Crowd NFT Breaks OpenSea Record At 38K Total Mints!  

    Deep in the magical ‘Creature World’ reside our up-and-rising newcomers! Basically, the newly-released Crowd NFT collection is the first generative Open Edition collection to launch on OpenSea. And it broke the minting record real quick! In 24 hours to be exact… 

    From the adventurous mind of 23-year-old NYC-based Artist Danny Cole, Crowd is a collection composing creatures of every color into endless unique combinations.

    It’s worth mentioning that this open edition is more affordable than some of the other works in the Creature World ecosystem.

    The current floor price according to CoinGecko is only 0.0194 ETH or about $30. So, it is a great entry point for new fans.

    Let’s learn more!

    Creature World Ecosystem:

    Before we get to the Crowd NFTs…

    Back in 2017, the OG Creature World was paintings and graffiti in New York city’s visual landscape before it became digital art!

    At the center of this world is The Creature: a manifestation of the universal human spirit that exists purely without age, gender, or nation.

    And Artist Danny Cole was making waves in the art world with his imaginative and dreamlike creations. Moreover, he united people from all walks of life in his art shows.

    However, the pandemic hit, and all of it had to halt.

    In an explorative effort to bring Creatures to life in the digital world in August 2021, Cole released his first NFT collection. And it was his symbol of the universal human spirit.

    Since it came to life, the Creature World collection spawned a thriving market and attracted a loyal following.

    As I am writing this, the Creature World NFT has a market cap of over $3 Million, and a reputable 0.2 ETH floor price. 

    It’s worth noting that the predecessor to Crowd NFT is not merely an art project. Creature World promises some worthwhile utilities in the works!

    These include:

    • Immersive exhibitions IRL.
    • Fine art and an array of special projects! 
    • A dedicated fashion label and clothing collection called ‘Migration’ as well as physical goods. 
    • They plan to start their own TV show.
    • Creature World video game is also underway.

    Over the last several years, Creature World brought its vibrant cartoon universe to people with loud expressions in a multitude of mediums. 

    The Creature World and Crowd collections aim to unite people regardless of their differences. And last but not least, with over 26K loyal Discord members, it’s safe to say they are fairing pretty well… 

    Crowd NFT Generates Buzz

    On March 2, the Crowd NFT mint went live

    And the response was explosive.

    People created 38,045 NFTs marking this as the biggest drop on OpenSea ever!

    According to Icy Tools, the collection has 10,268 unique owners, so the majority of collectors have more than one crowd! How many exactly?

    On average, each wallet has 3-4 minted Crowd NFTs.

    Check out the mint distribution chart below:

    Crowd NFT Holders

    Less than a week since they were first minted, the NFTs managed a market cap of 738.073 ETH or $1.1 Million. And they continue to generate major buzz on Web3 Twitter!

    The question remains: Now that all of these Crowds exist, what’s next on the agenda?

    The team promises all special things for Chapter 2, and they’ll be sharing updates as they move forward.

    For now, stay tuned for more hot releases, and enjoy the ride!


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