Cools Cats Rebrand To Stretch Their Paws Beyond Web3

    The Cool Cats NFT collection is coming forth with a new concept and what they called a new strategic direction.’ This Cool Cats rebrand was announced on Feb 1. When the team hosted a community town hall via Youtube live stream. The live stream mainly covered the collection’s new vision, goals, growth strategy, and product. And experience releases, partnerships, and new brand identity. Let’s dig into the Cools Cats rebranding.

    The Cool Cats Rebrand

    The Cools Cats rebrand is a celebrated change in Cooltopia. The rebrand took place over a series of days where a social media blackout happened from Jan 26 till Jan 31st. The blackout was accompanied by hints in the form of puzzles and clues scattered across Twitter and Discord. Then, the brand revealed its new identity across all social platforms on the 31st. To clarify, the new logo features a forward-facing cat with a red background as opposed to the previous side-facing cat with a pink background. Here are the two profiles: 

    Cool-Cats rebrand

    cool cats logo

    The New Strategic Direction

    The Cools Cats rebrand is not just a cool logo change. The NFT brand is introducing many new aspects to its rebrand strategy. First, the cool cats brand will continue to grow by leveraging community-driven storytelling and innovation. With a goal to grab people’s attention to the Cool Cats brand in a five-year plan. Moreover, the brand will use storytelling content and mainstream brand partnerships to scale their audience and deliver immersive products and experiences to bring the World of Cooltopia to their community. 

    Cool Cats Rebrand Products and What to Expect in 2023

    The Cool Cats rebrand comes with several new experiences and product launches in 2023 and here is what to expect:

    • Cool Score: A dynamic score that allows holders to track, measure, and earn rewards for their engagement within the Cool Cats community.
    • Journeys: A series of engaging opportunities blended with an immersive storytelling experience taking users on explorations through the World of Cooltopia.
    • Fracture NFTs: Dynamic NFTs that enables a new type of storytelling experience via digital collectibles. The Fracture NFTs are designed to evolve as holders complete more journeys. At the end of the Journey series, holders will enter into the fracture to reveal their new Cool Cats character PFP. Fracture NFTs have been airdropped by the brand to all holders. 
    • Explorers: Later in the year, the Cool Cats team will release a new entry-level NFT to help onboard more members to their Web3 community. Explorer NFTs will offer a new way to represent your digital identity.  Allowing for full-body customization (as opposed to traditional PFPs) and will be available across multiple chains and platforms. 

    Upcoming Partnerships

    The Cool Cats team has been busy scoring deal after deal with brands. The Cool Cats rebrand includes new aspects. That need these partnerships to make sure they come out as perfect and as eye-catching as possible. Furthermore, the partnerships include Ledger, Hologram, and Macy’s. 

    •  Cool Cats and Ledger will be launching Ledger Quest in early February; a co-branded educational initiative to help the community learn how to better protect their assets. 
    • Hologram will offer all of the Cool Cats holders the ability to experience their Cool Cats NFTs.In a whole new way through holographic technology and 3D avatars. 
    • We can’t forget about the Cool Cats IRL balloon that is sure to steal the show at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in November.  

    Final Statement 

    The Cool Cats rebrand is sure to steal the show. But Cool Cats is not the only brand that decided to take a new turn. Doodles as well had previously invested in an animated series and a comic before. But does this mean that Cool Cats is following in the footsteps of Doodles? Or will the Cool Cats rebrand take a different turn and wow the community? Stay Tuned.


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