped straight to you from the original retailer costs less, then, by all means, go for it. Otherwise, you stick to parcel forwarding companies.

    Don’t Decypher, Use Google Translate

    Forget all about that German 101 course you’ve taken 5 years ago. These are desperate times and they call for desperate measures. Google Translate is a great tool that will help you during desperate times. So if you don’t speak that language as fluently as your own, translate. Otherwise, you might end up pressing Back or cancel instead of Checkout. That wouldn’t be so cool?

    Use Twitter

    Twitter is where all the sneaker-action happens. There, you can find all the right people with the latest release news and updates. And no matter how good your memory is, you need a reminder of exactly when the release is starting. A ringing notification saying your Yeezs “are live” is enough to keep you up for the next 3 days!

    Learn Your Shoe Size

    Whether you want to buy Yeezys to resell or for your personal use, shoe size is a critical point. You might think you know what US or EU size you wear, but you just don’t. Be sure to recheck the size charts, and use size conversion tools which some sneaker sites provide, every time you’re buying. Your shoe size will often differ from one brand to another, even one model to another. And in the case of reselling, you want to know you’re buying the size that has the highest demand.

    Study the International Time Zones

    Know them by heart! Daylight saving can be your worst enemy. Every time it begins and ends, international chaos strikes. A simple solution would be to Google “Time now in [Desired country/area]”, and you’ll have the current time of any area on earth. A simple set of calculations and you’ll get used to the difference in timings between where you live, and where you want to buy Yeezys from. You might need to pull some all-nighters to secure your sneakers. But then if it works, you’ll sleep soundly for months hugging your brand new kicks.

    Check your Country’s Customs and Duty Fees

    Buy Yeezys: Currency Conversion

    You managed to buy Yeezys and you’re waiting for them to arrive. Your mailman is here and atop everything you’ve already paid, he asks you to pay 40-50$. I think at that point you’ll probably slam the door in his face and go cry in your room.

    So before you decide to buy Yeezys or any other item from overseas, do your math. Check your country’s Custom fees to be fully aware of the total cost you’ll be paying. And if you’re planning on reselling, you’ll need to know how much profit you can potentially make.

    Billing and Shipping Information

    Credit Cards

    A very important detail to watch out for is the Billing and Shipping information you provide. Since not all sneaker sites offer international shipping, you need to be careful. Your Billing and Shipping information must belong to the country you’re coping from. So if you want to buy Yeezy from Adidas US, you’ll need to provide US-based billing information (US credit card) and a US address to have your sneakers shipped to.

    And this is a major point whether your copping manually or with a bot. Now if you resort to parcel companies, you wouldn’t need to worry about the shipping address, they’ll provide you with one.

    However, the credit card or PayPal account you use must belong to the same country where the sneaker site is. Also, you can’t forget that if you’re using sneaker proxies, they must, by all means, be located in the same country as the sneaker site.
    Again if you’re copping from Adidas US, there’s no point of using proxies located in Germany, you’ll be banned. Location can be a deal maker or breaker.

    Buy Yeezys at Resale

    Not like we support that option, but desperate times call for desperate measures.
    If you’ve had enough Ls, and nothing seems to be working for you, you can always buy Yeezys at resale. It’ll sure cost you more, a lot more, but it’s almost the only way you can surely secure a pair.

    However, not all reselling websites hold the same level of credibility. Some are experts at spotting fakes while others leave up to the reseller’s conscience. And a major powerpoint for some reselling websites is international shipping. Which could spare you a lot of trouble!
    To know more about where to buy Yeezys from, read this article.

    Buy Yeezys Using a Bot

    If you consider yourself to be a real sneakerhead, well grounded and experienced in the game, then you know this. Your chances to buy Yeezys without a bot are closer to null. They’re almost non-existent. Well, unless you’d like to buy Yeezys for resale, and waste months-worth salary on those kicks. But who still does that?!
    The competition keeps growing stronger with time, and more sneakerheads enter the battlefield on every release. So a reasonable man would know that the only way out with a Yeezy, is by using a Sneaker bot.

    Now, how to choose that bot is the tricky part.

    • A successful Yeezy bot will always have a twitter feed loaded with success tweets.
    • A good Yeezy Bot will have a dedicated and professional customer support team.
    • A reliable Yeezy Bot will frequently release updates to keep track of changes in release sites.
    • And last but not least, a powerful Yeezy bot will cost you. It doesn’t have to be super expensive, but trust us when we say, cheap is not a good thing in the case of Yeezy bots.

    So granted that you made the right choice, you’ll find the rest a piece of cake. Filling out your information and creating tasks on the bot should be easy. Do it exactly as instructed, and you’ll be good to go


    More often than never, Yeezy bots would get stuck at checkout. So even if you had everything set up perfectly, you might need to checkout manually. So it is highly advised that you remain close to your PC on release day in case you needed to fill out your billing and shipping information manually.

    International Proxies

    Buy Yeezys from all over the world

    Now that you’ve decided on a bot, it’s time to buy Yeezy proxies. Yes, Proxies! Did you think Adidas will allow you to buy Yeezys while using your own IP? You thought wrong my dear.
    In fact, you need to be very precise and specific while buying proxies. They should be located in the same region/ country as the servers of the websites dropping the Yeezys.
    So if you live somewhere in Asia, you’ll need US-based proxies to buy Yeezys from YeezySupply or Adidas US. Same applies to buying from EU-based websites.

    Those proxies have gotta be fully dedicated to ensure you get the maximum speed you can to buy Yeezys. It’s a battle of speeds and most sneaker sites work on a FCFS basis. So the faster you get in the queue, the more likely you’ll end up with a pair of Yeezys.
    And the more slots you have reserved for yourself in that queue, the more chances you’ll get at copping several pairs of Yeezys. And you can only reserve those slots by using as many proxies as you possibly can.

    Yeezy Servers

    Now, chances are, that not only do you live in an underprivileged country, but you probably have other issues that make it impossible for you to buy Yeezys. Your very slow PC and an extremely laggy internet connection are your worst enemy on release day. As we said, it’s a matter of luck and speed. And if you’re not fast enough, even a dozen 4-leaf clovers will not get you the Yeezys you desire. So how can you work around these complications? Yeezy Servers.

    A Yeezy server is usually a private server dedicated to helping less-fortunate sneakerheads like you to level up on their copping game. When you run your bot on a Yeezy server, you’re making use of that server’s resources, power, and proximity to sneaker sites. So not only would it feel like you’re running your bot on a supercomputer, it will also seem as if you’re copping while chilling in Adidas HQ.

    Buy Yeezys Manually

    If for any reason you’re not able to buy a bot, or you simply don’t believe in them, you can try to buy Yeezys manually. Although this process would be a lot trickier and nerve-wracking. But generally speaking, you will still need Yeezys proxies and servers if you want the opportunity to try copping several times or if you’re planning on copping more than one pair. 

    The thing with copping manually is that you need to be as fast as a bot. Or even faster if you’re serious about copping. You also want to take advantage of every device you own and open several accounts to increase your chance at copping. Proxies will mask your IP address so you can run different accounts from the same location.

    And speaking of location, if you want to cop manually but you’re in some remote destination, your internet connection speed and quality is gonna be laggy af. Proxies and servers get you close to Adidas and Yeezysupply servers, making your connection faster.

    On Release Day

    Get to the website as early as you can just before the release starts, and keep on refreshing the page until you’re in the queue. After you’re in Adidas queue, just hold on and be patient until you get to the item page. Then, you’ll have around 10 minutes after you choose the shoe size to fill out your billing and shipping information. So be quick, accurate and keep it together, until you get your confirmation email.

    Then, you can lose your mind, freak out and do whatever happy dance you do on your side of the world.

    What to Do After You Buy Yeezys?

    Now that you’ve hopefully gotten your Yeezys, thanks to our help, why don’t you try reselling them? Here are the 9 best places to sell your yeezys, once you’re done admiring them.
    And if you’re looking for more sneaker releases to cop in 2018, check out the new Yeeyzs dropping and the Adidas X Dragon Ball Z collab. These will definitely be worth your efforts.


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