Louvre Museum Denies Claire Silver’s Exhibit Amidst Drama

    All kinds of art are coming through these days. And recently we are witnessing an AI (Artificial Intelligence) revolution, where AI is almost powering everything. Not to mention Art has its fair share of the AI revolution with many artists like Claire Silver emerging to the scene. AI artist Claire Silver was said to debut her NFT collections in a private exhibit at the Louvre Museum in Paris. But the Louvre denies such a thing and thus the Claire Silver Louvre drama was born. Let’s dig in. 

    The Claire Silver-Louvre Drama

    On March 6 2023, Claire Silver took to Twitter to announce her participation in an exhibit at the Louvre Museum. Many people were triggered by this announcement so they naturally called the Louvre up and said: ‘ Yo what the hell is this man?’ The louvre in return responded with ‘Dk fam that’s cap.’ 

    And thus, ‘Claire Silver Louvre’ became a trend overnight. The artist represented by WME was collaborating with Supercheif for this project. Superchief had a meeting with Paris Blockchain Week during NFTParis  who suggested that Claire has an Exhibit at ‘The Louvre.’ 

    What the rep didn’t disclose was that ‘The Louvre’ does not actually mean the famous museum. But it actually means the ‘Carrousel du Louvre’ which is a mall next to the museum. After the truth came out Superchief and Claire announced her pulling out of the exhibition all together. And Claire said she will be taking a break from social media while preparing for her solo exhibition in LA. 

    The following statements by Claire and Superchief are regarding the ‘Claire Silver Louvre’ drama. 

    All allegations thrown at Superchief are denied by claiming that the details were not delivered correctly. And they say that PBW tricked them by not providing ‘fine print.’ 

    Misled by PBW Claire Silver and her rep says they rushed into announcing the news because of her excitement. But now she knows it was too good to be true. 

    Claire Silver Collections

    Claire’s ‘Love in the fourth turning’ was to be in the Claire Silver Louvre exhibit. Claire Silver is making her name in the art industry with her AI art. Despite being doubted by traditional artists, Silver’s work has been exhibited worldwide, sold at Sotheby’s London and on SuperRare. Silver has several notable collections on Opensea including ‘AI art is not art’ and her Genesis collection.  Her influence and popularity increase through her landmark sales in the NFT space, with her genesis piece, “c l a i r e.” Claiming a whopping 52 ETH (over $92,000) on SuperRare. Furthermore, her AI-collaborative art collection, AI Art is Not Art, has also surpassed 1,000 ETH. In trading volume on the secondary market, with 50 sales in the last 30 days.

    Final Statement

    Lastly, even though the Claire Silver Louvre fiasco may seem like a black point on the artist’s record. But it actually represents a milestone for both Silver as an individual AI artist and for the AI art movement in general. It shows that AI art is indeed heading places and the ridicule must stop. And what we are saying is that many artists will soon follow in Silver’s footsteps and emerge to the art scene.


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