ChatGPT Solidifies Its Presence In Web3

    Recently, there has been a huge surge in AI across many platforms. And no doubt it has reached the most innovative platform of all, Web3. ChatGPT and Web3 create a power couple definitely, but this power couple could end up adopting so many kids and still divorcing. It can be a love-hate relationship but it can also be the next best thing. We just need to figure out the details. Let’s dig in.

    ChatGPT Web3: How is it used?

    ChatGPT is one of the leading language models created by OpenAI, it works in a sequence model, designed by text generation tasks, such as question-answering, text summarization, and machine translation. Web3 is also a new paradigm for distributed computing, so combining it with ChatGPT offers a blank canvas full of possibilities. The ChatGPT Web3 combination already has shown various usage possibilities such as: 

    • Natural Language Processing (NLP): ChatGPT can be used to analyze, understand and generate natural language text in web3 applications where users can interact using natural language.
    • Data analysis:  ChatGPT can analyze large amounts of data generated by Web3 applications and provide insights to users. The software highlights data-driven decision-making in DeFi as a key area in which it can help.
    • Content creation: ChatGPT can be used to generate content including articles, reviews, and social media posts. Although not specific to Web3, it’s certainly an aspect most digital companies require.
    • Smart contract development: the boring but crucial part of connecting buyers with sellers. ChatGPT can facilitate where NFT creators dread the most.
    • Governance: proposals for DAOs can be analyzed by ChatGPT for stakeholders to understand better what they’re getting into.

    Will ChatGPT Have an Impact On Web3 In The Future?

    The world of AI is in constant development and updates are not stopping any time soon that is for sure.  Therefore, we can see that ChatGPT will have an even bigger impact on Web3 in the future. The ChatGPT Web3 impact in the future will be:

    Intelligence NFT

    Enabling a new generation of non-fungible tokens that incorporate conversational intelligence seems like the obvious step to go in the future of Web3. Imagine a version of your favorite NFT collection that allows you to ask questions about the creator’s inspiration or specific artistic details. How cool is that? 

    Conversational Wallets

    Wallets are the main entry point for interactions with decentralized applications (dapp) in the Web3 world. Imagine a wallet experience in which a user can simply express their intentions to perform a transaction. Request information or execute specific tasks simply using natural language. 

    For Web3 Devs and development

    Web3 developers and auditors will be in less demand. The future may look like this:

    •  Devs will instruct, write, and generate code using AI.
    • Devs will read and criticize AIs output, learning patterns, looking for weak spots.
    • Auditors will need to understand errors, mistakes, and code patterns.
    • Auditors will need to learn the limitations of AI.
    • AI will work in tandem with dev teams to strengthen future code and systems.
    • AI will be part of the development of the production pipeline.

    For Web3 Security

    • The usage of Swarm AI  to scan the near real-time status of Smart Contracts.
    • Code will be monitored for anomalies, code injections, and hacks.
    • The attack position is to find bugs and errors of the AI, instead of the code itself.          
    • This will improve Web3 smart contract security hugely ($3 billion hacked in 2022 to date).
    • This will also impact the CISOs and IT teams’ ability to monitor in real time.
    • The reduction of Security budgets, cybersecurity teams will reduce in numbers.
    • Only those who can work with and interpret AI will be in demand.

    Other Tasks For ChatGPT

    The ChatGPT Web3 relationship is only growing and pretty soon it will take over a bunch of tasks that will simplify the usage of Web3 and will be easier to use for newcomers. Now, you can use ChatGPT for multiple purposes in the NFT world. Some of these are:

    • You can mint an NFT using ChatGPT: create .an NFT minter Web3 app (dapp) using ChatGPT. Then by deploying a proper smart contract and creating a suitable backend and frontend, you can use ChatGPT to mint an NFT. 
    • ChatGPT can also help you with your NFT project by choosing a theme, creating a roadmap( by asking ChatGPT for a list of utilities that you can add), and designing the art (by asking for a list of rare animals or anything really!). 

    As for ChatGPT’s future in Web3:

    • ChatGPT could be used to create personalized content for Web3 users. 
    • It could assist in the creation of more intelligent chatbots and virtual assistants that can help Web3 users navigate decentralized systems and provide personalized assistance.
    • It could be used to analyze and improve the quality of decentralized content.
    • It could help with the creation and management of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) by providing intelligent insights and analysis to help decision-makers. 
    • It could assist in improving the security and privacy of Web3 applications. 

    These are the available tasks now in ChatGPT Web3, but who knows what the future holds? Right? Maybe we can ask ChatGPT for predictions…

    ChatGPT Web3: The Future Is Here

    Finally, the ChatGPT Web3 relationship is a bit complicated as it is always developing new chapters and new aspects. That one cannot always keep track of. The NFT world is always developing and it is not giving signs of dying anytime soon. And the same thing goes for ChatGPT and AI some people are even speculating that in a few years maybe months even Ai will start replacing them in their jobs. Mine included. What do you think? 


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