Chrysalism NFT Sells Out In 24 Hours After 1 Year Of HardWork

    Coolest NFT project of 2023? Chrysalism NFT might be exactly this. DNA and informatics on the blockchain? Gimme right now. I’m a hard-core biology geek. So, to say the least I was thrilled to see the NFT world is expanding into bioinformatics. Like what? And, they did it in such a smart and organic way. Let’s jump right into the masterminds of chrysalism. 

    What Are Chrysalim NFTs?

    Chrysalism NFT is a fully-generative collection of NFTs. These non-fungibles are generated based on 36 computational systems and algorithms. Instead of having premade traits, the system takes your blockchain data. Then, adds cosmology information and generates 3D art.

    The project launching on the Ethereum blockchain offers an elevated and unique experience of art. Most importantly, these NFTs are personalized. After being part of the ecosystem, you get to feed the algorithm with more data to create something utterly new and unique. 

    Chrysalism NFT Collection

    How Is The Art Created?

    The art is created by Nicolas Berger. It is all 3D and uniquely generated. But, he had to create the different pieces. Let’s unpack. 

    Chrysalism Insect

    He started by looking at the overall  Chrysalism system of the insect then focused on the smaller parts. He first created the bodily parts of the insects like head, body, eyes, antennae, wings, legs, and hairs. 

    The process is called procedural modeling. Meaning, it starts with basic steps and then becomes more complex. Berger made sure that all insects’ parts are well adjusted and fit together.

    chrysalism insect

    Gem Capsule

    But, the chrysalism experience is based on “metamorphosis”. Meaning, that an animal develops inside a “hatch”. So, Berger also had to create the gem that encapsulates the larva. He used zodiac signs and their respective attributes (especially fire, water, air and earth) to create this gem. 


    Chrysalism Landscapes

    Furthermore, he also used the zodiac and different color palettes to create the landscapes.  

    Chrysalism Landscapes

    All of these elements put together make the essence of the Chrysalism NFTs. Each of these components contains a random element that is controlled by a primary DNA Seed Number. This makes sure that each item of the art is entirely unique. 

    Even if the algorithm ran for years, it is extremely unlikely that it will create two 100% identical NFTs. How insane is this?!

    Chrysalism NFT Built Its Community For A Year

    Chrysalism has such a solid and cool concept. I personally love it. I especially love how detailed the whole project is. But, what mostly caught my attention was the effort and hardwork. The team behind this project started building for over a year.

    They created their Discord, which now has 20.1K members, in August of 2022. Chrysalism team hosted multiple games, poker nights, tournaments and AMA. They built their entire community organically. 

    And, gave whitelist opportunities as prizes for games. They currently have 33.6K followers on Twitter.  They also managed to launch with an exclusive partnership with OpenSea! Talk about successes. 


    Mint Details of Chrysalism NFT

    The minting of Chrysalism NFT took place on February 2nd, 2023. It was across three different mints.

    • At 7:00 PM for 0.0527 ETH 

    OG family and friends who have been supporting the project form the beginning. 

    • At 7:30 PM for 0.0577 ETH 

    Allowlist mint. Lucky “bugs” who won allowlist in raffles and games get to mint 2 NFTs per wallet. The team also noted that the allowlist was oversubscribed. 

    • At 10:00 PM for 0.0577 ETH

    Public sale where the remaining supply from previous mints will sell.  

    Chrysalism NFT Sells Out In 24 Hours

    The Chrysalism NFT ended up selling out its 6765 supply in 24 hours! And, looking at its floor price chart per NFTGo, things are looking good. After the mint has ended, the floor price is somewhat stable. It currently stands at 0.07 ETH (approx $114.27 per the ETH rate at the time of writing). 

    Chrysalism NFT Floor Price Chart

    And, the majority of holders own one NFT only. However, there is a significant number of wallets (45.07%) holding between 2 and 10 NFTs. This just shows how enthusiastic the community is about this project. 

    Amount Distribution

    What Does The Community Think So Far?

    The community loves the project and seems to be excited about the merge on February 10th. The Chrysalism NFT team is also posting sneak peeks which is further inducing the hype.  


    In conclusion, Chrysalism NFT is definitely a well planned collection. They started building one year ago and are now buzzing. It looks like the project is just getting started. So, if you want to join, make sure to snag an NFT on the secondary market before it’s too late. Anyway, let me leave you with the latest news. Bitcoin NFTs are introducing a new minting system/ Read about it here!


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