Fake Yeezy Store in China: A serious problem

    A new Fake Yeezy Store has opened in China!

    Chinese counterfeiting isn’t new. There’s even a place called the “Fake Market” in Shanghai China where you can buy anything from fake Louis Vuitton bags to knock-off Dre Beats. Coming from a guy who has actually visited the Fake Market, I can tell you first hand that there are thousands of fake items for sale. Trademark violations and copyright infringement be damned. Well, get ready Yeezy fans because Forgers in China have taken things to the next level by opening a Fake Yeezy store, located in the city of Wenzhou. This “Yeezy store” is such a glaring knockoff of Kanye West’s shoe line that it is actually called “Yeezy” (as if it were a part of Kanye’s operations). However, you can rest assured my friends. This store is a knockoff and a blatant one at that.

    fake yeezy store china


    When you first enter the fake Yeezy store, you might be fooled into thinking that this might be a Yeezy fan’s dream come true. With the massive assortment of Yeezys and all-new colorways that have yet to be seen anywhere else, it would be difficult not to get a little excited. These shoes, however, are fakes. That’s right. Each pair is as fake as the storefront itself.

    Other Victims

    Other popular brands have faced the wrath of Chinese counterfeiting in the past though they didn’t go down without a fight. There have been a large number of recent lawsuits in China regarding trademark rights. These lawsuits include Jordan Brand vs Qiaodan Sports, Under Armour vs Uncle Martian, and New Balance vs New Boom. Kanye West has yet to fly down to China to kick open doors and sue the hell out of everyone profiting off of his name, but there’s a very real possibility that certain loopholes could be exploited to keep this new Yeezy store up and running for a long time.

    A blatant price for a blatant fake

    You’d think that you could at least get a break on the price, but that’s not how this Fake Yeezy store rolls. You’re going to pay a pretty penny to rock a pair of these bad boys. According to online sources, Chinese residents have to shell out 999 yuan ($151). Which is pretty expensive for a pair of fake Yeezys. A genuine pair sits around $200.

    I digress. Concerning design, the fake Yeezy doesn’t even have the trademark “SPLY” lettering you’d find on a legit pair of Yeezy Boosts. The fake pairs read “Yeezy – 550”. Well, at least we’ll be able to tell the difference between a real and a fake pretty easily.

    Believe it or not, the Yeezy store has some redeeming qualities. They allow you to customize your shoes with your own personalized design, an admittedly cool feature. There are also dozens of new colorways unique to just this one store.


    inside fake yeezy store

    Legal matters

    Apparently, the Yeezy store isn’t entirely illegal. Mr. Hu, the illustrious owner of this fine establishment registered the trademark to “Yeezy” back in 2013. A representative at the trademark registration firm LegalHoop even confirmed this claim by verifying that the mark “Yeezy” was off the market because it had already been taken back in 2013.

    Fortunately, Kanye did not necessarily run out of legal options. Michael Jordan won his own legal battle with Chinese counterfeiters who used his name to promote their sportswear products.

    And recently, the New York Times shared the details of New Balance’s victorious trademark infringement case in China. That was actually a victory for many other foreign companies that have long suffered from counterfeit. So, who’s to say that Kanye won’t do the same now?

    An even bigger issue

    The existence of the fake Yeezy store in Wenzhou may be an issue that needs to be addressed in a court of law, but it brings up an even bigger issue that has been hounding the Yeezy line for a long while now. Fakes are becoming more commonplace, and thousands of people are paying inflated resell prices to cop a pair of Yeezys without knowing what they’re actually buying. You’d think that fans would be able to tell the difference between a legit and fake pair. However, not all fakes are as obvious as those at the Fake Yeezy store in Wenzhou.

    This is where the true problem lies. With many fakes looking exactly like the genuine articles, how can you actually spot Fake Yeezys?

    Signs that your Yeezys might be fake

    Practically everyone is rocking Yeezys nowadays. And with so many people jumping on the Yeezy train, there’s bound to be more than a few who have no idea how to determine what’s fake and what’s legit. The fake Yeezy store in China is just one example. You can likely go to any major city and find fake Yeezys being sold on practically every street corner. By the way, you should never purchase Yeezys from craigslist. You’re just asking to get scammed.

    If you’re not paying at least $200 – $250 you’re likely buying a pair of fakes. If you take a closer look at your Yeezys, there is a number of intricate details that can tell you whether or not you’re rocking the real deal.

    Below we’ve compiled a short guide on how to identify whether or not your Yeezys are real or fake. We’ll specifically focus on the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 as this shoe is known to be sold at the Yeezy store in Wenzhou.

    Toe Stitching

    The toe stitching on a legit pair of 350s has a design that looks like an ‘X’. The toe stitching on a fake pair, however, can only be described as an unmitigated disaster. It looks like a five-year-old attacked it with a sewing kit. The stitching should also run all the way down and under the tip of the outsole.


    Fake 350s sport a super-sized Adidas logo. So, f you think the logo on your Yeezys looks a bit large, then you might’ve been largely fooled. The Adidas- Yeezy logo on the top and bottom trefoils are printed in opposite directions.

    Size Tag

    The size tag on a legit pair of Yeezys will read “Made in China” on the top line. Fakes typically read “Sample made in China”. Thus far this is likely the easiest way to identify whether or not you’re holding a pair of fakes.


    If you were to remove the insoles on your Yeezys, you’ll notice that the legit pair will have a black strip that runs down the middle whereas the fake pair will have exposed stitching. And these are just the Yeezy Boost 350. There are a million and one guides out there on how to identify fake Yeezys, so make sure you do your research before making a purchase.


    The heel-tab on a legit pair of Yeezys will ride much further up on the heel, fakes will be lower. The spacing between the tab and collar in a legit pair is one centimeter. This can be pretty easy to miss, especially if you don’t have an authentic pair to refer to. Another detail to check is the number of stitches on the heel tab. A legit Yeezy Boost 350 has 9 stitch points on the center box and five red stitches on the sewed side boxes.


    An authentic Yeezy Boost 350 pair should have laces with a cross-shaped pattern, and they should be slightly lighter in color than the upper Primeknit.

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    Finally, the problem lies with the unsavory tactics of deceptive people passing off fake Yeezys as real. Sadly, it’s a trend that’s beginning to grow more and more popular. This new Yeezy store may herald in a fresh new wave of knockoffs, with people paying ridiculous amounts in resell pricing. Will this new Yeezy store be able to operate with impunity? We have no clue for now, so keep it locked here for the latest news.


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