Claynosaurz NFTs May Put Solana Back on the Map!

    Remember when the FTX/SBF drama caused the market crash and took Solana down the drain? When Yoots and Degods and even Tiny Colony departed the sinking ship of Solana? Everyone believed Solana is on its deathbed to the point where 1 SOL was less than $10 for the first time in two years. In a final scream, Solana released Bonk Coins to help pull it from the inevitable flames. We can say it was fairly successful as 1 SOL reached $16 after that move. At the time of writing, Solana stands still at $19.34. How is Solana still standing you wonder? There may be so many hidden reasons and maybe the Solana community is super solid. However, one thing for sure is the impact of Claynosaurz NFTs. A first-of-a-kind project that could single-handedly put Solana on the blockchain map again.

    Claynosaurz NFTs floor price just hit their ATH (web3 term for All Time High) since a year, so what is it about this project?!

    claynosaurz floor price

    Heads up, the creators Claynosaurz NFT project previously gave us unforgettable blockbusters like Avatar, Jurassic World, Godzilla, Harry Potter, Minions, and Stranger Things! Buckle up and let’s discover why this project is revolutionizing not only Solana but all of web3.

    Introducing Claynosaurz NFTs

    Before diving into the Claynosaurz NFTs, let’s settle the foundation for the project:

    Start Engagement Date: March 14, 2022
    Mint Day: November 26, 2022
    Mint Price: 10 SOL (about $140 at that time of mint)
    Supply: 10,000
    Magic Eden Floor Price: 65 SOL ($1,333.77 at the time of writing)

    Claynosaurz Official Links:

    -Twitter: 38.5k followers
    -Discord: 30,620 members
    -Website: coming soon
    -Project CEO: Andrew

    Claynosaurz is a collection of 10,000 3D animated NFTs that aim to create a digital-native studio born in web3.

    Claynosaurz started teasing itself over the span of 8 months before it finally dropped for mint. They grew their community organically and captured web3’s attention in a smart way. At first, it was unknown if these adorable clay dinosaurs were going to launch on Ethereum or Solana’s blockchain. Most people assumed Ethereum will be the host, because of the high quality and creative work shown. On September 1 (when SOL was $30) the Claynosaurz team shocked everyone by announcing that they will launch on Solana’s blockchain. That’s two months before the inevitable market crash.

    In their own words, they explained how Solana coincides with their vision:

    “SOL has been an incubator for phenomenal artists and communities. The virtually non-existent gas fees and tech resonate with what we’re attempting to do. We’re excited to see Solana shine these recent months, and we plan on doing our part. The claynos are coming home.”

    What Did Claynosaurz Do Mid-Market Crash and Bear?

    The market crash took place at the beginning of November and the Claynosaurz NFTs were scheduled to mint on November 26. Now that was a nightmare but the team didn’t give up hope.

    Despite SOL being under the rubble in November at $13, the Claynosaurz team confidently took to Twitter and stated that they wouldn’t leave Solana no matter how hard it gets because it’s the Claynos’ home.

    After their announcement and posting a teaser of their NFT collection, Solana pumped 8%.
    Coincidence? I don’t think so. That’s the power of genuine community and a legit project. On November 29, one day after the Claynosaurz NFTs reveal and 3 days after mint, the 24H sales volume surpassed that of BAYC and DeGods! So basically Solana was down 95% from its ATH after the crash, and Claynosaurz still minted out for 10 SOL mid-bear market. The floor price tripled swiftly from the mint date cementing Claynosaurz as a bluechip-status-worthy NFT project. In over 2 weeks from mint, Claynosaurz made 600K SOL! 

    Why Are Claynosaurz NFTs Innovative?

    Trying to pinpoint one reason the Claynosaurz NFTs project is innovative is not that simple. There are so many reasons this project may become the next Doodles and see similar success globally and cross-chain. If I have to summarize why this project will change the way we view NFTs, story-telling, and web3 it’d be:

    • Great professional team 
    • Creative Community Engagement 
    • Smart Airdrops especially the croissant hunt during NFT Paris.
    • Slowly Unfolding Events for the community to grasp
    • Collaborations with several platforms such as Metaplex 
    •  Linking physical and virtual through merch
    • top-notch storytelling and character development. 

    Claynosaurz Team

    The claynosaurz NFTs team is overflowing with talent. They have worked with companies such as Sony, Disney, Netflix, Ubisoft, Warner Bros, Riot Games, Illumination, Marvel, Industrial Light & Magic.

    As I teased in the introduction, the team bringing us CLaynosaurz worked before on our all-time favorites:

    • Avatar
    • Jurassic World
    • Godzilla
    • Avengers
    • Harry Potter
    • Pirates of the Caribbean
    • Game of Thrones
    • Stranger Things
    • Minions
    • Lego Movie
    • Paddington

    Check out these links to learn more about the whole team:

    -Art Direction
    -Modeling Artists
    -Texture and Lighting

    Creative Community Engagement: Bid for WL 

    Moreover, the team has shown an extremely creative way to support artists and build their community. Instead of going through underground WL fights over Whitelist spots, they utilized the WL giveaway as part of an auction. Basically, they teamed up with various artists from all over the space to mix their style with the Claynos and produce 1 of 1 NFTs. WL was given to everyone who bid in the auction. They revolutionized the space with a bid-for-WL mechanism that no other project did before. This is one smart way to defend royalties as they said in a tweet this is their creative way to give back to the space. The total NFTs auctioned amounted to 1,576.69 SOL as it all went to the artists without the claynosaurz team taking any percent of the profit.

    How Does the Future of Solana Look?

    I’ll end the Crlaynosaurz NFTs serenade with some reactions from the web3 space. I’m telling you, the future looks really bright for Solana as


    And here’s a very useful thread to get you all caught up on every aspect of the Claynosaurz NFT Project.



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