DeadFellaz – The New Zombie-Style NFT Collection

    DeadFellaz, a zombie themed collection, quickly became celebrated in the NFT community. The Ethereum collection launched on Friday, the 13th. Moreover, its founder became known for empowering Web3 artists and fighting for their rights. And this spooky collection is perfect for Halloween lovers. Let’s unearth more about this NFT collection.

    What is DeadFellaz? 

    In brief, the collection boasts 10k PFPs available on Opensea and Looksrare. This project prides itself on having genderless avatars, making it pop for NFT enthusiasts.

    The NFTs are generated randomly from 300 unique traits that include different styles, appealing to a larger audience.

    Furthermore, the rarity factor is present not in traits but in the combination of said traits. Also, you should note that secret traits are available. But aren’t all listed. Instead, you can discover them along the way. 

    DeadFellaz holders, AKA ‘the horde,’ have reached a whopping 6.5k. And this horde includes a bunch of celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Lionel Richie, Steve Aoki, Gary Vee, and many more.

    According to Coingecko

    • The floor price of DeadFellaz is 0.82 ETH ($1,025.53)
    • Market Cap is 8,199.18 ETH ($10,254,313.15)
    • 24h Volume is 15.2869 ETH

    DeadFellaz sold out within 20 minutes of its launch back in September 2021. It has also gained $6 million+ within its first month. 

    DeadFellaz Origin Story

    Two people Betty, and Psych, started DeadFellaz in August 2021. Betty chose to remain anonymous until mid 2022. However, she later became known in the community as ‘the horde mother’.

    The couple started this collection because no other collection on the market stood out to them. So, they decided to start an NFT collection that depicts their views and visions. 

    Betty is a supporter of artists and NFT founders on Web3 fighting for their rights. 

    When Opensea announced they were going to cut off artist fees for existing collections. Betty took it to Twitter to announce her displeasure and called forth other artists to find a solution. 

    Side Projects 

    • DeadFellaz Infected S1/S2

    Every Halloween, DeadFellaz infects the works of other artists, producing a unique collaboration that pays tribute to DeadFellaz. Participating artists have to produce a DeadFellaz-inspired piece in their own style. These pieces are later minted or distributed in whatever way the artists want.

    S1 featured artwork from 13 different artists, including Cool Cat’s artist Colin Eagen, Ghxsts, Stephy Fung, Smoochies, and MarktheHabibi. S2 featured artwork by Psych that was inspired by artists like ThankYouX, Yosiner, Claire Silver, Shinsei Galverse, and more.  

    shinsei betty

    deadfellaz shinsei infected

    • Betty Pop Horror

    Alongside Infected S1, the Betty Pop Horror collection emerged. The inspiration behind the 225 NFTs collection is the co-founder herself and interpreted as classic horror icons from pop culture.

    deadfellaz betty pop horror

    • DeadFrenz

    In February 2021, the DeadFellaz team released DeadFrenz, a project of 13k NFTs, a companion to the original collection. In detail, these “zombie pets” consist of undead rabbits, tigers, dogs, cats, and other species.  ‘A Lab Acess Pass’ will act as your mint pass for your DeadFrenz. Basically, holders of DeadFellaz, Betty Pop Horror, and DeadFellazS1 can claim one Lab Acess Pass per token they hold. According to the DeadFellaz blog.

    DeadFellaz’s Future Plans

    DeadFellaz is thriving on its collaborations. For example, in December, they collaborated with Wrangler and produced a members-exclusive denim jacket. Similar to other projects, they decided to forgo a roadmap in favor of checking in with their community via blog post updates on Discord

    Lastly, DeadFellaz has been a booming project in the NFT marketplace. With strong founders that strive to protect the rights of artists on the Web3, DeadFellaz is bound to reach higher places in the coming future. Stay tuned for more news. 


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