Charles&Keith Enters The Metaverse For Spring Fashion Collection

    Famous Singapore fashion house ‘Charles&Keith’ is stepping foot in The Sandbox. The Charles&Keith Metaverse project will feature the clothing brand’s Spring Fashion collection. Many projects have been joining The Sandbox recently. And some of them are big celebrity names like Paris Hilton, Gordon Ramsay, and SnoopDogg. Let’s dig in. 

    Charles&Keith Fashion Brand

    The two brothers Charles and Keith Wong started this company in 1996 and since then the business has been booming and the brand became a worldwide name. The brand has reached milestones since its launch and has since been collaborating with many celebrities and opening up over 600 stores across 37 countries. 

    Charles&Keith Metaverse Experience 

    Teaming up with The Sandbox, the Charles&Keith Metaverse experience will become a reality. The project is dubbed CHARLESKEITHHAUS and it will allow visitors to engage in multiple quests and to even participate in a K-POP concert performance by the famous South Korean virtual artist APOKI

    According to The Sandbox, the Charles&Keith Metaverse “represents an immersive, fun new way to experience fashion. Quests, special guests, and more!” Already many people have joined the Metaverse and are enjoying its many perks. 

    Furthermore, The Charles&Keith Metaverse dubbed CHARLESKEITHHAUS opened its doors on March 13 and will be accessible until March 27. And is modeled after the Spring Summer 2023 campaign, ‘State of Play.’ 

    The Funs and Games 

    Once you join the Charles&Keith Metaverse you quill be treated with a bunch of fun challenges and quizzes. Along with many quests like parkour challenges to complete. Moreover, the Metaverse will include some staple pieces curated by Charles&Keith. Players will have a chance to locate a secret room where they can redeem a digital wearable like the Petra Curved Shoulder bag. 

    And to make things more fun, there will be a guest appearance by virtual K-pop artist APOKI, who will throw an incredible party on the rooftop for the attendees. Additionally, APOKI’s virtual attire will feature clothing from the Charles&Keith collection. The Charles&Keith Metaverse will have its very own fashion show where attendees can witness pieces from the Spring Summer 2023 collection. In addition, the attendees can purchase these very pieces to rock in The Sandbox. 

    The Sandbox

    The Sandbox is a huge metaverse platform. It is basically a map and within it, there are lands for purchase. Each project in The Sandbox occupies a land like the Charles&Keith Metaverse which occupies this Land. The Sandbox has been a recent destination for many projects like the Paris Hilton dating show, Warner music’s DJ contest, and many more. 

    Charles&Keith Metaverse: The next Fashion World

    Lastly, recently fashion has been exploring its way into the Metaverse. With Decentraland’s Fashion week and now the Charles&Keith Metaverse in The Sandbox. It is true that the Devil works hard but the fashion industry works harder. And the brand already has a huge fanbase and dedicated customers so it would not come as a surprise if the project has a huge success rate. Charles&Keith is a brand that every Asian and Middle Eastern swears by. The brand has even recently collaborated with K-POP idol group ITZY ensuring the k-pop fans’ support.  


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