DeGods NFT: They Rule All!

    Created way back in April 2021, the now-legendary DeGods NFTs did get off on the wrong foot. But, we’ll get into the juicy details in a bit. Today, these Dustlabs creations successfully broke into the marketplace and scored. Big time. This iconic collection is Solana royalty! No joke. It is the #1 collection on the Solana blockchain. Check them out on Twitter! So without further ado, let’s dive into all that makes our group of so-called “degenerates, punks, and misfits” this special!

    This collection comprises 10,000 deflationary PFPs of mythological deities made modern by a distinct punk element. What does deflationary mean though? A deflationary asset becomes more valuable over time for holders. For example, Binance coin (BNB) is a deflationary cryptocurrency. And one of the main ways they achieve this appreciation of their NFT assets is through “NFT burning.” But let’s not get ahead of ourselves! 

    According to Magic Eden, and as I’m writing this, the floor price for a DeGods NFT is a hefty 378 SOL or about $5350 with a promising 24h sales volume of 405.79 SOL or almost $5744. Moreover, 4,552 owners form the DeGods cult and are actively recruiting via their chatty Discord DeDao! Seriously, they have over 23K members on there… 

    Getting off on The Wrong Foot 

    Back when Frank DeGods (Yes, that’s a pseudonymous name) first launched the DeGods NFTs into the market, he was underwhelmed. To say the least. The initial plan was to release the NFTs to an exclusive list of potential investors. At that time, these members had to complete an online challenge to secure a place on the list. 

    However, an army of bots and fake NFTs swarmed the platform and provoked an almost instant “sale out” of the assets before anyone could stake a DeGods NFT. Consequently, a wave of panic ensued, trust was broken, and no one dared to venture into the project. As a result, the DeGods NFT drastically plummeted in price putting the whole project under threat. 

    However, the DeGods Dao team did not lose faith and kept hustling!

    At the moment, these NFTs are divided into 5 rarity categories according to their features: Common, uncommon, rare, super rare, and mystic. Naturally, the rarer your Degods NFT, the pricier it will be!

    The success of the DeGods stems from straightforward yet efficient criteria: 

    • An exceptional and hard-working team behind the project.
    • Meticulously designed artwork that promises a unique identity experience.
    • A storyline that entices and resonates with a large portion of the audience.
    • The DeGods NFT and its corresponding token DUST (Dust protocol) provide innovative utility and tons of benefits to the holders.

    Speaking of the exceptional team… This governing body consists of the DAO Lead (leaders of the DeGods community), the Divine Council (elected leaders from the community), and the DeAlpha Team (the team behind the project). 

    DeGods World

    Utility of The DeGods NFT

    Paper Hands B*tch Tax

    The term “paper hands” is a popular term for investors who sell their assets at the slightest sign of market unrest, even if it means selling below purchase value (The opposite term is “diamond hands” AKA investors that resist the pressure to sell even when market conditions change). 

    In September 2021, to dissuade PH investors from panic-selling and reducing DeGods’ value, the project team coined the term “Paper Hand B*tch” Tax. And it is exactly like it sounds… 

    Basically, this was 33.3% fee is imposed on the cowardly DeGods NFT holders who sell their NFTs on secondary markets at a price lower than what they bought them for or below a DeGods NFT’s floor price. 

    The tax money is deposited into the DeGods ‘Burn wallet’. It is later on used to buy the lowest-priced DeGods. The bought-back Gods are burned, raising the floor price of the collection further. As a result, this process made the NFTs even rarer. A brilliant concept if you ask us!

    At that time, this concept was the first of its kind, however, the team later acknowledged that it was not a realistic approach in the long run. And moving forward, they set the standard royalty fee at 9.99%.

    A-Listers Attention

    DeGods succeeded in attracting the attention of several hyped celebrities and NFT authority figures.

    In October 2021, the CEO of Solana Labs made his purchased DeGod his Twitter profile picture for over a week.

    In addition, among the famous investors in the DeGods NFT collection include TV star Howie Mandel, football legends David Beckham and Wayne Rooney, and basketball icon Shaq

    It’s worth mentioning that DeGods DeDAO is the first NFT project to acquire a whole basketball team! To clarify, they acquired ownership shares of rapper Ice Cube’s Big3 basketball league for a whopping $625,000. Founded in 2017 by hip-hop mogul and entertainment executive Jeff Kwatinetz, Big3 is a 3-on-3 basketball league consisting of twelve teams. 

    Perks of ownership shares included: 

    • Lifetime meet and greets with the Killer 3 coaches and players.
    • Access to practices and after-parties.
    • Autographed memorabilia.
    • Phone calls with Ice Cube and Kwatinetz.
    • Right to license and intellectual property rights (AKA Copyrights) in connection with the team’s name, product, logos, and other game-day promotional campaigns.

    DeGods DUST Utility Token

    DUST is the Solana utility token adopted by the DeGods NFT project. And it brought about a promising shift in the DeGods ecosystem.

    This token is yet another deflationary measure. They sure love them at DeDao… Launched at zero supply, the plan was to limit the circulation of these coins to 33,300,000. However, it’s indeed a very small value considering the high interest in the project. But the ultimate goal is to maintain the high value of the DUST coins.

    Moreover, you can only mint this token by burning or staking our good old DeGods NFT. In a nutshell, DUST tokens allow DeGods NFT holders to generate passive income AKA the best kind of income! 

    This is a co-dependent relationship. Meaning, the DUST token’s value relies on staking and burning. And vice versa. 

    DUST token’s utility lies in the following premium perks:

    • Use it to buy art upgrades and merchandise.
    • Gain access to community events, games, and products. 
    • Access to exclusive prize draws 
    • Whitelist access to mint upcoming DeGods collections.

    Not to mention that it offers some pretty interesting functionality too. Ultimately, through these DeGods tokens, investors can upgrade their DeGods NFTs into DeadGods!

    Let’s get into the good stuff! 

    DeGods on Magic Eden

    Turn Your DeGods NFT into DeadGods NFT

    Basically, this idea of ​​the DeGods DUST token and revamped DeadGods NFTs was implemented in early 2022  and quickly stirred hype among investors.

    How do you turn your DeGod into a DeadGod? 

    Do you remember how our Bored Apes turned into Mutant Apes? The whole mutant serum shebang? Well, this gives us a very similar vibe.

    All you need is the Stardust concoction. However, you need 1000 $DUST tokens to mint it (Approximately $452). No free airdrop here I’m afraid… 

    You should be aware that acquiring a DeadGod does not entail a separate NFT, but rather another version of a DeGod. Meaning, DeadGods don’t inflate the DeGods NFT supply in any way. In detail, they are linked to the original NFTs. This means holders retain their unique asset, which is burned out of circulation and replaced by the corresponding DeadGod.

    So why bother and upgrade to a DeadGod NFT? 

    Three words. Higher Staking rewards. 

    Stake a DeGod NFT and earn 2.5 $DUST per day, BUT stake a DeadGod NFT and earn 7.5 $DUST per day. That’s 3x the value! 

    Check out the official DeGods Manual here!

    DeGods NFT Founder Doxxed and Floor Price Soars

    Doxx (Verb): search for and publish private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the internet, typically with malicious intent.

    A few days ago, the infamous Master Frank Degods made his long-awaited identity debut. Do you think he planned it with Gmoney?

    On November 29, Frank hit up his community with a shocking short clip of himself in the flesh. Check out the video here! Consequently, this provoked the CEO of Dust Labs, Kevin DeGods, to doxx himself. Shocking news, he is serial tech entrepreneur Kevin Henrikson.

    Fun Little Fact: After Frank doxxed himself the floor of DeGods NFTs went from 290 SOL to 370 SOL. 

    Frank DeGods


    Who is Frank DeGods? 

    Born Rohun Vora, he attended UCLA for two years but decided to drop out to pursue a fellowship at Y-Combinator. Moreover, he studied engineering with General Assembly, and then went on to work at MainStreet. 

    Rohun chose the name Frank because he is a huge fan of musician Frank Ocean and states he will continue to go under the name Frank even after the reveal.

    Rohun Vora Frank DeGods

    In detail, many on Twitter have praised Vora for his perseverance in starting new ventures. And the Frank DeGods doxx is real. The hashtag #doxxwithfrank has been trending for days on end! Many members of the DeGods clan are exposing the faces behind their avatars in support of their beloved Master.

    Moreover, he recently met with his OG community members at Art Basel Miami 2022. And things were LIT, to say the least. He even had an “extremely degenerate” conversation with the one and only NFT Artist Beeple. And lived to tweet about it! Lucky.

    Finally, all this hype warranted some nostalgia on Frank’s behalf. He went on to write a letter to his past self in 2021 when things weren’t looking their best; read the emotional correspondence here!

    Frank recently released the Y00Ts NFT collection, it is a generative art project of 15,000 NFTs. Frank describes it as a “love letter to the Web3 community”. In detail, the design is aesthetically pleasing and engineered to be functional. Welcome to y00topia! Check them out on Twitter and Magic Eden!

    Our Final Thoughts 

    Evidently, the NFT market is overcrowded with collections. It can escalate from extremely useless to golden ticket real quick. And clearly, The DeGods NFT collection is among the latter. The value is increasing, and it is proving to be worth the plunge with every passing day! 

    Finally, keep an eye out for all the ups-downs, highs, and lows in the Web3 realm! If there’s one thing the world of non-fungibles can promise you, it’s the guaranteed adrenaline rush and excitement. Things are constantly happening, so make sure to stay tuned for everything new! Bye!


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