Doodles x Crocs Collaboration : Will Doodles Rise From the Ashes?

    Last we spoke about Doodles was back in March, the tipping point of Doodles as an NFT project. After one of the founders slipped out, Doodles is No Longer an NFT project. That had a spiral wave of backlash and misunderstandings, eventually fading out Doodles from its NFT bluechip status. Fast Forward 5 months, Doodles have done everything in their power to stay afloat. They’re aiming for the stars , dreaming to combine their web3 roots with mass adoption. August seems to be full of Doodle-packed events, especially the upcoming collaboration Doodles has with world-renowned footwear brand Crocs. Are Doodles doing enough to regain trust? Will the Doodles x Crocs collaboration , by any means, help raise Doodles from the NFT Ashes? Or is it exactly how it’s supposed to be? 

    About Doodles x Crocs Collaboration

    No specific date or actual product has been shown yet, but the Doodles x Crocs Collaboration will arrive some time in August 2023. Another endeavor where web3 meets web2 and the lines between the virtual and the tangible blur to creating a unique and expressive experience. The creative prowess of Doodles merges with Crocs’ legacy of comfort and style:

    → The collaboration goes beyond shoes, introducing wearables and ‘jibbitz’ adornments for a blend of digital art and fashion.

    Note: Jibbitz are accessory charms you can easily add to the holes in the Crocs shoes.

    → The partnership promises a unique collection that merges creativity, comfort, and self-expression, setting a new standard for fashion and NFT crossover.

    Actually this has been a long time coming for Crocs. Last year Crocs, Inc. filed a trademark application on Jan. 11 that would expand its brand into the realm of NFTs. The public filing shows that Non-fungible tokens of Crocs “footwear, clothing, bags, accessories and charms for decorating” them would all be covered. As well as software for sending, receiving and trading these digital assets. Expect everything from this Doodles x Crocs collaboration, like we might be getting little doodle jibbitz!

    Crocs are now officially following in the web3 footsteps of Nike and Adidas.

    Doodles Achievements & Collaborations

    In case you didn’t know, the Doodles x Crocs collaboration isn’t the first time Doodles pair up with a shoe brand. Pharrell Williams, the ‘Happy’ singer and Chief Brand Officer (CBO) of Doodles, joined forces with Adidas to craft a limited-edition collection featuring Doodles 2 wearables and coveted physical rewards. The iconic collaboration between Pharrell Williams and Adidas resulted in a reimagined version of the classic Adidas Samba sneaker. It was named the “Pharrell Pack,” and this exclusive collection was airdropped to 300 l Doodles NFT holders who fulfilled specific criteria. 

    August: The Doodle Month

    Apart from the Doodles x Crocs collaboration, Doodles are seriously trying to make amends. Holguin, new Doodles CEO, recently tweeted that August is basically THE MONTH for Doodles. On tops of the Crocs collaboration he teased:

    • a new line of merchandise and experiences from Doodles x CAMP
    • new Doodles Toys as vinyl and plushies ( copy cat-ing Pudgy Penguins much?)
    • New lifestyle goods and apparel 
    • the introduction of character backstories via new forms of content.

    The character backstory thing is seriously very interesting. Check out the replies to this thread as holders imagine the lives of their NFT characters. Who knows, this may be a major hit.

    Here are some of the top achievements from Doodles in 2023:

    Did This Have Any Impact On Doodles’ NFT Floor Price?  


    Doodles NFT Launch: October 2021
    NFT Supply: 10K
    Mint Price: 0.123 ETH
    All-Time-High FP: 24 ETH (in May 2022)
    2023 ATH FP: 8 ETH
    FP Currently: 1.47 ETH 

    As you see, the Floor Price of Doodles is in a continuous passionate decline. Despite all their rather considered successful, or at least interesting efforts, the NFT community is not interested. It makes sense actually because there is no reason to hold a Doodle NFT to enjoy what the Doodles experience has to offer. Moreover, the NFT market is becoming more bearish than ever!

    Note that 1,47 ETH is currently $2,714.17 and THAT IS NOT CHEAP. Maybe, the founders don’t really mind that the access point to the OG Doodle NFT collection is getting low. Actually, from a financial stand point, for most OG holders who got it at mint price ( 0.123 ETH, at that time around $400) are still in profit if they sell their Doodle now.

    Lesson here is that the Doodles x Crocs collaborations does help create certain dynamics such as brand loyalty, collective marketing schemes and entertaining experiences. However THIS WILL NOT NECESSARILY  reflect itself in the Floor price value of the Doodles NFT.  That’s why you need to understand the insights of an NFT Floor Price.

    Will Doodles Rise From The Ashes? 

    It’s not just the Doodles x Crocs collaboration that might raise Doodles from the ashes. Doodles has a lot going on at the moment. From an experienced media entertainment executive like Holguin as its CEO, fashion designers, and global celebrity like Pharrell Williams as its Chief Brand Officer, to collaborations with big brand such as Crocs and Adidas. 

    You should know that Doodles raised 54 Million Dollars in Venture capital funding to build an entertainment brand. Their goal may not be web3 after all, and obviously Like many OG NFT collections, the floor price of Doodles NFTs is down significantly from its all-time highs. But that hasn’t stopped the brand from continuing to build its brand through new partnerships and products. Despite what the NFT floor price says, Doodles is still heading forward. Makes you wonder, Are NFTs Dying in 2023?


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