Everything You Need to Know About Degen Toonz NFT

The NFT Universe is constantly expanding and new projects and investment opportunities are always there, but some NFT projects gain more traction than others. This is the case with the Degen Toonz NFT project we are discussing today.

But what is Degen Toonz NFT, what is the utility behind the project, and is it a good investment?

If you want to know more about this rare NFT, why it’s so popular and what the future holds for crypto enthusiasts, keep on reading. We will cover all the information you need to fully comprehend this project and decide if the silly looking NFT is worth your money and time.

What Is Degen Toonz NFT?

Degen Toonz NFT is an Ethereum-based collection that depicts 8,888 different cartoonish characters. The collection was created by Bader Asad and Prince Lail and had massive support and success in the first week after the initial launch.

The silly-looking NFTs sold out fast and became one of the biggest sensations on all marketplaces, especially OpenSea where they ranked pretty high.

Every piece of the Degen Toonz NFT collection is unique, and the limited amount of digital art pieces made this NFT a very lucrative investment. In addition, following the current trends this NFT soon became used as a profile photo on all social media channels, and in many ways became a status symbol everyone wants to own.

With the purchase of the Degen Toonz, NFT owners would get a free t-shirt and 1/1 token rewards that went up to $50k in ETH.
opensea ui for degan toonz

On the other hand, owners who hold the NFT would get frequent airdrops, DAO voting power, Metaverse Access, giveaways, events and so much more. Making this entire project very popular and hyped as one of the best art-related and metaverse-related NFT projects of 2022.

What Makes Degen Toonz NFT So Valuable?

Degen Toonz NFTs are extremely popular, and it’s not surprising considering they combine nostalgic-looking and funny art pieces with utility many NFTs lack.

Each owner of the Degen Toonz NFT automatically has a pass for the Metaverse called TOON TOWN. With the rise of different Metaverses online such as Sandbox and Decentraland, it’s very important for new projects to have a Metaverse plan and keep up with the competition. This is announced as the ultimate play to win metaverse in the near future, and all holders of the Degen Toonz NFT will have access and special perks.

In addition, Degen Toonz NFT creators decided to share the management of the project with the owners and thus everyone has voting power on major decisions in the carefully designed DAO.

Detonate Your Toonz

On the official Degen Toonz website, owners can now claim dynamite and detonate their Toonz.

GM GN Industries is now open and with the proper link and wallet, users can detonate their Toonz or find mischievous characters exchanging three dynamites for powerful radioactive dynamite.
showing perks for nft collection

How to Buy Degen Toonz NFT?

The initial collection of Degen Toonz NFTs had 8,888 collectibles and they were all sold out within one week after the release in February 2022. So, this collection is sold out but it’s not the end of the world for crypto-enthusiasts.

In addition to the new collection that is coming soon, you can visit secondhand marketplaces such as OpenSea and try to find a Degen Toons NFT that fits your budget. Buying NFTs on OpenSea is very easy. All you have to do is connect your wallet such as MetaMask and bid on an NFT or purchase it.

Presale of Degen Toonz NFT was limited to 3 Toonz per transaction/wallet and maximum amount of Toonz in one wallet is 10. This should minimize the bot purchases and allow everyone a fair chance to own the unique NFT. The team is probably going to implement the same or similar rules for all new collections in the future.

showing toonz two characters

The Future and the Roadmap of Degen Toonz NFT

Degen Toonz might be the new NFT on the market, compared to Bored Ape Yacht Club, but they are gaining popularity and traction as one of the best projects of 2022.

The future for this NFT sounds promising with major plans to develop the Metaverse. In addition to amazing collaborations giving each of the tokens more value. However, keep in mind that the NFT market is very volatile. And you need to do your own research before investing.

On the Degen Toonz road map, there are five phases to complete, including:

  • Launch of the collection
  • Community building
  • Public service
  • Toon Town Metaverse
  • The next generation or second NFT drop

The most anticipated event and a milestone with the famous Degen Toonz NFT is certainly the creation of the Toon Town Metaverse. With so many play-to-win platforms on the market, it’s hard to keep up with trends. Especially if you’re into creating something unique. But Degen Toonz NFT creators are on a good way to becoming an even bigger sensation.

Degen Toonz NFT creators also want to influence the real-life branding and collaborate with many companies such as Bored&Hungry on new packaging and products to promote the Toonz even more.
twitter account for toonz tweet

Final Thoughts

If you love the nostalgic feel these cartoonish Degen Toonz NFTs bring, you’re in for a ride. Besides having unique features you can easily use as your profile photo, these NFTs are also very versatile and valuable.

With the expansion of Metaverses owning just one Toonz NFT can be your ticket in.

The team behind the project is working hard to fulfill all the promises made for 2022. And we’re patiently waiting for updates on the new collection. And even better on the Toon Town that’s being created. If you want to have the latest news and find out the value of your NFTs click here and join in on the fun.

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