ChatGPT Foreshadows a Viral AI Crypto Token Saga

    The use of ChatGPT and similar AI-driven technologies has been on the rise in both the professional and social spheres. This may make three alternative cryptocurrencies particularly promising during the next bull market. Basically, ChatGPT Foreshadows a Viral AI Crypto Token Saga. Let’s learn all about the boom to come!

    The Potential Gains from Investing in the AI Narrative

    Extreme price increases or decreases often require explanations, even if they are inaccurate. Inflation protection using Bitcoin was a major theme in the prior Bitcoin narrative. When inflation finally hit, however, the leading cryptocurrency experienced one of its worst downturns ever.

    There have also been stories about how DeFi boosted Ethereum and similar coins, or about how Metaverse tokens increased in value after Mark Zuckerberg rebranded Facebook as META. Ethereum and up-and-comers like Solana benefited from NFTs, as well. After only a few tweets from Elon Musk, meme coins became extremely popular.

    In the financial markets, the only thing that matters is whether or not a story can generate profits, and all of these assets share this common characteristic. Informed bitcoin investors looking for the next big story might not have to go any farther than two letters: AI.

    Recently, OpenAI’s ChatGPT has become extremely popular on various social media platforms. AI has already aced the Bar, the M.D., and the MBA. People are using it to compose tweets, do the math, do assignments, and automate routine operations. As a matter of fact, it’s even being used to explain Bitcoin using famous people. There is no denying the platform’s potential.

    AI Crypto Tokens On “The Verge Of A New Bull Cycle”

    While there aren’t any ChatGPT-related AI crypto tokens, projects with ties to AI, in general, have had stronger recoveries from the cryptocurrency bear market lows.

    For instance, (FET) is up almost 480% from its lows, and it is up over 200% in January 2023 alone. Also impressive is Ocean Protocol (OCEAN), which has risen by 230% from its lows and more than 100% so far this year.

    Despite having a lower put-in three months earlier, SingularityNET (AGIX) has outperformed both of them by a significant margin, increasing by more than 600% from its low. With still a full week left in January 2023, AGIX jumped by more than 460%.

    Despite the frightening findings, there may be more development. Elliott Wave International’s resident currency and crypto analyst, Jason Soni, recently presented a video on three AI-related crypto coins that “may be on the cusp of a new bull cycle.” To be more specific, the film examines the cryptocurrencies FET, OCEAN, and AGIX.

    Elliott Wave International’s Crypto Trader’s Classroom updates three times weekly with fresh videos of Soni’s analysis. This video analyzes the current market cycle of alternative cryptocurrencies and explains why there may be more gains to come.

    Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that it would be investing millions of dollars in Open AI, the developer of such well-known software as ChatGPT, Dalle-E, and others. As a result, the company took the opening move in a technology race that will only increase in intensity throughout the year 2023.

    A New Cryptocurrency Trend Predicted by Microsoft’s Bet?

    Multiple initiatives in the cryptocurrency sector are looking to innovate by combining blockchain technology with big data and AI. Trading Browser conducted a study to see which projects are getting the most interest from traders.

    If there is a bull market in the future, it will be for these initiatives. With the price of Bitcoin on the rise and Microsoft’s multi-billion dollar investment, the field of crypto AI may be one to keep an eye on in 2018. Competitors like Google and Facebook may be drawn in by the possibility of large returns.

    The research claims there are ten cryptocurrencies worth looking into. The Graph, funded by Coinbase, is the first of these initiatives; it serves as an indexing protocol for “querying networks” like Ethereum and the IPFS.

    More than 8,100 people across the world search for this project every month. And we expect the number to rise as artificial intelligence grows in popularity. Optimism, a second-layer solution for Ethereum, and Celo, an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) project, have collaborated to create The Graph.

    The project’s native token, GRT, has seen a 52% rally in the previous 30 days and a 27% rally in the past two weeks, and this is on top of its increased visibility in search results. The majority of these enhancements occur in line with Microsoft’s funding and the meteoric rise in the popularity of ChatGPT.

    AI Projects Recieve Increased Interest

    Recently, The Graph, Aion (AION), and have also experienced a rise in interest. On average, about 8,000 monthly searches were logged for these projects. The measure has also grown over the previous 30 days, aligning with Microsoft’s demonstration of public interest in the industry.

    Over this time period, AION’s price has moved higher than GRT’s has. In just 30 days, the token generates a 25% profit. The native token of, FET, has increased by 216% in just this month alone.

    Basically, it demonstrated the power of this trend and the potential for the token to continue its surge as crypto emerges from a protracted winter.

    AI Crypto: Upcoming 2023 AI-Related Tokens

    Due to their high global Google search volumes, the research also highlighted Cortex, Covalent, Measurable Data Token, PARSIQ, Pawtocol, Xmon, and Cindicator. The crypto community is also interested in Singularity Network, which is different from the projects mentioned above.

    The goal of this marketplace and ecosystem for artificial intelligence is to make AI distributed. In an effort to “democratize” the industry and give consumers more agency, the project’s founder, Ben Goertzel, has teamed up with IOG, the firm behind Cardano, Hanson Robotics, Swae, TODA, and other AI-based initiatives.

    The future of decentralized finance and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) remains unclear. Both of these industries broke into the public consciousness and quickly attracted vast sums of money from investors. We have to wait and see!


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