Current Top NFTs After World Cup Kicked Off in Qatar

    The event we’ve all been anticipating is upon us, the 2022 FIFA World Cup kicked off this weekend in Qatar, and millions of soccer fans are rejoicing! However, this year brings with it a different prospect. Today, athlete NFT collections and Bored Apes in Adidas commercials are the new norm. In this context, what collections are among the top NFTs this first week of the FIFA World Cup?

    In 2018, during the last FIFA World Cup in Russia, the terms NFT and Web3 were not used in common day-to-day conversations. This year, not only are soccer diehards quenching their thirst for sports and competition, and they are getting their fill of various World Cup related Web3 releases.

    Current Top Selling NFTs

    1) Bored Ape Yacht Club

    Our #1 top NFTs are none other than everyone’s favorite blue chip Bored Apes collection. In the past 24 hours, BAYC, a collection featuring a set of 10,000 uniquely generated NFTs, has recorded a sales volume of 1,643.28 ETH or $1,994,342 according to CoinGecko. It has a market capitalization of $728 million and a floor price of $72,818. Elite performance.

    2) CryptoPunks

    The iconic CryptoPunks are our #2 top NFTs for this week! To no one’s surprise… According to statistics, this Larva Labs creation has an eye-watering market cap of $800,232,24 with the 24 hour sales volume recorded at 340.8 ETH or $413,607. Not to mention that CryptoPunks recently surpassed BAYC in terms of floor price! These punks now sit at $80,039. Insane values indeed.

    3) Invisible Friends

    Just because you can’t see them, doesn’t mean they don’t make money moves! Our Invisible Friends are the 3rd Top NFTs; this animated collection is made up of 5,000 characters that move smoothly in a loop and have no facial or body parts, just clothes, and accessories. 

    The current market cap is an impressive $12,439,759, and the 24 hour sales volume is 296.79 ETH or more than $356,000. It’s worth noting that the floor price for our invisible buddies is a somewhat affordable $2,487. More affordable than most on this list… 

    4) Mutant Ape Yacht Club

    My personal favorite, MAYC are #4 on our chart! This sought-after collection rose from the original Bored Apes, but mutated! The engineering behind them is impeccable; check out their original story here

    In the past 24 hours, Mutant Ape Yacht Club has amassed a sales volume of 253.26 ETH or $304,042. And this collection has a powerful market capitalization of $251.8 Million at the moment. In addition, the floor price is a staggering $12,965!

    5) Otherdeed For Otherside 

    This collection was brought to us by the MVPs of Web3, Yuga Labs, and it occupies the 5th spot on our list. Furthermore, Otherdeed is an NFT that acts as an access token to a plot of digital land in the otherside metaverse. And owners of the Otherside lands are infamously known as ‘The Otherdeeds’. In the past 24 hours, it has recorded a sales volume of 228.24 ETH or $274,091. The NFT collection has a market capitalization of $130.89 Million and a floor price of $1,309. We like what we see…

    6) ENS: Ethereum Name Service

    In detail, Ethereum Name Service (ENS) NFTs are secure domain names for the decentralized world. Basically, they provide a way for users to map human readable names to blockchain and non-blockchain resources. 

    In the last 24 hours, the NFT collection has recorded a huge sales volume of 214.45 ETH or $257,492. Moreover, tt has a floor price of $1.32 and a market capitalization of $3 million. Check it out on OpenSea!

    7) Moonbirds

    Our next collection is the cutest one yet! The Moonbirds NFT collection is nesting in rank 7 on the top NFTs lineup. 10,000 uniquely pixelated characters make up this collection. They illustrate a really cool owl that seems to have all the expressions and outfits of the world under its wings! 

    In the past 24 hours, this collection has recorded a sales volume of 188.4 ETH or $226,236. Moreover, the Moonbirds NFTs have an eye-catching market cap of $93.66 million and a hefty floor price of $9,366.44.

    8) Smol Joes 

    Back in August 2022, the Smol Joes were founded by the creators of TraderJoe and Joepegs on the Avalanche blockchain. They were free of Charge! You only had to pay the required gas fees to mint the NFTs.

    The NFT collection has recorded a 24-hour sales volume of 15,454.04 AVAX or $201,765. Moreover, it has a market capitalization of $456,954 and a floor price of $4,569.

    9) CloneX

    Last but certainly not least on our top NFT list is the crowd favorite CloneX! As a matter of fact, this collection was created by icons RTFKT studios and Takashi Murakami. It is an extraterrestrial project that aims to revolutionize the blockchain. For instance, they are the first digital avatars that are ready to roam freely in the metaverse!  

    As I am writing this, the NFT collection has recorded a sales volume of 159.01 ETH or $190,869. It has a market cap of $185.3 Million and a floor price of $9,541 according to stats from CoinGecko


    Non-fungible tokens have somewhat made a comeback amid the football season after suffering more than 30% loss due to the recent FTX drama and market crash. But the market is ever changing. And with new-comers every single day, the titans of the blockchain are bound to change over time. Meanwhile, we will keep a close eye on all the conspicuous market activity and update you with everything worth noting! Bye!


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