3 Ways To Make Money Using Custom Bots 2023

    Don’t you want to avoid waiting hours to bag the most awaited launch of the year? Now, you can get custom bots to skip the hassle. The bots keep tabs on your most wanted item to get back in stock, new launches, and discounts while you chill and go about your day!

    Bots (short for robots) have revolutionized the digital world and taken it by storm. Early adopters, including corporations like American Express, Amazon, NFL, SMEs, and individuals, are already using them. These bots automate the businesses’ models and increase revenues. 

    But, what are custom bots and how do they work?

    A bot is a software that is programmed and developed to perform a specific task using RBA (Robotic Process Automation). It is developed using different programming languages, such as Lisp, C++, and Python, the most used programming language in this field.

    Programmers provide bots with a set of instructions to automatically follow. The only difference is that they can perform a human-programmed task much more efficiently, faster, and accurately.

    For example, the Sneaker bot AIO Bot, more widely known as the “shoe bot,” is a custom bot software  that helps you quickly purchase limited available stocks. Likewise, you can use the Luko bot to track and snatch your favorite Amazon product at the lowest price as it drops. Contrary to myths, bots are actually easy to use.

    Custom Bots

    How can you make money using the AI bots?

    Here are three methods that help companies and individuals bag massive revenues by employing custom bots’ capabilities.

    Method #1 Snatch Limited Time Offers through Custom Bots

    First, these bots can grabany limited drop from makeup to crypto to NFT. You can use them to track new launches, limited-time offers, limited edition items, and more. They sure can snatch them for you.

    Wondering how a bot can do that?

    A bot is custom to keep checking the websites where a certain product will drop, such as Walmart, Amazon, Big W, Target, HiFi, and more. The bot checks for the inventory of a certain product on these pages. When it finds the inventory, it looks for the “Add to Cart” button and buys the product.

    Another way is the bot communicates with the website’s code. When it sees any changes in the inventory stocking, it orders the product for you.

    In addition, bots can buy one product  multiple times from a single website using different IPs and IDs. Most websites restrict bulk purchasing. Instead, they put a cap on how much a user can buy. The best part, bots can keep purchasing  until you get your desired quantity or the product goes out of stock.

    Custom Bot

    Case Study: PS5

    Let’s look at real-life examples of how people benefited from custom bots to bag PS5 (PlayStation 5) gaming consoles and made huge profits.

    After the pandemic, due to the shortage of chip availability, gamers are having a hard time finding gaming consoles. Therefore, even the biggest retailers are experiencing a drop every two weeks. And when PS5 is available, they practically vanish into thin air.

    Yes, you got that right. People are buying them that quickly.  

    Bots come into play most effectively when we seek a most-wanted product to fall back in stock. These are known as Scalper Bots.

    Once the bot gets a hold of the PS5, let’s say, the bot bags 4 PS5 at the launch price or limited-time offer price. The reseller, now owner of the 4 PS5, can resell them for a premium, due to the scarcity of the product.

    Economic Rule of Scarcity: Scarce products always remain high in demand. And those high-in-demand products mostly become scarce.

    For instance, the PS5 owners get them for $500 each. And, due to high demand, they sell them for $800 each. The owner therefore makes a $300 profit per unit which is 60% ROI (return on investment).

    Economic Law of Supply & Demand: When supply is low , and the demand is high, you can set a higher price. As the consumer would want to purchase the product due to supply shortage.

    This is a huge financial benefit for getting one deal using the bot. However, there are many more examples where a bot owner could earn thousands of dollars. In the case where the bot scores a deal for the limited edition or limited item in time. 

    Method #2 Taking Advantage of Macro Impacts / Market Situations

    Second, these softwares can make use of the market situation. Bots are not physical, but the gains earned through them are pretty much tangible. Benefitting from the situations has always reaped more rewards than any normal situation.

    Let’s talk about the pandemic and how everyone was shut in their homes.

    There was more internet surfing and online shopping than ever. This is where bots came in handy to those who cared to have them.

    The pandemic was also the time when crypto reached its peak. Many were interested in making money through it. Graphic cards were in great demand. Bots’ users would place the bots to do the bidding for the graphic cards. Bots Bid for unique and one-of-a-kind cards. Users benefit more by reselling or just letting the items sit in their collectibles and sell them later with a massive premium.

    Down Market Norm: When there’s recessions and scenarios like COVID-19 where businesses stop working, consumers’ buying power decreases. Disposable income decreases, stock markets get down, and so is every other trading possibility. This is when investors start buying assets at discounts to sell them for a higher price when the market normalizes.

    Users would customize bots to snag Radeon 67000XT, Nvidia RTX 3000, or other GPUs, and that’s it. The bot would do the rest. People and companies make huge profits buying at cheap rates and reselling at higher prices. 

    Method #3 Keep track of Discounts Using a Custom Bot

    “Never miss a deal with bots.”

    Missing discounts is heartbreaking. And logging into different sites to check if the discount has started is a real hassle.

    But to your surprise, custom bots made by professional companies can be programmed to look for discounts and deals at your favorite websites.

    But you can’t just go around buying 100 units of 1 discounted product from your account.

    Therefore, several companies and individuals have to create multiple accounts with the same website to buy products in bulk quantities due to the restriction on quantity purchases per account.

    Apart from good discounts, some sellers also give the whole batch a great bargain. Companies buy the whole batch of products at a discounted price if their bot strikes a deal. This enables you to sell the products to a physical store or even an online platform at a higher price. The bots can work up and get hold of discounts for the company, making it a favorable situation and leading to great profits.  

    Final Thoughts

    Custom bots provide endless possibilities for making profits and automating buying and tracking practices. In addition, you will never have to worry about an item going  out of stock!

    Employing AI and Bots capabilities to action is a smart way to gain money. It’s like hiring a support system that keeps checking for the amazing deals out there on your behalf. They can even make the purchase 1000x times faster than you would have.

    “Be Smart, and Let the AI talk with the AI to your benefit.”

    So, here are the best shoe bots for the BEST chance at copping sneakers!


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