A Guide to CryptoPunks NFTs: Review, Where and How to Buy, & Pricing!

    One of the biggest non-fungible flex you could ever have is owning one of the CryptoPunks NFTs! But, you don’t have to take our word for it. We’ll let the numbers do the talking. We’re here to present you with all kinds of details about the NFT collection. Everything you need to know about these pixel art images that include some of the most expensive NFTs ever!

    If you take a look back down NFT history, you’ll notice that these Punks are some of the earliest projects. So, this makes them one of the more established NFT projects you could invest in! Keep reading to find out more about these Punks! And, if you want to stay in the loop and get all kinds of NFT news; click on the button below!


    CryptoPunk_ #7804 - ChainWitcher

    Studio Larva Labs launched CryptoPunks NFTs – a collection of 10,000 collectible characters – back in June of 2017. In 2022, Yuga Labs acquired the digital collection of Punks. They are one of the first collections ever created on the Ethereum blockchain under the ERC-721 NFT standard.

    It includes 10,000 unique 24 x 24-pixel art images of characters with combinations of up to 87 attributes. Each Punk can have a maximum of seven traits. However, there is one Punk with complete seven traits – Punk #8348 with the following traits: a cigarette, earring, mole, buck teeth, shades, top hat, and a beard. But, at the same time, your Punk can have zero traits. All of which play a huge role in their NFT rarity. Their most unique traits include zombies, apes, and aliens.

    All CryptoPunks are randomly-generated which makes you the sole owner of a unique pixel avatar. During the public release, 9,000 Punks were available for mint with Larva Lab keeping the remaining 1,000. The most expensive Punk sold for $23.7 million!


    CryptoPunks_#3100 - ChainWitcher

    Here’s where the numbers do the talking so you can truly understand how monumental the CryptoPunks NFTs are! First, according to CryptoSlam, the Punks rank number 2 on the list of rankings by sales volume of ALL TIME.

    Highest All Time Sales: According to data from DappRadar
    #5822 Punk ~ $23.58M
    #4156 Punk ~ $10.5M
    #5577 Punk ~ $7.82M
    #7804 Punk ~ $7.56M
    #3100 Punk ~ $7.51

    Volume: $2.82B
    Market Cap: $516.66M
    Floor Price: 48.9 ETH
    Total Sales: 21,509
    Total Owners: 3.5K


    CryptoPunks NFTs #5822 - ChainWitcher

    Finally, the last thing you should know is how to buy CryptoPunks NFTs because it’s a bit different. Of course, you’re going to want to have basic knowledge of how to buy or sell NFTs, to begin with. So, make sure to check out this guide for help.

    Also, another thing you should know is that you can not buy CryptoPunks off the leading secondary marketplace for NFTs. We’re talking about OpenSea. Although you can view them there, you can only purchase them off Larva Lab’s website. Or, you can check out their CryptoPunks app! You can connect your crypto wallet and buy, bid, or sell your NFTs there! 


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