Transform Yourself into the Metaverse with CloneX NFTs

    It’s one thing to buy an NFT with great art, but it’s another thing when this art serves as an avatar in the Metaverse! And that’s exactly what the CloneX NFT collection does.

    RTFKT’s CloneX NFT collection is an extraterrestrial project that aims to revolutionize the blockchain. RTFKT has collaborated with Daz 3D and Takashi Murakami to create the first digital avatars that are ready to roam freely in the metaverse.  

    So, what are RTFKT and CloneX NFT? Hold your horses, I will explain.

    RTFKT CloneX NFT Collection


    The CloneX collection launched back in November 2021 offered 20,000 3D unique avatars. So what’s the hype about? It’s just another NFT collection with 3D graphics, right? WRONG! This collection was the first ever to feature Metaverse-focused avatars.

    What does that mean? It means the avatar is ready to go with you wherever you want in the multitudes of the Metaverse. I mean it’s great to have a cool-looking character, but an actual avatar in the metaverse? The avatar is actually you. You are going into the Metaverse in your clone form.

    RTFKT first teased the project under the working title of Akira, their most ambitious project so far! The CloneX NFT collection pre-sale was one of the most anticipated drops at the time. After dropping in November 2021, the collection has witnessed some mind-boggling sales of its rarest NFTs. The CloneX NFT x Takashi Murakami collection now has 236K ETH in total volume with 8.78 ETH for a floor price on Opensea.    

    The Studio Behind CloneX NFT

    The CloneX NFT collection is developed by RTFKT (Spelled Artifact) Studio.

    RTFKT is a creator-led NFT studio established in 2020. The studio uses game engines, blockchain technology, and AR to create its famous digital assets. RTFKT got the most attention from its million-dollar NFT sneakers.

    They are building their brand around the Metaverse by offering fashion and streetwear as collectibles. However, their vision went above and beyond to create avatars wearing the fashion pieces in the Metaverse. This led them to conceptualize the CloneX NFT collection as a step towards world-building.

    Who Is Takashi Murakami?

    Takashi Murakami

    Takashi Murakami is THE Japanese contemporary artist of the moment. If the name sounds familiar to you, it probably is. You have probably seen one of his famous smiling Flowers in a dream. Murakami is best known for blurring the boundary between fine art and commercial art into the “Superflat” aesthetic. 

    Before collaborating on the CloneX x Murakami NFT collection, Murakami worked with big names in the fashion industry such as Louis Vuitton and Vogue.. No wonder RTFKT collaborated with him on the CloneX NFT collection. His vision and wacky art choices were perfect for the Murakami DNA avatars. 

    CloneX Corp 

    Who are these CloneX avatars? Where do they come from? Why are there so many of them? 

    The CloneX universe is bound to have the most interesting lore out of all NFT collections. The story goes: Three aliens originating from the planet Orbitar in the Draco Constellation have come together to form CloneX Corp. Their mission is to transport the human consciousness into the immaterial form: Clone form.

     A step towards a future where humans no longer have to stick to their physical bodies. But rather freely express themselves in the many galaxies and multitudes of the Metaverse.

    CloneX NFT Avatars

    CloneX Avatars

    The CloneX NFT collection consists of 20,000 avatars to choose from. What makes this collection unique is its inclusivity. The clones represent a wide range of races with various clothing styles and unique hairstyles.

    But how will you choose the one that speaks to you the most? Easy! They come in eight DNA groups: Humans, Robot, Angel, Demon, Reptile, Undead, Alien, and Murakami. 

    Each of these types has a degree of rarity. The largest DNA group consists of Human clones which make up half of the collection. The rarest DNA are Aliens being only less than 0.15% of the entire clone supply. 

    CloneX Murakami

    The Murakami DNA is the most interesting out of all CloneX NFTs. Each Murakami clone is wacky and bizarre looking with an explosion of colors. If you are a fan of colorful surrealism, these are for you. But if those wacky clones are too much for you, each DNA group has a Murakami Drip trait that has a touch of Murakami’s art. 

    Not seeing anything you like from the whole 20,000 CloneX NFTs? Don’t worry! Once you purchase an NFT clone you’ll have the opportunity to further PERSONALIZE them. You’ll have access to 3D files to customize the attributes! 

    Is the CloneX NFT Collection Worth It? 

    In a Forbes interview with Benoit Pagotto, the co-founder of RTFKT,  he stated that the CloneX NFT collection is creating a new ecosystem for the company. Is it worth investing in? Probably if you believe in the Metaverse and its vision. Since all of the 20,000 NFTs clones are Metaverse ready, they are ready to go with you anywhere. Think of them being in your actual real-life wallet. The CloneX NFTs are ready to jump into video games, movies, and social media within the Metaverse and beyond it. 

    Excited to be a holder of a CloneX NFT but don’t know how? Find out here how to purchase one. 


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