How it Feels to Have a 1 of 1 pair of Custom Sneakers

    The more involved you get in this sneaker industry, the more you’ll want. More colorways, more technology, more designs, and more sneakers in general. Up to a point where finding the best sneaker bot becomes an obsession. And getting more of your favorite kicks becomes an undying wish. But unfortunately, sneaker brands don’t always listen to what sneakerheads want. They rarely do. So you, the hungry and eager fan find comfort and consolation in rare 1 of 1 custom sneakers.

    What are Custom Sneakers, and Why Do We Like Them So Much?Custom-sneaker-AM1-Goku

    First things first, if you haven’t read our custom Yeezys article, do. Now!

    Custom sneakers are updated or upgraded versions of sneakers we’ve seen before. Changes applied to such sneakers may range from a simple change in the colorway to a complete makeover. And since there are too many elements that make up a sneaker, there’s so much you can alter in them to make them your own.

    Also, custom sneakers have always been sneakerheads’ way to protest against pairs they don’t like. We’ve seen this not too long ago with the Adidas X Dragon Ball Z Collab. As much as sneakerheads were waiting for that collection to drop, it was a complete disappointment. That is why some sneaker customizers went above and beyond in customizing the Adidas DBZ sneakers. Just to give the industry a sense of how it could’ve been had Adidas not ruined it!

    Why Do We Like Them?

    The thing about custom anything, whether sneakers or clothes or handbags, is that it’s your own. There’s always something special about having a one of a kind piece. And sneakerheads pay A LOT for their own pair of Air Jordan or Yeezys. And though you can buy a Friends & Family Pair off reselling platforms, having a sneaker made only for you is just dope!

    A new pair of Air Jordan 1 Cactus Jack would’ve cost you $175 at retail. But since you didn’t cop on release day, you’ll have to pay around $1,400 for a size 10 to buy it off StockX. But a custom pair of the “Expensive Taste Air Jordan 1” by The Shoe Surgeon costs a big $5K.

    And custom sneakers have grown so much in popularity that there are many renowned and professional customizers in the industry. And they’re ready to make even the wildest of your dreams a reality. For a fee.

    The Best Custom Sneakers IG Accounts

    If you think about it, custom sneakers are just an extension of the industry and another, way higher, level of addiction to kicks. While you could pay $220 for a pair of legit Yeezys, you go the extra mile and get a pair of pretty pricey customs to feel even more unique. So where should you head to get a custom pair of sneakers?

    You can go to your talented friend and have them doodle on your Cream Whites. Or you can reach out to a professional sneaker customizer and have your Jays made over to your own liking.


    1. @Theshoesurgeon

    If you have had any interest at any time in sneaker customization, you must’ve heard of The Shoe Surgeon. Dominic Chambrone is a pioneer in the sneaker industry and has created some of the most iconic bespoke and custom sneakers in the game. The creativity, craftsmanship, and use of material are unmatched. And whichever custom pair of Jordans you’ve once seen and fallen in love with, are probably designed by The Shoe Surgeon.

    My personal favorite is his recent Air Jordan 1 Astro World which sold for $5000. These customs were designed out of Astro World Merch, and that explains the high retail price. Dominic has an expensive taste, and every sneaker he touches gets all glammed up and fancy. His signature material is definitely Python skin, but he’s had a fair number of experimentations with shimmer and shine. And they’re all, just like the North Pole Air Jordan 11, really amazing.

    2. @FRECustoms

    Remember the incredible floral AF1s, Yeezys, and Adidas Ultraboosts? Well, this is the name behind them. FRECustoms is a UK-based sneaker customization label best known for upgrading Nike, Adidas, and Vans shoes. Dressing your plain O’l sneakers with branded patterns and material, making them worth a lot more than just money.

    3. @Kickstradomis

    As his Instagram Bio says, Kickstradomis is a celebrity sneakers customizer. His designs are not regular and his customer base is beyond average. There’s nothing average about customizing a lit pair of kicks for Robert Downey Jr.!

    4. @VandyThe Pink

    Vandy The Pink follows a slightly different approach to customizing. A more Luxe approach. While all other designers switch between casual and classic designs, Vandy seems more into utilizing patterns and material from high-end brands. And Vandy’s work goes way beyond sneakers. A quick scroll through their IG account shows lots of upgraded jackets, shirts, hats, and a motorcycle!

    And anything you can possibly think of gets the LV, Fendi, Gucci, or Chanel treatment. Even a sandwich!custom-sneaker-pinky-grinch

    5. @Vijzbespokes

    Vijz’s customs are some of the cleanest and most artistic in this field. Even his IG account is a piece of art. Based in the Netherlands, Vijz recreates classic sneaker silhouettes with a touch of luxe, art, and very often, animal print. Speaking of animals and prints, Vijz’s atmos x Nike Beast and Pinky Grunch were among his most iconic designs. And which I really like.

    6. @Flaneurzclique

    If you wanna get your sneaker game rolling, pun intended, you reached the right account. Flanuerz is the Parisian label behind what it calls “On Wheelz”. These are a set of clip-on wheels that you can attach to any compatible pair of shoes. This ingenious piece of accessory is exactly what every on-the-go sneakerhead needs. Just make sure your kicks meet the conditions and you’re good to roll!

    OG Vs. Custom Sneakers

    Flexing a 1 of 1 custom pair of sneakers sure feels great. But it comes at a very high cost sometimes. And if you’re a person with an eccentric taste, chances are your custom kicks won’t make you much money if you flip them. That is why this is a niche market for celebrities and fancy sneakerheads who wouldn’t take average for an answer.

    But if you’re more loyal to the industry, and more about copping to flip and make that extra cash, stick to the regular sneaker releases. They’re more affordable and you can sell them in a blink of an eye. And using a powerful sneaker bot, like AIO Bot, they can be really easy to obtain.


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