Is CryptoGPT Fueling The Next Bull Market?

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you’ve heard about the AI chatbot ChatGPT. It launched and everyone and their grandmas started using it. Some even asked it for dating advice. Yeah, humans are weirder than bots. Amidst the hype of AI, CryptoGPT came to light. With its new concept, it might just solidify AI on the blockchain

    What Is CryptoGPT?

    CryptoGPT is a zero-knowledge layer-2 blockchain allowing you to monetize your AI data. As we know by now, data is crucial to all companies. Our data is stored left and right by almost everyone. Moreover, the data market is insane per the numbers below on CryptoGPT’s website

    Data Market per CryptoGPT

    And, AI has caught the attention of almost everyone. Based on Google trends, interest in “Artificial Intelligence” jumped from 62% to 80% since March last year.

    So, CryptoGPT was like: you know what, why don’t you make some money from data and AI? AI is still developing and needs data. So… sell it. And, the data can be related to:

    • Fitness
    • Dating 
    • Gaming
    • Education

    This collected data is packaged and sold in the global data marketplace to then be used to enhance AI development. 

    But, How Does The CryptoGPT Technology Work?

    First, what does zero-knowledge mean? A ZK rollup is a Layer 2 blockchain solution that performs computations and storage off-chain while funds are held in a smart contract.


    Why is it helpful? Because it allows blockchains to:

    • Validate transactions faster
    • Keep gas fees minimal

    Basically, it’s:

    • Low-cost 
    • Secure
    • Safe 
    • Private

    This technology uses a Data-to-AI engine that turns data into a valuable asset. It collects, processes, encrypts and packages data. The packaged data is then sold to further develop AI. All that while making you money. 

    Right… Now, How Do You Sell Your Data?

    Data, AI, ZK layer-2, got it. Now the real talk is how to get that money. CryptoGPT has a full ecosystem set in place. 

    1. Use their apps in fitness, dating, games & education
    2. CryptoGPT captures and packages data
    3. Own your data and sell it

    CryptoGPT nft

    What happens is they turn your data of the app into a capsule NFT. They’re on-chain NFTs that store your activity data. The more capsules you have, the higher-earning you get. So, you can get capsules on marketplaces. And, they have different rarity and traits. Also, don’t worry as their apps are very user friendly.

    CryptoGPT NFT Data Capsule

    CryptoGPT Pays You In $GPT

    In case you’re wondering how you’d get paid, it’s in $GPT. $GPT is CryptoGPT’s native token. Yesterday, Friday at 11 AM UTC, the trading of the token opened on:

    According to coingecko, its price currently stands at $0.0445

    Will It Increase?

    I don’t have a 100% accurate answer. But, I have facts. $GPT has a 24H volume of $19.9M which is noticeably high. 

    Moreover, CryptoGPT has

    This means it has a huge community which could potentially cause the numbers to skyrocket. I won’t be saying anything more than this. I’m not a financial advisor and wouldn’t like to stir things in any direction. You decide what you want to invest in. 

    Pay Attention To Scammers

    CryptoGPT trended on Twitter creating a lot of hype, excitement, and scammers. Whenever the attention is on something, scammers are focused sharp on it too. There has been an insane increase in fake accounts impersonating the original account. 

    Fake CryptoGPT accounts

    The official account is @CryptoGPT_org. Moreover,  they’ve been flooding Twitter with fake giveaways, airdrops, and shady links. If you’re looking into investing in this new technology, double, even triple, check the links you’re clicking on. 

    Fun Fact: CryptoGPT Has Its Own AI Bot Alex

    It took a lot of self-control to not ask Alex, the CryptoGPT AI bot, to write this article. The concept is so fun. I couldn’t control myself that much so I let him write this section. I asked Alex to give me some facts about CryptoGPT.

    He answered with the following: 


    1. CryptoGPT is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that uses blockchain technology to offer financial services. 
    2. The project was launched in 2021 and is built on the Ethereum blockchain. 
    3. The platform’s native token is called GPT and is used to pay for transaction fees and access various features on the platform. 
    4. CryptoGPT offers several financial services, including staking, lending, borrowing, and trading. 
    5. The platform uses smart contracts to automate transactions and ensure the security and transparency of its operations. 
    6. CryptoGPT aims to provide users with a decentralized and trustless financial ecosystem that operates without intermediaries. 
    7. The project has a team of experienced developers and advisors who are working to improve the platform’s features and expand its adoption. 
    8. Users can access CryptoGPT through its web-based interface or via compatible wallets that support the Ethereum blockchain. 
    9. The platform offers competitive interest rates on its lending and borrowing services, and users can earn additional rewards through staking and liquidity mining. 

    Is It Legit?

    I also had to ask Alex himself to know. Check his answer below. 

    AlexAI answering if CryptoGPT is legit

    Listen to Alex and always do your research.

    So, Will CryptoGPT Fuel The Next Bull Market?

    CryptoGPT has succeeded in scoring big numbers in terms of community as well as in trade volume. It’s technologically advanced incorporating two of the big things in the market: data and AI. It’s definitely too early to know for sure. Again, not a financial advisor here, but I think this project has got some serious potential. Let me know what you think about this. Are AI tokens the future of Web3?


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