Detailed Guide for CyberKongz NFTs and Platform

NFTs took over the crypto market. And now everyone wants to have a collectible to put as a profile picture or brag on social media. But, did you know that even though there are thousands of NFT projects on the market today, some of them such as CyberKongs take a special place among fans and crypto enthusiasts.

But, what is so unique about those monkey-looking 2D and 3D NFTs and why is the entire NFT project creating so much buzz?

If you want to know all the details, including a couple of tips and tricks that will help you determine the rarity of the NFT and its value, keep on reading. NFTs are the future and we are here with first-class tickets to show you around.

CyberKongz Overview

Before we discover all the details about owning and interacting with your CyberKongz NFTs you might be interested to know the prices and evaluations on marketplaces. In this case, we are looking into reliable OpenSea for all the information needed on the original collection of 1,000 Genesis CyberKongz.

Keep in mind that the collection expanded over the last two years and you can now also have Baby Kongz and 3D CyberKongs VX.

Here are the stats for CyberKongz on OpenSea:

Current Floor: 26.33

Total Count: 1.0 K items

Owners: 437 K

Total Volume: 26.3 K
chart for the nft collection

What Are CyberKongz?

CyberKongs are randomly generated 2D and 3D avatars of gorillas. They initially launched as PFPs. Or NFTs you can use on social media as profile pictures. There are four main terms to know about when it comes to CyberKongs universe:

  • Genesis CyberKongz – The original collection of 2D avatars
  • Baby Kongz – Result of “breeding” two genesis CyberKongz
  • CyberKongz VX – 3D Voxel-Based avatars
  • BANANA Token – Native token for CyberKongz owners

Even though the original collection was small and there wasn’t too much advertisement it became an overnight sensation all NFTs were sold within a couple of days for ridiculous prices and these gorilla Avatars were minted for 0.1 ETH each.

This might be one of the best investments of all time for the lucky few who invested early on. Before the prices skyrocketed. Later, some of the avatars were sold for thousands of dollars, and the most famous CyberKong #40 was sold for $470.4k at that moment.

Each avatar created was unique with various features and rarities, and people started using them as PFP NFTs or profile picture non-fungible tokens.
showing cyber kongz team

What Makes CyberKongs So Popular?

NFTs are on the rise and owning one can be seen as a status symbol. This is especially true for some of the NFTs that can be used as profile pictures on social media such as Twitter, where all the NFT enthusiasts get their updates.

In addition to the simple 2D card NFT there are new 3D collections you can use on SandBox and other metaverses out there.

But, this is only the surface excitement this amazing NFT project has to offer. And if you want to know more keep on reading as we discover everything about the native token BANANA. And the many ways people are making fortunes by simply holding onto their CyberKongz NFTs.

Types of CyberKongz

The CyberKonhz family was created by the artist going by the name myoo, and the first collection was released in March 2021. The success was almost instant. And that pushed collection creators to expand the project and create new and interactive characters on the blockchain.

Here are the three SyberKongs families and their utilities:

Genesis CyberKongs

cyber kong nft

The original collection of CyberKongs had 1000 avatars of which 10 were Legendary.

Even though the initial price for those NFTs was pretty low, early supporters got to yield 10 BANANA tokens for 10 years in the future. With the current prices on the market that can mean potential millions in the crypto-wallet just for holding onto your NFT.

The Genesis CyberKongs were ideal for profile pictures and there are a few utilities users can spend the BANANA tokens on, such as:

  • Set the story of your Kong by altering the biography
  • Rename your Kong with a quirky or fun nickname
  • Breed 2 Genesis to create 1 Incubator
  • Unlock exclusive channels on the CyberKongz Discord server
    avatar 2 for NFT

Baby Kongz

To expand on the previous collection in a creative way the team behind the CyberKongz project decided to allow users to pair up their NFTs from the original collection to get a new Baby Kongz.

This process was quite demanding and the owners needed to spend 600 BANANA tokens for the transaction.

Baby Kongs are cute and very versatile. They also have a few utilities owners can spend their BANANA tokens on, such as:

    • Set the story of your BabyKong by altering the biography
    • Rename your BabyKong with a quirky or fun nickname
    • Unlock exclusive channels on the CyberKongz Discord server

CyberKongz VX

The evolution of the CyberKongz family continued and the creators decided to participate in the growing metaverse market, so they created 3D voxel-based NFTs that owners can use to explore other metaverses such as SandBox and others.

Virtual reality platforms like Decentraland, Sandbox, and others are taking over the market. And CyberKongz is now part of that amazing journey where users can play to win. In addition to using their NFTs to make profitable investments online.

Here are a couple of utility owners of the 3D CyberKongz have:

  • Access to the Sandbox and other    metaverses
  • Renaming VX Kong by spending $BANANA
  • Download the models to create your own artwork or use in merch
  • Unlock #verified-lounge, an exclusive channel on the CyberKongz Discord server

CyberKongz in Metaverse

CyberKongz created the new 3D collection for a reason, and now their owners are able to explore the metaverses and even have some serious investments and profits.

In order to show how serious the team is about participation in other metaverses they bought a large piece of property on the Sandbox map and plan to expand and create an amazing environment for all gamers who are visiting their LAND.

In July 2021 the CyberKongz won the SandBox auction of the Shrine of Truth and now use it as the Shrine of Kongz.
showing metaverse map for cyberkongz

Play and Kollect CyberKongz

The CyberKongz team introduced a new and exciting project in January 2022 called Play and Kollect, and it’s a fully on-chain gaming experience on the Polygon network. 

The main objective of the game is to explore the Jungle Adventure and take your CyberKongz VX to gather Kongium Ore and redeem them for prizes.

Along with Kongium, new tokens known as Lucky Charms will be launched. Lucky Charms are ERC-1155 NFTs you can add to CyberKongz VX crew to improve their potential loot for five days. Baby CyberKongz produces non-transferable shards you can exchange for random Lucky Charms. Every 10 days, one Baby CyberKong provides enough shards for one Lucky Charm.
cyber kongz game

What Is the Native Currency for CyberKongz?

BANANA is the official utility token for CyberKongz owners.

Each owner of the original NFT Genesis CyberKongz gets 10 BANANA tokens each day, and the tokens are burned with every transaction that demands it such as name change, bio changes, breeding, and incubating the Baby Kongz, and so on.

In July 2021 the official Banana Shop will open. Users can then buy custom equipment and wearables for their CyberKongz metaverse avatars. This will give the BANANA token a completely new value on the market and increase the price.

How to Buy CyberKongz NFT?

If you want in on the fun and can’t wait for your creative 2D or 3D NFT by CyberKongz, there are no more NTFs on the native market. However, just like any other NFT, you can probably find it on secondhand markets such as OpenSea and others.

On OpenSea you can browse through collections and find the NFT you like. Once you find the best purchase opportunity you can either buy right away or place a bid on the NFT.
showing opensea for cyber kongz

Final Thoughts

PFP NFTs such as the Genesis CyberKongs made a mark in the history of social networks and Web3. These simple, unique, and quirky digital animations quickly became social status symbols that even celebrities use to show off their wealth.

But what makes the CyberKongz NFTs so special is their ability to adjust the collections and make constant updates to keep up with trends in the NFT universe. This is why they were not satisfied with the massive success of the 2D NFTs and went a step further with the voxel-based and metaverse-related 3D avatars.

Adaptable, creative, and versatile CyberKongs are here to stay and reinforce the stability of the NFT market. So, if you have a chance to be a part of this amazing journey and gorilla avatar family make sure to get your NFT as soon as possible.

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