How To Create NFTs Without Coding : With ZERO Experience!

    You watch NFTs Collections make tons of profit all the time. They do so really fast too! You wonder, how the hell am I supposed to do that? First of all, check our exclusive guide on the cost to create NFTs. Now hang on as we reveal the secret to create NFTs without coding experience!

    The possibilities are endless with NFTs, ranging from artwork to music to even collectible NBA trade cards. It’s an excellent demonstration of the legitimacy and ownership of creative creations. You can also make a respectable amount of money if you’re extremely talented (or fortunate). Don’t let intimidation and doubt stop you from becoming an NFT creator!

    Who Can Become an NFT Creator?

    Long story short, anyone can create NFTs without any coding knowledge. There is an online generator for code NFT collections. Without writing a single line of code, you can quickly create NFTs using this software.

    NFT producers increasingly populate the culture of video games and digital art. Celebrities have tried them and made millions of dollars doing so.

    To earn money online, you can start making NFT and selling it. NFTs are in great demand in the cryptocurrency industry. It could include anything, including video, music, digital art, and sports information.

    After creating your token, you can sell it or put it up for auction on a variety of platforms, such OpenSea or Rarible. Using sites like BlockPunk, which enables you to make digital art that can later be sold as an NFT, you can also create NFTs.

    A step-by-step guide to Creating NFTs without Coding

    Organize Your NFT Rarities & Traits

    You must first plan and consider several elements related to your NFT collection. You’ll need a strategy for your NFTs’ characteristics and corresponding rarity.

    If you’re already aware of how NFT collections operate, you’ll know that they often include several pictures that combine certain characteristics or attributes. These characteristics determine each NFT’s level of rarity.

    You should incorporate as many unique features or attributes as possible into your NFTs to increase their value. Avoid going overboard, though, as this can make your NFTs too difficult for people to grasp. The topic matter, size, style, background, resolution, and any other features are all examples of characteristics.

    The rarity of each NFT must be determined after you’ve chosen its characteristics or qualities. Since it increases the value of your NFTs, rarity is crucial.

    Make the Artistic Images

    Make art images that allow you to overlay features over one another using your list of predetermined characteristics. Once the NFT art collection has been developed, your final product will appear like a combination of features.
    You can design your own NFT artwork, use AI art generators, or hire a freelance designer, among other options.

    Create an NFT Collection

    Create NFTs without coding like a pro! If you don’t know how to code, you can try using no-code NFT generators to make digital art tokens. You might attempt the following well-known NFT generating platforms:

    Fotor NFT Creator:

    You may instantly transform your artwork into NFTs using Fotor NFT Creator. There is hardly any learning curve required for the AI art effect application Fotor. Choose your favorite painting technique, add your photo, and select an art effect type to make an NFT using Fotor. The platform offers a variety of tools, including graphic design suites, collage-making software, and photo editing tools. Additionally, it integrates with social networking platforms, making it simple for producers to promote their work.

    NFT Art Generator:

    Using blockchains like Ethereum or Solana, the NFT Art Generator produces your NFT collection. The platform can play movies, GIFs, and photos. Because you don’t need coding knowledge, you can concentrate entirely on your projects. The NFT Art Generator allows you to import your art supplies, create layers, and generate comprehensive generative NFT collections. Additionally, the platform may produce smart contracts for your NFT holdings.


    You may create, market, and find unique digital artworks using SketchAR. SketchAR, widely regarded as one of the top NFT art generators, combines augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) to produce an NFT collection. Users are also encouraged to submit their work for consideration by the program. Every week, SketchAR chooses the best artist from among all entrants and produces NFTs of their work at no cost. The artist’s work will also show on the platform as a reward.

    Appy Pie NFT Generator:

    Without the need for a developer or coding knowledge, you may create digital art and convert it into an NFT with the Appy Pie NFT Generator. By devolving application development, the platform intends to enable anyone to create digital solutions that address their individual needs. 1000 NFT collections can be made using Appy Pie’s user-friendly interface. The program also has a ton of features to meet the various needs of makers and artists. The program gives graphics and layers to add to your design in addition to readymade themes.


    One of the best tools for editing, creating, and animating your own voxel-based NFTs is VoxEdit. Even selling your pieces of art is possible in the Sandbox metaverse. VoxEdit combines a modeling editor with an animation framework to create spectacular visual effects. Even though this is expert software, because of its clear and concise instructions, even novices will find it simple. You can also earn money from your NFTs while keeping 95% of your salary.

    Use a Marketplace to Mint Your NFT

    After creating your NFT without coding knowledge, minting your NFT is the following step. This is how your artwork turns into a genuine NFT and becomes available for purchase. You should choose the blockchain on which you want to mint your NFTs and establish your NFT mint prices based on the rarities you’ve selected for the NFT attributes.

    You would need to locate a reliable NFT marketplace to conduct genuine NFT art sales on the NFT market to convert your digital art tokens into NFTs.
    When selecting an NFT marketplace, Consider the blockchain on which the NFT collection will be minted, the marketplace’s reputation, and the platform’s level of popularity. Rarible, OpenSea, and SuperRare are some well-known NFT Marketplaces. Depending on your platform, minting your NFT will often take a few minutes.

    Promote your collection of NFT artwork

    Promotion of your NFT art collection is the final phase. Social media, word-of-mouth, and even online advertisements can do this. The aim is to get as many individuals to see your NFTs increase your chances of generating a sale. Your chances of selling your NFTs increase as more people become aware of them.

    Selection Criteria for NFT Makers and Generators

    • It must have an intuitive user interface with straightforward instructions.
    • You must select an NFT generator that is mobile-friendly. If the program can also create NFTs, it will make transactions easier and faster.
    • Since you must alter your creation somehow, your NFT platform needs excellent editing capabilities.
    • A good NFT designer will also offer pre-made, editable templates. Code-free features equate to pre-made themes. Additionally, they provide pre-made styles, decorative effects, filters, and layers. As a result, using these templates can help you execute your ideas more quickly.
    • ⦁ A good NFT maker must contain several features, including several layers, graphic effects, predefined themes, and filters.
    • ⦁ Make sure the software is precise when choosing an NFT manufacturer. Even the smallest aspects of high-quality artwork are made with precision.

    Create NFTs With Zero Code Knowledge

    You can make NFTs without writing any code. No-code NFT generators that need a drag-and-drop interface and simple user interface can be used to build NFTs. Without writing a single line of code, these generator platforms may produce combinations of your chosen attributes. Don’t stress about those who are creating NFTs with coding knowledge. You have the upper hand to test out your skills and create NFTs without coding know-how! NFT coding programs are made to encourage you. Don’t let anything bring down your NFT creation ambitions!

    Don’t know what kind of NFTs you will create? Chainwitcher always got your back. Carry on to our pick of 10 NFT ideas that will drive your inspiration butterflies wild!


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