EBay Web3 Job Hirings Ushering a New Web3 Expansion

    The Web3 era is witnessing many newcomers to its decentralized sphere. From small developers that are eager to contribute to Web3’s infrastructure to mega brands that are hopping on the boat of this new technology, Web3 has witnessed it all. Global e-commerce giant eBay ventured into the Web3 and NFT space to remain ahead of competitors despite the declining market. Recently, the online marketplace posted an announcement that it is hiring several Web3 roles after acquiring the NFT marketplace, KnownOrigin. Here’s a complete rundown of eBay’s Web3 journey. 

    Ebay’s NFT Journey 

    Despite the declining interest in the NFT space, eBay announced on Twitter and in a press release that it would be launching its first-ever NFT collection back in May 2022. The collection’s title is Genesis, and it was part of a collaboration between eBay and the energy-efficient NFT platform, OneOF. 

    The non-fungible collection featured 3D and animated representations of iconic athletes from Sports Illustrated magazine. The first drop of the collection featured record-breaking Canadian ice hockey player Wayne Gretzky. There are 13 limited-edition digital collectibles as green, gold, platinum, and diamond tier NFTs. The price range starts from $10 with each NFT displaying a 3D rendering of Gretzky making his signature moves.   

    Acquiring KnownOrigin

    After the successful launch of its NFT collection, eBay ventured into the Web3 space in full mode by acquiring the NFT marketplace KnownOrigin ushering in a new era of digital collectibles. KnownOrigin’s co-founder David Moore stated that the collaboration with e-commerce giant eBay came at a perfect time. That is because eBay’s vast adoption and experience will help sustain the interest in NFTs. 

    Moore also stated that the acquisition from eBay will most definitely bring in a “new wave of creators and collectors” to the marketplace. This acquisition followed a £3.5m funding round by KnownOrigin. Moreover, the marketplace has several partnerships with established and well-known companies such as Adidas, Netflix, and Adobe. 

    Ebay Web3 Hiring for Expansion 

    Recently, Ebay posted a listing of several job openings for KnownOrigin, as a way to expand its Web3 presence. Among the roles listed are:

    Many LinkedIn users have already applied for the Crypto Council role, which expects applicants to bring legal experience in NFT, Web3, and blockchain law. On the other hand, the other roles don’t require candidates to have vast crypto experience.

    Most of the posted jobs are based in Manchester, UK, but some mention hybrid working. Till now, there are 37 applicants for Head of Community, 29 applicants for Crypto Council, and 13 applicants for Tech Lead. The job listings are still open for Web3 enthusiasts to apply! If you are interested, make sure to check out the LinkedIn hiring posts above. 

    Amazon, Ebay’s biggest rival, has already posted a job opening for a senior market specialist for its Web3 cloud computing division. This might be a reason that pushed Ebay into venturing quickly to create a team of Web3 specialists, to keep up with possible competitors.


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