Doodles Acquire ‘Rick & Morty’ Animation Studio Golden Wolf

    Simply put, Doodles are one of the leading Web3 franchises today. They possess some of the most expensive and sought-after NFTs in the space. In detail, the company has done games, live events, merch and so much more! What does the Emmy-nominated Golden Wolf acquisition mean for the future of Doodles animation? Let’s dive in. 

    It’s worth mentioning that Doodles began as a series of digital collectibles based on characters by Artist Burnt Toast aka Scott Martins in October 2021. For more details on the successful collection, check out our article here

    Today, Web3 media and entertainment company Doodles are said to acquire trans-Atlantic animation studio, Golden Wolf, which is behind “Rick & Morty”, one of the highest-grossed adult animation sitcoms. But how did this come about? 

    The Reveal

    On January 23, 2023, both Doodles and Golden Wolf revealed that the former will acquire the Animation Studios. 

    But, what does this mean for the future of Doodles Animation? Very exciting things, I promise…

    What Does This Mean For Doodles Animation?

    Basically, this marks a brand new chapter for Doodles as they continue to expand the franchise.

    On one hand, we can now expect more captivating narrative storytelling, world-building, and character development! The Golden Wolf animation studios will breathe life into the Doodles NFTs! 

    On the other hand, it will open new doors for Golden Wolf. In detail, they’ll be exploring work beyond the confines of animation, such as experience design, product, fashion, and music. Clearly, this partnership is a win-win situation.

    Moreover, Golden Wolf Founder Ingie Erlingsson will join Doodles as CCO (Chief Content Officer) while continuing to oversee Golden Wolf’s operations. However, he will play an active role in building the unique Doodles animation and design studio, taking the brand to the next level!

    Partnership With PSYOP

    Alongside this exciting work, Doodles will leverage Golden Wolf’s partnership with world-renowned digital marketing studio Psyop, to ‘reinvent storytelling and empower artists’. They called the venture ‘Active Ingredient’. And we love how it sounds… 

    What is Psyop? It is a company born to ‘Persuade, Change and Influence’ audiences. And their mission lies in producing iconic visual storytelling across all platforms and mediums. Moreover, their goal is to blur the lines between advertising and entertainment using unexplored methods.

    The long-term goal of the joint venture is to create a dynamic AND AFFORDABLE 360-degree animation production ecosystem that lets creators tell stories in innovative ways that open doors to a new era of filmmaking.

    Doodles NFT Logo - ChainWitcher

    Listen up, Artist and Record Producer Pharrel Williams, the Chief Brand Officer of Doodles, is also a member of the board at Psyop… So, naturally, we must expect some unique Doodles animation music videos. I am getting SnoopDogg flashbacks… 

    Fear not, Golden Wolf will not abandon any of its independent animation projects. The company will continue to create engaging content for its cross-industries clients. From entertainment and advertising to gaming and more, Golden Wolf does it all!

    The Final Verdict on Doodles Animation

    Anyone can tell you that this is an Alpha move in the Web3 world. With everyone in the industry blindly copying their predecessors, we need more original initiatives to spice things up in the space!

    I don’t even need to think about it to make up my mind. Ultimately, this venture will prove beneficial and lucrative on so many levels, from upgrading and enhancing the Doodles animation ecosystem to providing top-tier content for investors and owners.

    What does the future hold for this solid Web3 company? And finally, can we expect to see fascinating new content, more gaming experiences, and exclusive IRL events?

    We can’t wait to see how this unfolds!


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