Coffeezilla Exposes MMA Fighter Danis’s NFT Promotion Scams

    Coffeezilla, born Stephen Fendeisen, is a famous YouTuber with over 2.5 million subscribers. He is a dedicated crypto investigator and detective who took it upon himself to expose scammers in the Web3 space. In detail, Youtuber Coffeezilla Exposes MMA Fighter Dillon Danis. Let’s learn how the American mixed martial artist receives bribes to advertise  fake and irrelevant NFT rugs!

    Dillon Danis has been treading on thin ice in recent months due to many reasons. These range from getting clocked by Jake Paul’s sparring partner Anthony Taylor to backing out of a big money fight to box influencer KSI.

    So, you can say that his reputation has been hanging by a thread lately… 

    And recently, he received the final blow when Coffeezilla exposed him on Twitter AND Youtube for endorsing a fake NFT project. Not to mention a segment of the ruse also involved getting Danis to tweet out a message which spelled out S.C.A.M… Let’s learn more!

    Why Did Youtuber Coffeezilla Expose Danis?

    On December 23, 2022, MMA Fighter Dillon Danis decided to become famous for calling out scammers in the NFT space. In detail, he tweeted out about Logan Paul being a total ‘scumbag’, and that he ‘feels bad’ for every one of his victims. 

    Earlier in time, internet sleuth ZachXBT was keeping a close watch on the MMA Fighter’s sus NFT activity and biding his time, until he saw the above tweet… 

    As a retort, ZachXBT tweeted out the following… 

    Encased in the tweet is a bunch of rug pull and scam NFT projects that Dillon has previously promoted for some easy cash. 

    Naturally, Detective Coffeezilla couldn’t handle the hypocrisy and had to take matters into his own hands. And this was where it all began… 

    How did this happen exactly?

    On the ‘Coffeezilla exposes MMA Fighter’ rode, the crypto investigator reached out to our iconic NFT detective ZachXBT. He wanted to find out the number of scams Dillon participated in… 

    Consequently, Zach started digging through Dillon’s deleted tweets and previous posts… SPOILER ALERT, they were more than 20 scam NFT projects.

    Next, Coffeezilla wanted to find out how much money the MMA fighter was getting paid per social media advertisement. And what better way to do so than to ACTUALLY execute a scam ploy? 

    In brief, this investigator teamed up with NFT enthusiast OOMPAVILLE and tricked the MMA fighter to promote a fake NFT project called “Sour.GG” for $1,000. YIKES.

    Remember “Cryptozoo”? It is the scam project Logan Paul was blasted for.

    Well, Coffeezilla intended for this “Sour.GG” ruse to resemble that one exactly. And it went perfectly… 

    Youtuber Coffeezilla Exposes MMA Fighter: The Tweet

    In the promotion, Danis tweeted out a digital image with a website URL, which, according to Coffeezilla, “literally spells out S.C.A.M.” 

    And if Danis were to do some further investigation before going ahead with the promotion, he would’ve noticed that the website was fresh and newly created on February 1, 2023. 

    In case you didn’t know, this is often a tell-tale sign when checking the credibility of new projects. BEFORE you actually support and promote them.

    Ironically, when you click on the link, you see a gallery of screenshots. They detail all of the scam NFT projects Dillon has run in the course of his Web3 race.

    Finally, you can watch the detailed recap of this whole shebang on Youtube! It’s very fulfilling to see how justice is served…

    As always, stay tuned for more!


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